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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 10:20 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

“It’s mostly about the spirit I felt every time I’m down there. Other schools just don’t have that same feeling for me"

Sounds like you made the right decision.

There is nothing wrong with wanting that feel good and warm and fuzzy experience.

Its just not the approach Nick Saban, Les Miles, Mack Brown, Chris Peterson, Kyle Whittingham, and other coaches with BCS bowl wins take.

Again, nothing wrong. Just different.

To each their own. I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for at byu.

Good luck.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

According to 247Sports, of the top 7 2014 recruits from Utah, 1 has picked Michigan, 3 have picked Utah, and 0 have picked byu.

I wonder if it has something to do with the fact Bronco hasn't RECRUITED and gotten even one player drafted.

A couple of Crowton recruits were drafted. But bronco, 8 years later, still sitting on that big ZERO.

I wonder if recruits know this?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Chris B -

Keep up your mindless drivel as your little teams up north continue to wallow on the bottom of the pile.

Joke of the day:

Include Whittingham in the same company as Nick Saban, Les Miles, Mack Brown, Chris Peterson.

Sandy, UT

Tom, it will take time for Utah to move from bottom to top of the pile. How do you think byu will get to the tip of the pile when you weren't even invited to come to the party?

Salt Lake City, UT


What "party" are you talking about?

The 4-team playoff will quickly expand to 8-teams, so any team with a decent schedule that finishes in the Top 8 will be invited to the only "party" that matters - the national championship playoff.

Since BYU has a 35-year history of being a perennial Top 25 team (EIGHTEEN Top 25 finishes), it's much more likely that BYU will be invited to the party than a team that's only cracked the AP Top 25 FIVE times in their entire history.

As an Independent, BYU is already 1 for 2 in cracking the Top 25.
As a "big boy", Utah still hasn't cracked the Top 25

Syracuse, UT

Ken, I guess time will tell, but just looking at the past year, BYU went to a Bowl game while u sat on the couch and sulked. Just keep telling yourself that being in a conference and finishing at the bottom of the pile is better than going bowling. Better yet, try telling that to all those recruits you are after. What a joke. There are many things that a young man looks at in selecting a school to play for and sitting at home tends to depress most everyone. Plus looking at all the awards a school has in their trophy case brings thoughts of really playing for a special school, but when your school just doesn't have a trophy case....then I guess you could show them around campus and keep changing the subject about where the school is headed.

Salt Lake City, UT

LDS athlete decides to go to BYU. How is this news? Isn't that a gimme?
I mean, unless you are on the level of Jabari Parker and Manti T'eo...

River Falls, WI

RE: SoonerUte

"LDS athlete decides to go to BYU. How is this news? Isn't that a gimme?
I mean, unless you are on the level of Jabari Parker and Manti T'eo..."

I agree that it is not unusual for good (and sometime great) LDS athletes to choose BYU. However, while it is rare for BYU to snatch someone at the level of Parker and Te'o, it does occasionally happen. Olsen, Heaps, Emery, and Mika are all top tier recruits that have signed with BYU in the last few years.

Highland, UT


Now days it seems that anytime any kid commits to go anywhere it is "news". If he'd committed to utah it would have been "news" as well. They all get reported because recruting has evolved to the point that people are interested in it and follow it. Frankly as a utah "fan" you should know this as utah "fans" live and die by that stuff. Their entire self worth is tied up into what committments utah gets and how many "stars" they have.

I have seen this kid play and he looks like a pretty good player but then I am not a D1 coach so I don't claim to really know on that level, I leave that youtube analysis for your fellow utah "fans" to engage in and enlighten all the rest of us as to who is good and who isn't. My guess is that if he keeps his committment to BYU it won't matter how many stars he is assigned he will still be a low level recruit, but if he decommitts and decides to go to utah he will then be a great recruit regardless of how many stars is assigned.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

I doubt BYU will miss Parker too much given the pipeline of players coming in, and most likely he (assuming he is that good) will be "one and done" anyway at Duke - going on to the NBA after a year, maybe two.

As it turns out - Manti Teo may have caused some "LDS controversy" if he had played for the Y - with the phantom girl friend fiasco. No love lost there, either.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Tom in CA:

"Joke of the day: Include Whittingham in the same company as Nick Saban, Les Miles, Mack Brown, Chris Peterson."

I don't get the joke. Between Saban, Miles, Brown, and Peterson, which of the 4 hadn't yet joined Whittingham as a "National Coach of the Year" award recipient? And hadn't all of those coaches coached in a BCS bowl?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

It's only a matter of time now before Dawe gets that coveted "2-star" designation from Rivals, so he could finally fall into the cougars' mold of unheralded mediocrity.

Down under
Pullman, WA

BYU will be just fine in the recruiting wars. Utah was supposed to had a solid recruiting year last year given that they were now in the mighty PAC10.2. DIdn't pan out then and will not pan out next year either. Who cares how you recruit when you can't compete. Utah b it off more than they could chew. BYU coaches know how to get the most out of their recruits even if they are not 4 star.

Aunt Becca
Afton, WY

Gentlemen -
I think we need more kids coming out of high school who go with their gut, (i.e. how they felt), instead of whoever wined and dined them the most! Utah is lucky to have several great schools that not only offer a great education to their students, but also great sports programs for us all to enjoy! I graduated from the University of Utah, but I'll be cheering on Zac, or any kid for that matter, who dares to do what he "feels" is right! Zac is not only a great athlete, he's an awesome young man, with huge possibilities that go way beyond college football.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

@Down Under,

You do know we beat you in recruiting. Again. Right?

Go ahead and tell yourselves ratings dont matter. Saban, Miles, Spurrier would disagree with you.

Again. We beat you.

And yes, its due to our wondering BCS Conference of Championshp membership partly.

That, and the fact that Whittingham has recruited and had 20 guys drafted. Whereas Bronco has 0.

Sandy, UT

@Naval Vet

Your Coach of the Year just posted a losing season, trending downward, how many do that? Lavell didn't.

And Whitt is headed for more just like it, as far as eyes can see.

Pitta just won a Super Bowl Ring and scored a touchdown to boot.
He was a walk-on.


Eric Weddle (Mormon convert) has a 50 million dollar NFL contract, he's another one of your despised 2-star athletes..

So, your point is....?

@Chrissy B

Since Bronco arrived at BYU....
BYU has had 26 players sign NFL contracts.
His guys, which he coached and mentored.

BCS wins have been rendered moot.

What is not moot, are Heisman and Outland trophies, among BYU's 23 National Award winners in Football.

Where is your Hardware, Ute fan?

Gilbert, AZ

Out of the woodwork crawl the Utah trolls every time a new recruit commits to BYU.

crispy and navel must buy Dramamine by the truckload to recover from all of their jealous spinning.


Zac is going to be a stud; looking forward to seeing him and his brother playing for BYU.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Whittinham has recruited players that were drafted
Spurrier has recruited players that were drafted
Saban has recruited players that were drafted
Peterson has recruited players that were drafted
Miles has recruited players that were drafted
Mack Brown has recruited players that were drafted
Babo Sweeney has recruited players that were drafted
Bob Stoops has recruited players that were drafted
Dennis Ericson has recruited players that were drafted

Bronco has NOT recruited players that were drafted.

See a difference?

Pacific Grove, CA

I love how Chris b keeps talking about the BCS and bragging about utah going to BCS bowl games doesn't he realize that the BCS will be gone in 2014

Mcallen, TX

No doubt about it.

BYU will continue being the state champions of Utah. The only Utah football team with an in-state record of over 500, and the most wins in basketball.

Everything else is just talk.

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