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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 7:10 p.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

When a man turns his back on his religious convictions before God, what trust do the rest of us hold in any of his words? My vote is now lost to this man forever.

No One Of Consequence
West Jordan, UT

"Jon Huntsman would make a great Democrat," he said.

That's what a lot of Republicans have been saying for a long time...

Haworth, OK

I have long suspected that Huntsman is a liberal. He needs to quit being disingenuous and switch to the party his values agree with; democrat. His views do not seem to be in line with either his religion or the republican party. It won't surprise me if we see him disown the republican party and switch parties before his next presidential campaign.

Rock Springs, WY

My feelings exactly. The only person I will even think about voting for is Ben Carson if he decides to run. I will never vote for Christie and absolutely NOT HUNTSMAN. The political system has about done me in as far as voting in the future.

Salt Lake City, UT

Huntsman is man of principle and sound reason. The Republican Party will eventually see the light; many of them are seeing it already.

Layton, UT

Very nice job, Mr. Huntsman. A little late, but not bad all the same.

For those claiming that he's not abiding by his religion - I wasn't aware that your religion felt entitled to obligate everyone to live by your values.

I'd like my elected officials to live their personal lives as per their conscience and their religious values, and allow others the freedom and equality to do so as well - subject to it not harming anyone else. I'm sorry that you all seem to find that an unreasonable expectation, but you're not being persecuted here.. unless you define persecution as not being allowed to force your beliefs on the rest of us.

Breakfast of Champions
Provo, UT


Kaysville, UT

He was a good Democrat under the Obama administration. Congressman Matheson has been able to walk that line and get elected in Utah. That would add another dimension to the future for this person from the sidelines from this last election. He could run with Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and others that may run in 2016 which would start in about a year from now.

spring street

funny how so many are so quick to condemn huntsman for what they believe is going against his religion when that same religion recently counseled its members against openly questioning other faithfulness.

Bountiful, UT

My dear, loving, wonderful son is gay. I'm so grateful we live now instead of even a few of decades ago. We still have a long way to go as a society, but thankfully, good men and women everywhere are realizing gay people are just as human as straight people. They should have the same opportunities to live and love as anyone else. Thank you, Mr. Huntsman! Thank you.

Dont Tread
Iron County, UT

Many comments about the homosexual issue ignore the wrench in their argument that causes us who believe in traditional marriage to oppose gay marriage. The "wrench" is two-fold: the nature of gender confusion and what actually can cause it is ignored and pushed aside, and how that confusion will affect the adopted children of same-sex couples. The whole issue is not a civil rights issue, as gay rights supporters would have us all believe. It is a civil, and social, acceptance issue. It isn't about whether homosexuals should or should not have certain RIGHTS, it's about whether we as a society decide to ACCEPT homosexuality as moral or immoral, and whether the laws should be changed, or retained, to match that determination. Those who write people off that think like me, people who feel that gender confusion is a factor in the disintegration of the family as a basic unit of society and the overall moral fabric of the nation, as uncompromising bigots are grossly oversimplifying this issue and are taking part in an uncompromising attempt to marginalize the opinions of those who disagree with them.

Mcallen, TX

The belief of discrimination has spread its covetous venom to all facets of American life.

Like the spread of cancer, it's destroying our country.

Salt Lake City, Utah

@dont tread
interesting attempt but yet you provide no proof to your claims, why is that? maybe because the science does not support such a claim and the only reason to discriminate have nothing to do with preventing a social harm? the research is very clear and it does not support your claims of a harm.

Farmington, UT

I am in favor of granting the same basic "rights" to everyone, regarding visitation, wills, assets, etc, but don't call it "marriage" because it isn't. Marriage is between two adults of opposite genders and involves the opportunity to reproduce and perpetuate the race. Gays and lesbians cannot do that biologically. While they are committed to their relationships with each other, that in itself is not "marriage."

So since they are biologically different than a married couple, why do they insist they be together in a "marriage" when it is really a civil union? Do they feel nature has somehow discriminated against them, and changed their will and outlook into being someone or something they would rather not be?

Let them be together and let them have all the same legal protections and rights as others who happen to be married, fully vetted as such, but don't say they are "married." Aside from the legal rights (assuming they will now enjoy those same rights and benefits) what's the need to say they are "married" anyway?

Why is marriage between a man and a woman a stigma? Seriously, just how were they born if not that way?

Salt Lake City, Utah

so the same two things that have been pointed out to you before. One no where in an state law does it say that a couple must be capable of having children on their own or otherwise. secondly you can define marriage how ever you want it does not make THE definition of marriage "biologically" or otherwise.

Salt Lake City, Utah

There is one major flaw to your logic, state laws pretty much universally talk about marriage in terms of the contractual right and obligations that you say gay people deserve but not one of them says anything about the need to be able to procreate.

what is your need to prevent them from saying they are married and why is your need any more legitimate then theirs. I would say they have more of a claim since we already know separate is not equal and the very fact you want to deny them the right to call it marriage proves it is not equal or there would be no reason to deny them the right.

Farmington, UT

@ Kalindra

History (and nature itself) would seem to support my definition.

Not everything a person knows or experiences is contained in state law. With regard to that, remember what Paul Harvey said: "Anyone who loves law or hamburger should not watch either being made."

West Jordan, UT

How disappointing. His moral compass has obviously failed.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

There are lots of conservatives who already support gay marriage. There was recently a state senator in Colorado who did a rant about people with religious convictions or cultural beliefs who support traditional marriage should live in a nunnery as an example of conservative support for gay marriage.

There are lots of conservatives who support gay marriage because it gives them an opportunity to suppress freedom of conscience, human rights and to promote their belief on freedom of speech is "You have the right to express your views, but not the right to keep your job after you've said it."

I think that he means mainstream, normal conservatives rather than the scary law-and-order fringe types.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

@Kalindra: While it is correct that no state law says that the couple needs to be able to have children on their own for it be a marriage, with real marriage, (between a man and a woman) it is obvious that the couple is capable of consummating their marriage in a biological meaningful way. Otherwise, you could marry your golf game or you could marry a duck.

(In fact, the late 1970's, in response to a comment about our state law on marriage, someone did actually marry a duck as part of a publicity stunt.)

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