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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 11:25 p.m. MST

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The Deuce
Livermore, CA

For anyone watching the game, we saw the same thing happen in the 2nd half, no heart to finish. Great game but the Cougars did not have the heart to win in the 2nd half. Our key scorers are not showing up in the clutch. I do not know what Coach Rose does at this point. We need to take care of the ball better and don't start the offense so high. Just an observation.

Idaho Falls, ID


Against a good rebounding team, you are not going to win with Davies and 4 guards for most of the game. When we are getting killed on the boards, why does our best rebounder (Sharp) ride the bench for all but a few minutes?

I'm a Carlino fan, but tonight he was truly awful. Really killed us.
Davies played up to his potential tonight. Good all around game, but he was the only one.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Sloppy game, but it was full of passion. I thought BYU was going to pull it out, but Carlino choked late. That guy can play you in or out of the game. Unfortunately for BYU, tonight it was the latter.

Good luck against Gonzaga.

South Jordan, UT

I only saw two plays near the end of of the game, both critical possessions: some kind of offensive foul was called on BU and Hawes attempted a drive for a two point basket when they needed three points to tie.

Not to worry: as close as they have played St. Mary's, the best thing for the Cougs is to get matched up against then one more time. No way St. Marys wins three times this year!

Shingle Springs, CA

BYU's arrogance coming into the WCC has been met with reality and the chance for BYU to respond as men with humility. They have not.

Lincoln City, OR

So many thoughts and only 200 words...

Don't like to talk about Officiating but the officiating of BYU games (the only WCC games I watch)seems to hit new lows with each new game... It was horrible tonight.

Davies had a good game, I think one of the best of the season... He needs some help though and the rest of the BYU line-up looked like they didn't have the confidence to walk and chew gum simultaniously... Haws, Zilstra and Carlino need to help Davies out with some of the scoring load and they were absent tonight. Carlino has been absent for about the last 5 games.

I have been a Carlino fan up till now, but tonight he showed me why he was riding UCLA pine... A good team needs to be able to count on court leadership from the Point Guard position... A good team needs good ball handling from that position, and a good team definitely needs a PG that can hit crucial free throws at crucial times in the game... Carlino's line tonight... 35 minutes, 1-5 from the field, 0-3 from 3pt range, 2 Assists, 5 TOs, and 0 steals... Horrible.

Dave in AZ
Snowflake, AZ

Seems we panicked in the second half and got away from the coach's plan and played individual ball. Try a drive, throw up an ill-advised shot, lean into the defensive player while trying to shoot to draw a foul and not get either! While St. Mary's played patiently and got good shots most of each possession.

Seems we could take a lesson from the greatest player of all time---Michael Jordan--- and do the fade away jump shot. It's not blocked and money in the bank if perfected. Then quit driving wildly towards the basket without anywhere to go---that's not productive.

Better luck against the zags!! But you got to play as a team.

Syracuse, UT

One of the best games the Y has played. They didn't take many shots that kill their momentum though there were still too many of them. I agree with comments about Carlino. He just doesn't understand how to be a good point guard. He tries and often does good things but he just lacks a point guard mentality. The Y are a weak rebounding team. Overall I though this game was one of their better games. They just don't know how to finish.

Alexandria, VA

Well, not as bad as it could have been. Moral victory.

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

St Mary's again?


Frisco, TX

Plenty of talent to win this game, but once again we couldn't execute and get it done. Davies is the only one who played to his potential.

Haws has to learn how to score when he's double teamed or heavily guarded. He's going to get pressure the next two years.

Carlino was playing well in WCC games until he got player of the week. This was one of his worst games of the year. Way too many forced passes, turnovers, and poor shots.

Highland, UT

Props to Brandon Davies who played fantastic.

I am confused at the lack of offensive design. Your point guard can't pass or shoot. We're playing 4 guards who had how many turnovers? We really struggle at creating good shots.

It doesn't seem like the offense wants to set up Haws in good spots. If they'd concentrate more on setting up Davies/Haws and run the offense through them we'd be better off. When Haws has to create a shot he struggles, when they get him the ball in good flow he's solid.

I know Carlino is only a sophomore, but I don't see it. His number one job should be to get the ball to guys in places they can score. Carlino should study Dellavadova, someone who can actually run a team.

Omaha, NE

How many times did St. Mary's get near the end of the shot clock only to sink an open shot or, worse yet, miss an open shot and then score off an offensive rebound? It seems like when the Cougar defense got to about 5 seconds on the shot clock, they figured their job was done.

That's A Good One
Meridian, ID

I'd like to blame the horrific officiating for the loss but the officials didn't make Carlino brick 2 consecutive free throws that would have tied the game in the final minute. That's the last time I stay up until 11:30 to watch another poor effort from the Cougs. Next time I'll record it and check the results before I give up the sleep. I hope the Zags don't embarrass them too bad next week.

Orem, UT

The problem? Carlino. The other problem? We don't have a better point guard than Carlino. I've been critical of him from the beginning. He has the physical skills...but mentally he just doesn't. Time for him to transfer to Kansas to be with another young athlete with similar issues.

Uncle Rico Knows
Salt Lake City, UT

Hello, NIT!

That's A Good One
Meridian, ID

Uncle Rico, that's almost as funny as U bashing BYU for going to the Poinsettia Bowl while U take the bowl season off.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

I was at the pavilion last night. My thoughts:
1-Physical game and BYU came out ready to play. I think they were worn down in the 2nd half
2-Brandon Davies could score at will. They should have gotten the ball more. SMC could not stop him, although the refs let some awful fouls go with no whistle.
3- Cusik fouling out really hurt - Carlino did not have a great game
4- BYU's zone was awesome. Many near shot clock violations. BYU blew it by not getting rebounds on last 2nd shots.
5- Kufasi is a big dude and could move people around in the middle. Too bad he almost travels (or does) every time he touches the ball (although no calls). I would have liked to see him go strong to the hoop just to draw some fouls.
Very good game for both teams.

Chandler, AZ

Out played, out hustled, could not match St. Mary's physical play, out rebounded, and (sorry to say) out coached.

This team is so soft it is embarassing. They just don't have the horses this year and Rose seems like he can do nothing about it.

And what's with playing Cusick all those minutes? I mean, I know he hit the game winning shot the game before, but he was 1-6 in that game and about the same in this game. Are we falling in love with Cusick, a.k.a., Riley Nelson?

Rexburg, ID

If you can't hit clutch shots and stop the other team from doing so, you will lose a lot of games.

Like a wise coach once said in a post-loss interview, "Basically we failed to score more points than our opponent and stop them from scoring more than us."

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