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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 10:20 a.m. MST

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"I love how Chris b keeps talking about the BCS and bragging about utah going to BCS bowl games doesn't he realize that the BCS will be gone in 2014"

The "BCS" will be gone in 2014, but the Rose, Sugar, and Orange Bowls will NOT! So the BOWLS will still be there.

North Salt Lake, UT

Chris B

Glad to hear your vast "knowledge" on what it takes to be a BCS bowl "champion". I'm sure everyone here is very impressed (not). It's like a little bro beating big bro 1 out of 50 games at driveway basketball and then gloating about it for years. Everybody has to have something to hang on to I guess. When Utah wins a national football championship let us know. Til then your "how to win a BCS bowl game" rant is a bit weak. Utah has had its 15 minutes of fame. Hang on tight brother!

North Salt Lake, UT

The BCS is a flash in the pan like say the USFL for example. Quick Chris B, who won the last USFL football championship??

Haha...that's what I thought. That's already happened to the "storied" Utes too...long forgotten.

Now quick, who won the NCAA national football championship in 1984? You know that one Don't yahoo? Haha


"Chris B

Salt Lake City, UT

According to 247Sports, of the top 7 2014 recruits from Utah, 1 has picked Michigan, 3 have picked Utah, and 0 have picked byu.

I wonder if it has something to do with the fact Bronco hasn't RECRUITED and gotten even one player drafted."

Looks like one less player Whittingham will have drafted, bro


"The BCS is a flash in the pan like say the USFL for example. Quick Chris B, who won the last USFL football championship??"

How is the BCS a flash in the pan? Please take a look at which conferences still have automatic access to the high dollar "former" BCS bowl games. Please also take a look at the revenue distribution for the new format. There is absolutely no difference here with the old system.

BYU may be able to stay competitive for the term of the ESPN contract but, the disparity will be too much to stay relevant longer term.

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