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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 7:10 p.m. MST

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Eugene, OR


So is a marriage between a man and a woman who are infertile or too old to have children not valid in your eyes?

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

There are many things that anyone LDS has to live with that we are taught is not in compliance with the word of God. Alcohol, tobacco, abortion, adultery, pornography, children out of wedlock, sexual promiscuity, drugs etc. Gay marriage is similar. I agree that marriage and family is a man and a women. However this too is going to change whether we like it or not. Does not make it right just like the other things that we are taught that are not in harmony with God's teachings. I am not a supporter of Gay marriage but I do agree they do have rights. As do all. We can not treat them or any others any different. This like the other things I listed we have to somehow live with it yet know to not agree. I teach my children to not do these things. I think the world would be a much better place if we could live these commandments. Not all are willing to do so. Abortion & Gay Marriage will be debated forever. Till the Savior comes again we may have to live with worldly things that are not what is best for mankind.

Murray, Utah

All the problems our country is facing and this is the one he wants Republicans to rally around?


The reason I will not ever vote for him is his inability to put the most important and pressing problems at the top of the list.

Orem, UT

Why are we stumbling over ourselves to protect the homosexual lifestyle? Why is there such a fever to demonize the traditional family and celebrate two people of the same gender having sexual relations? Does this not strike you as concerning? This is what's going to save the Republican Party?

We need to stand by our basic principles! If we don't stand up for the traditional family, who will? It seems a mother and father is out of vogue. It's not trendy to have a mother and father. No. In fact you're a bigot if you have a mother and a father.

I've lost total respect of Huntsman. He knows what is right. He was brought up by 'goodly parents' who taught him correct principles, true principles. He doesn't represent traditional values. As was said in the article, 'he would make a great Democrat."

Springville, UT

Jon Jr's back in the news? Shock me!

The most irrelevant Republican from the last election just can't stay out of the limelight. Thanks, DesNews for the non-stop, weekly stories. What's in it for you?

Ogden, UT

I support what Jon Huntsman is saying. His sentiment that his marriage has been one of the top joys of his life is exactly right and needs to be afforded to all.

He is also exactly right when he talks about gay marriage today as the equal to Lincoln's issue against slavery. Even though Lincoln himself felt very ambivalent "towards the black man", "wondered if the black man could ever be equal with the white man", Lincoln knew it was wrong to support slavery. All people, black and white, in his mind, deserved equality. He said it best, in his debates with Douglas, that just because the "will of the people decide they want slavery does not make it right." Lincoln was for what was, is, right. Same thing with Jon Huntsman. He will have my vote every time. He knows what is right.

I get a little tired, no, very tired, of people always bringing religion in to things. Why does it have to be? I love my religion. But, I do not use it as a crux not to do the right thing. No religion should ever keep us from doing the right thing.

Cebterville, Utah

Are you kidding - I like Huntsman even more now. Too many people (especially Mormons, as I am one) are too tunnel vision. Let people be true to themselves. Let God judge them later on. Accept the differences of others. Let them be happy. Look in our own back yards. Leave the other backyards to the others!

Dietrich, ID

Huntsman wants the gop to change for him rather than him wanting to embrace there party platform.

Erda, Ut

Sad to see everyone is a politician. You can't count on anyone to stand behind their own convictions. Huntsman should come out of the closet now and say he's a Democrat. No real Republican would ever vote for him.

salt lake, UT

Once again the fact that a duck or a golf court can neithe rprovide consent nor legally enter into contracts (which is what marriage is) your argument is nothing other then another rroneous (and unoriginal) distraction from the fact there is no ligitimate arguments against gay marriage.

Castle Valley, Utah

Gov Herbert says he supports traditional marriage. Well, who doesn't?!!! Bigger minds, secure minds, support marriage without bias.

salt lake, UT

How exactly does history or nature back you position? Homosexuality has existed and continues to exisit throughout nature and at the definitions of marriage have changed freqently over history and from one culture to another.

Orem, UT


You say 'no religion should keep us from doing the right thing'. Do you know how absurd that sounds?

A religion's purpose is to develop a solid foundation based on truth and right. Here's something from the scriptures, "...a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon the house; and it fell'. Religion, specifically Christianity, teaches us that when we follow worldly views, like gay marriage, we have a weak foundation, or, in other words, we've built our house on the sand. Instead Christianity teaches us to have a solid foundation, one built on solid principles like traditional marriage.

Here's another. '...men are free according to the flesh...and they are free to choose liberty and eternal life,...or to choose captivity and death.' In other words, choose right or choose wrong.

Now lets look at what's right and wrong. Traditional Marriage? Is that right? Or to support the gay lifestyle by allowing them this sacred right? How solid is your foundation? We as a society must decide what is truly right.

My vote is for traditional marriage.

Farmington, UT

@ KJB1

No, if they are a man and a woman certainly they may be married. Not every hetrosexual couple is fertile or capable of reproduction. Often one doesn't know until after marriage. But they are together in such a fashion that allows it in normal relationships.

The gay couple, on the other hand, are never capable. Children need, according to the reasearch I've read, both a father and a mother. Broken homes are not the answer, either, just like cohabiting consenting adults of the ssame gender are not generally the best choice for parenting a child. There are exceptions certainly, and I understand that, like I understand the need to allow persons to live with whomever they choose, love whomever they will, and have the same legal protections as anyone and everyone else. But that isn't a "marriage." Marriage is between a man and a woman and centuries of history in countless cultures says that.

Link up however, but don't label it "marriage." If you get the legal benefits, why do you need to call it marriage? What about "civil unions?" Significant Other seems to be OK for most folks- why the stigma to it?

Mcallen, TX

Too many spoiled Americans whining, and feeling sorry for themselves. As a nation, we don't know what suffering is

We haven't seen anything yet.

Castle Valley, Utah


"Link up however, but don't label it "marriage." If you get the legal benefits, why do you need to call it marriage? What about "civil unions?" Significant Other seems to be OK for most folks- why the stigma to it?"

Good grief. Why not call it marriage?

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

It's about time a conservative stood up for what's right. This man has the courage to speak the truth. May God bless him.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

@toosmartforyou. if your assertions are true, then society should now allow divorce and any man that fathers a child should be forced to marry the mother of that child. That's what is best for us, right? Does anyone reading the DN know what equal protection under the law means? Separate is not equal.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Why is there such a fever to demonize the traditional family and celebrate two people of the same gender having sexual relations? "

Not at all. Heck I want to get married to a woman someday and have kids. I want to have a traditional family. Nobody is demonizing traditional families. What they are opposing... is the demeaning of those who aren't in a traditional family. They oppose the idea that only a traditional family is acceptable.

" In fact you're a bigot if you have a mother and a father."

That... I have never seen or heard anyone make that claim before.

""He was brought up by 'goodly parents' who taught him correct principles, true principles. "

People don't take issue with this kind of talk because of any hate for traditional families... they hate that you're demeaning their families.

Lincoln City, OR

This guy belongs to the wrong party.

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