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Published: Friday, Feb. 22 2013 7:45 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Only this could develop from a certain religious/social/political organization. The world is laughing at Utah.


@ sigmund5: Please read the article before commenting on a story. This school and the associated lawsuit are in California and none of the participants are LDS.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

This will only get more convoluted before it gets clearer.

Religious folks are enamored of telling us that "secularism" and "atheism" are being taught in our public schools and sustained in our halls of government - and that secularism and atheism are "religions"!

They invoke such absurd arguments in an attempt to convince us that THEY should also have a right to teach their religious ideas in our schools and support their religious ideas in our government.

"There is no separation of Church and State in the Constitution!" they naively insist.

Then the same people seem to be split over whether Yoga is or is not a "religion" and should be allowed in public schools.

Once you deny the separation of Church and State (which is like denying that Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration), you open a can of worms that will corrupt the body politic from the inside out.

Layton, UT

justamacguy: Have you tried Greek Yoga? ;) (read comments above to get the context...)

I don't have a problem with religion being taught anywhere and in any form, as long as all religious voices are allowed free expression. I think we rob ourselves of a lot of life because we're so scared that our precious little ones are suddently going to convert to some strange religion and blow up buildings or shave their heads and stop eating hamburgers...

Honestly, let's let our consciences run free a little... we're all far too stifled the demagogues and fear-mongers. I favor tolerance for all religious expression.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

raybies wrote:

"I favor tolerance for all religious expression."

Nice sentiment.

But does "tolerance for all religious expression" = "public funding for all religious expression"?

If so, how are you going to pay for all that religions expression at public expense?

m.g. scott

Re: Maudine

Thanks for pointing out that Sigmund5 was jumping to a false conclusion based upon his prejudgemental point of view about a certain religious/social/political organization.

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