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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2013 10:30 a.m. MST

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Las Vegas, NV

Any article that fails to cover the initial and most fundamental reason BYU was not offered is incomplete. The BIG-XII BYLAWS require five sport participation aside from football. There is no caveat around that until or unless the Bylaws are amended. Rumors circulating two years ago that BYU was a candidate for football only could have been quickly dispelled by local media had they simply read the bylaws and reported on them.

BYU would have to have abandoned the WCC immediately in order to accept BIG-XII membership back then. To BYU's honor and credit it was not going to do that. Furthermore, WCC membership seems to fit BYU's mission statement better than secular school dominated conferences. Independence works well for BYU football. Metaphorically, just as soon as the fans stop envying ROME they may grow to love the home God gave them in Jerusalem.

Las Vegas, NV

Really Chris? Then why did ESPN offer BYU a contract and why were BYU's ratings extremely good. Why is ESPN so pleased with its relationship with BYU. One of the most immature things I read is when some fan writes Nobody or everybody. Well, perhaps the fan is just thinking a little larger about their importance than the actual body of followers and networks that are happy to have BYU.

Las Vegas, NV

By the was Chris, Texas started the LHN and soon discovered there wasn't much draw or desire for it outside Texas. It hasn't done well. Oklahoma discovered that without the 26 million people in Texas, nobody nwanted the small markets of Oklahoma. The PAC-12 wasn't interested. David Boren was humbled. What U of nU fans have always had difficulty accepting is that that their university and athletic programs are still wanna=be programs, even inside the PAC-12. They have the third smallest stadium, a basketball venue that sits empty and a conference affiliation with a BCS league that the leagues east of the Rockies completely ignore or disrespect as much as the WAC and MWC. Also UTAH could NEVER have gone Independent, something BYU could and did do. Enjoy ROME. BYU didn't need that any more than Notre Dame does. Get over yourselves, we UCLA fans think the league made a huge mistake. BYU would have been fare better for the league.

Omaha, NE

Chris B....why do you do this to yourself...let it go...

Anyway, I am proud of Tom for representing BYU in the manner in which its fans should do so as well, which is to represent the Faith it is centered on. I would much rather see BYU do the right thing than make an exception to do something that is not accepted elsewhere. I've heard that God is constant in all things...

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

So, why are all the insightful sports articles coming from the DN written by "guest" columnists? Good work by Teeples. Liked the article, but also had a good laugh. So, Holmoe "forayed into the Twittersphere (@TomHolmoe), he found it can be an exercise in persistent tongue-biting." And he expected otherwise? Serious question for other Cougs fans: If you have confidence in what Holmoe says, what is that based on? I like my Cougs but have long ago fallen off the Holmoe/Mendenhall bandwagon.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

Please excuse my little sister; she's throwing another one of her BYU-envy tantrums.

BYU would obviously love to be a member of the Big 12, and that may happen someday, but there's no reason why BYU can't be very successful as an Independent. After a couple of years of growing pains, Holmoe has delivered the type of schedule he promised when BYU announced its Independence in the fall of 2010.

I don't believe BYU's television "demands" were nearly as unreasonable as some have characterized them to be. With a little more give and take, whatever concerns the Big 12 might have had could be worked out to the mutual benefit of both parties.

BYU has a lot to offer the Big 12 - high academics, a national fan base, and a very good overall athletic program - and the Big 12 would be wise to reconsider adding the Intermountain television market that they lost when Colorado bolted for the PAC 12 back to the Big 12 footprint.

Murray, UT

The Big 12 is going to raid the ACC and get Florida State and/or Clemson before they ever look at BYU. End of story. To covet is also a sin. Stop coveting something that is not going to happen.


Why dilute their product? What have the recent expansion teams of the Big XII and PCA-12 brought to the table? Not much...

Football 2012
West Virginia 7-6
TCU 7-6
Utah 5-7
Colorado 1-11

Basketball 2013 (as of 2/21)
West Virginia 13-13
TCU 10-16
Utah 11-14
Colorado 17-8

In both sports, only one team (Colorado in Basketball) has a winning conference record (7-6)

Like Bronco has stated in the past, no one will come calling until BYU makes it to at least one (but more likely two) BCS bowls. Holmoe has BYU in the best position to succeed, regardless of the appeal of a big conference. And as we see with those that came before, sometimes it better to be the head of an ant than the tail of an elephant.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


It's weird you would lecture Chris B about speaking in absolutes, and then go on to speak for every single UCLA fan... I personally think Utah and BYU should have been invited instead of CU, but that's not my decision to make.

