Comments about ‘Ogden officer who shot man was not legally justified, investigators say’

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Published: Friday, Feb. 22 2013 7:30 p.m. MST

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Karl Hegbloom
Salt Lake City, UT

Most people are only dangerous when they're cornered. That cop scared the daylights out of that guy by shooting at him and wounding him. No wonder he drove so fast! He was afraid the police wanted to kill him.

Next time, don't corner the victim of a police call like that. Stay back, and use a bullhorn or call him on the phone. Send a social worker or clergy to talk to him about what's the matter with his life, not an armed and dangerous gunman!

(I've begun writing a blog article about "Integrity, Accountability, and Resolving Conflicts Within Dysfunctional Domestic Relations" that talks a little about this kind of thing.)

Syracuse, UT

So the perp was ramming the police car in an attempt to flee (again)? How is this shooting not justified? It sounds like a good shoot to me.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Here was a trained officer doing the shooting.

Yet the NRA and others want to arm every civilian to the teeth and expect "good" things to happen?

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