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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 7:10 p.m. MST

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@Gracie --

You wrote: "the ancient family system "

Which ancient family system would that be? Would that be the ancient Roman system, which encouraged homosexual relations and which lasted for roughly 1000 years? Or the ancient Greek system, which did the same? Or perhaps the ancient Tibetan system of polyandry? Or maybe even the ancient Biblical system of polygamy -- which included having sex with your wife's servant if your wife couldn't get pregnant? Plenty of those guys in the Old Testament had multiple wives, ya know.

In reality, there has never been just one "ancient family system". There have been many family systems over time.

Sophie 62
spring city, UT

I am surprised that Mr. Huntsman has endorsed gay marriage. That stand is somewhat left of center; at least he's brave enough to say what he thinks and what will be an unpopular position with the local Republicans.
Maybe he should consider changing to the Dems party, only because the Republicans are so very far to the right, he'll never be elected President by them.
Or he could change places with Jim Matheson, who claims to be a Democrat but is really a moderate Republican.
Or how about a moderate party - throw out the extremists on both ends of the spectrum and get some work done, for Pete's sake. You could call it "The Get'er Done Party."

Holladay, UT

In a world filled with extremism, being a conservative isn't cool.

City, Ut

My deepest condolences to his parents....

Kearns, UT

I read the comments on here and look to my right and see the link to an article about a bullied teen who committed suicide. How can we as a society eliminate bullying when we are so hateful on these comment boards?

Harley Rider
Small Town, CT

Just a diversion to keep attention away from the real issues such as - Removing the 2nd amendment , Granting Amnesty , Our out of control Debt , and an Economy that is failing

Something for the Sheep to think about , that really means nothing , now the other stuff , well that's another story

Ogden, UT

To Mayfair 7:36 a.m. Feb. 23, 2013

My deepest condolences to his parents....


Actually, congratulatinos to his arents are more in order. They raised a compassionate, courageous, rational son. Good for them . . . and him too.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Huntsman is not relevant to this or any other discussion.

He holds no elected office.

Provo, UT

Scoundrel: They do not have the God given right to marry the same sex

Provo, UT

LValfre: Every one has equal rights. We also have rules and laws that all must obey.

Seattle, WA

No one should drag religion into a social issue. The lord has made us equal to one another regardless of life's beliefs. One is lucky in these day and age to find someone to love and who loves them in return. To those that think that it' s evil to love someone of the same sex, is listening to Satan's voice and needs to turn their ears to the Holy Ghost. Our Heavenly Father will never turn his back on his children, regardless who they are...

Just saying 7

So, how about Huntsman coming out in support of polygamy? If you are talking about marriage in terms of contracts or rights, seems no form of marriage can be discriminated against.


@just sayin 7 --

You said: " If you are talking about marriage in terms of contracts or rights, seems no form of marriage can be discriminated against."

Why not?

Our society has no trouble making or preserving laws against lots of things, **when those things are known to have significantly bad consequences**.

Notably, there are NO known undesirable consequences to same sex marriages. Lots of hype and hysteria, sure, but no actual bad consequences.

Sacramento, CA

Carnak--here's a thought for some on the board to chew on: the reason so many find these boards attractive places to put their comments is that so many who do so have found that their unmovable and rather prejudicial and one-sided comments have no other home where their owners are safe from physical and psychological harm. Were they to be spoken aloud to family,neighbors, or friends, even fellow worshipers, the speaker would find him/herself with few of those left, and possibly not enjoying the process of losing them, either. Not a happy prospect, compared with simply having the written word as a weapon thrown by strangers on a comments board. And this is why Jon Huntsman and others in the public eye, those who belong to groups that some love to hate, and others who are just unlucky enough to belong to the Out Groups of the Decade are useful to so many.

Ogden, UT

To Theeng2 6:19 a.m. Feb. 23, 2013

In a world filled with extremism, being a conservative isn't cool.


Sadly you're right. In a world of radical far right extremism, being a true conservative makes the extremists call you a RINO.

Provo, UT

Scoundrel: Yes I talked to God. I do it everyday. and His words in the scriptures tell us what we are supposed to be doing


Huntsman is the future of the Republican party...trying to move left but unable to outflank the Democrats and losing the Republican base. 2016 is now hopeless, so breaking up into multiple parties, like an exploding meteorite, becomes a real possibility for Republicans.

east of the snake river, ID


Demonstrate that relationships other than those between a man/woman were referred to as "marriages" at any other time in history, and then we may have a discussion. Otherwise, your question is a red herring--and the discussion of "poly-" relationships is a smokescreen. All of the "poly-" relationships you refer to still involve a man/woman relationship somewhere...even if plural relationships between one man and more than one woman (or vice versa), a man/woman relationship was still central.

east of the snake river, ID

I think it bears repeating, so I'll ask the question more directly: Wouldn't we solve the whole supposed "inequality" problem if we removed the term "marriage" completely from legal terminology? Simply substitute the phrase "legal union" for the term "marriage" wherever it shows up in state or federal law. Leave it to churches or individuals to use "marriage" in the way they see fit.


@observator --

You said: "Demonstrate that relationships other than those between a man/woman were referred to as "marriages" at any other time in history, and then we may have a discussion. "

That's easy. Here's just a coupla quick examples --

Same sex marriages were first recorded during the early Roman Empire period. For more details, check the book "Same Sex Unions in Premodern Europe" by John Boswell. Nero was the first (notice I say first, not only) Roman emperor to marry a man. In fact, he had at least three different marriages to men, at least one of which was celebrated in large public ceremonies in both Greece and Rome.

In somewhat more modern times, Pedro Díaz and Muño Vandilaz were married by a priest in Spain in 1061, complete with church documentation.

Let the discussion begin!

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