Also, make no mistake that if Utah wanted to they could go independent. Utah St. did it about a decade ago and Idaho and New Mexico St. are doing it right now. It's something virtually every team can do, but it's not something they necessarily want to do because of the luxury and stability provided by conf. affiliation.

As for the article, I think a better question for Holmoe would be, 'Is BYU just sitting and waiting for the BIG-12 to call or is BYU actively pursuing an invitation?' and 'If so, what is being done to secure a spot in the BIG XII?'

Columbia, MO

@Sports Chemistry

You left out the SEC. Texas A&M and Missouri both left the Big 12 for supposedly greener pastures, but the green has turned out to be nothing more than greenbacks. The old rivalries are gone, the success rate is down, the stupid travel logistics and everything else point to a poor decision on the part of the big wigs.

Those who claim that it is better are hate mongering rather than being realistic.

BYU is better off as an independent.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

@Two for Flinching - Agreed. Tom Holmoe should answer whether he is just praying the Big 12 will come calling or whether he is trying to get an invite. Good comment. From a byu fan.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA


CJ Miles recently said "Twitter is the Devil." I can't disagree.

Orem, UT

Christy B

Good points. There's no need to panic. If the Big 12 comes calling, fine; if not, BYU can still be very successful as an Independent.


Why are Utah fans so obsessed with BYU joining a conference or not? Are U so insecure that U couldn't handle BYU stealing your big boy conference affiliation thunder?

Sandy, UT

@Two for Flinching

Sure any team can go Independent.
Even Utah.
But, the Suits at any Major Network, would "never" entertain giving Utah, the same TV deal it gave BYU.

Outside of the Big Boys, of which Utah is not one, only BYU and Notre Dame could cut their own Independent TV deals.

Utah is finding out that they have no value to the Networks, which is why they are rarely chosen for a National game.

BYU knew 15 years ago when it created BYU-TV and cut it's first deal with Dish Network, that they would eventually have to Go it Alone.

Fortunately, they had a bonified Legacy and National Brand, so that when they decided to Go it Alone, within 30 days, they had their own Multi-Million dollar TV deal, with the Biggest Name in Sports.

And this drove the Ute fans crazy.

BYU already had in place a new 100 million dollar Broadcast facility, which according to Trevor Mattich, rivals ESPN's at Bristol, Conn.

No, BYU is peculiar.
And they have taken all the steps to succeed at the highest levels.
They don't need others Coat-Tails to survive.

Unlike the Posing Wannabee Commuter School.

St. Georg, UT

Chris B; The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their mistakes.
Your BYU-envy tantrums again make you look small. I am glad you love your BCS membership, it has really served you well so far...somehow? Oh yea, it got you a NC assistant coach who has never succeeded with his own players he recruited and has always left with a team that is undisciplined and unsuccessful. He also could barley say "we" when talking about working at the U. I think he is placing himself in a place he can get a job if they fire Whitt after another sub 500 season. So have at him, good luck. But I'm guessing that will get you about as far as your BCS membership has, sitting on the couch eating your bon-bons,watching the Y play in the post season.

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

Tom can Tweet?

That's his biggest accomplishment as AD.

Alabaster, Alabama

Because of BYU's TV contract with ESPN and its national following, I believe that the SEC would love to have BYU, if BYU was interested. But, BYU might think that such a move would put too much pressure on them to win, particularly in football and basketball. These are two sports that BYU would have a hard time competing with the other schools in a high-pressure league like the SEC, maybe according to BYU's viewpoint.

Provo, UT

@Chris B "So byu would turn down a Big 12 invite?"

According to you, Chris, they already have: Chris B. 10:47 AM "I dont believe Holmoe is being honest with you guys. I actually believe byu did have a tentative offer".

And since we all know that you are the resident expert on all things BYU, I think you just answered your question.

Go Cougars!

Farmington, UT

I couldn't be more content with independence. Who could be unhappy with BYU's 2013 football schedule: Texas, Utah, Georgia Tech and Boise State at home, with away games at Notre Dame, Nevada, Virginia, