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Published: Friday, Feb. 22 2013 2:50 p.m. MST

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Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

This is completely fantastic! Very telling where the growth is, no expansion for Western Europe.


Yes! Tokyo South is back!

Abinadis friend
Boise, Idaho

The Lord is speeding up the work, it is the Latterdays and we need to move at a swifter pace. What a wonderful time
to be on the earth and see what is happening. Bless you all who grasp the rod and follow the Prophet.

MemoFromA Demo

I've got to say, you Mormon people seem to take your missions seriously. I thought the Olympus High School video was entertaining. It brought a smile to my face. And whats with all the big fireplaces?

Maricopa, AZ

memdem, I wondered about the big fireplaces and wonder if some went to the same place to open their calls.
And yes, we do take the words of Jesus Christ seriously when in his final parting words he said to go forth to every nation, kindred tongue and people to preach his gospel.

Yay for Gilbert AZ. That's an amazing choice and a very good one.

My old Honduras mission that included Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica y Panama has changed a bit since '73. Wow! Fun time.

Just wish you could find all the nay sayers on here who were predicting that the church would shrivel and dry up within the next 10 years and become a forgotten entity.

I'd say we're headed in the wrong direction for someone's hopes and dreams :)

Bountiful, UT

Wonderful news for all!!!
Colorado, Denver is getting a great man. The Missionaries and people will love him.
Is Colorado, Denver a split from what used to be the Utah, Vernal Mission?

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

Certainly an exciting time for the church and the all the new missionaries -- When I was serving back in 1958 - 1960 I was in the Northwestern States Mission which covered northern Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Vancouver Island, and Alaska. There were only about 6-8 Elders in Alaska at the time I was transferred from Kellog Idaho to Ketchican, Alaska. Alaska had just become a State in Feb.1959.When I renewed my drivers license in Anchorage it Still said Territory of Alaska.It would be interesting to know how many missions have been created from that one mission

Gonzales, LA

The joy is unspeakable to see how the Lord is moving his work forward, praise be to the parents and young people, to seminary teachers,Sunday school and young men and you woman teachers who are doing their part to help these new Missionaries to gain testamonies and go forth like the armies of Helaman and spread the gospel throughout the earth. The prophecies of Daniel are being fulfilled right before us. I am so glad to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and to watch the gospel going forward by the greatest of Heavenly Fathers Spirit children. Glory be to God, to his son Jesus Christ and may Gods blessings be with each of you who desire to serve.

Idaho Falls, ID

In two years when missionary numbers have recovered from the spike of sending two years of missionaries in one year and numbers are back down to pre Oct 2011 levels, I wonder if there will be a reduction of 58 missions.

Spring City, UT

The article says that with this change, there are actually NO new missions or territories where missionaries haven't already been serving, just boundary changes to accommodate the surge of young people going on their missions earlier than they would have under the old policy. In a couple of years the total missionaries serving throughout the world will drop back down, because those who were the first to serve at the younger age, will have reached the age they would have served under the old policy.

The greater truth in all this is that the Church will now be able to encourage young men and women who before, for various reasons under the old policy, by the time they reached the age to serve, would have taken a different path, will most likely now serve. The net effect is that a greater number will serve.

As far as the Church being able to maintain a force of 60,000 missionaries after this first two year influx ends, only time will tell. The bigger question is, what caused the total missionary force to drop below 60,000 and remain there for so many years?

Salt Lake City, UT

Now if there was only some way to lower the age that senior couples could go...Thats tongue in cheek. Many couples don't realize they don't need to wait to be 65. My wife and I have served two full time missions already and will be going again. Neither of us is 60 yet. Get out of debt, plan to go and the means will become available. I lost a parent during each mission. I was where they wanted me when they died. We had a son marry and spend his honeymoon with us in Japan, our first and second grandchildren were born and we changed the lives of hundreds of young missionaries by supporting and teaching them. You won't miss as much by going as you will miss by staying home. Seniors, get off the recliner and go serve!!! The Lord needs your experience!

Tucson, AZ

@Bastiatarian YES! I agree. I didn't serve in Tokyo South, but in Sendai when there was a Tokyo South. And I'm from Tucson, too!

Grants Pass, OR

How awesome is this! There is great wisdom in sending our youth at an earlier age before they get into other aspects of their lives. Having a prophet on the earth makes a huge difference for all us! I love being LDS!! It was missionaries who helped to teach me and I am grateful to have served three missions, two with my husband. No one can ever count how much our own lives are enriched by serving.

Murfreesboro, TN

I think that the numbers will stay up because now the young men will prepare to go out of high school more than before and most definitely a lot of the sisters will serve. Many sisters that considered serving got married in the interim waiting to turn 21.

Young men were not answering their Priesthood duty and serving as they covenants to do, so The Lord had to reach out to the sisters to fill in where the YM chose not to. Hopefully that year less of waiting, under then tutelage and watchful eyes of their parents will cause the young men's numbers to increase even more.

Washington, DC

Interesting to see 5 new missions in Africa. Those missions will not be closed when the work slows down - Africa is the fastest growing area of the church on a percent growth basis. It is also one of the fastest growing areas for Islam, which makes our efforts there much more important.

It is time to start building a BYU-Africa. It would add substance to the work there, be a great PR move, and accelerate the growth of the church.

Kaysville, UT

What ever brings increased numbers is great. The Lord has his plan and the leaders have that all in tune with the Lord. As we know we live in good times as our general leaders remind us at least twice a year during the General Conferences. However, our world around us highlights only the crisis to keep people in the fear mode. That mode is not beneficial for our families and our mental state.

We just need to keep aligning our compass to the north star and do as the Prophets, Apostles, Stakes Presidents, Bishops and others do each week in our various meetings.

The world is full of people that want to have a better life. They hear the message and know the message brings them truth and that Heavenly Father has a plan for them. It may not be what they can accept at the time but others will help align their compasses on future visits, now or later.

Buenas noticias or good news comes in many forms. We can be positive in the message to prepare while we are in our youth. I am grateful for our leaders who are inspired to bring us this news today.

Nora Nell
Olympia, WA

Since I live in Washington State in the USA, I am eager to see what the boundaries will be for the Vancouver, WA Mission and the Federal Way, WA Mission. What an exciting time to be living. Praise the Lord!!!

Harwich, MA

"We just need to keep aligning our compass to the north star and do as the Prophets, Apostles, Stakes Presidents, Bishops and others do each week in our various meetings."

@ JWB...are you really serious in writing this? I'll follow what "I" think is best for me. The North Star and a handful of volunteer ecclesiastical neighbors are not particularly all that well informed.

Pleasant Grove, UT

I served in Cancun Mexico in the Merida Mission. That place was awesome and very productive. Who ever goes there will be very blessed.

Bakersfield, CA

This is great news. I live in Bakersfield California and look foward to the new mission here in my hometown. For years we have looked forward to having a Temple and we know that someday that will happen. Having a Mission Home here in Bakersfield is a blessing. Sincerely. Trenton

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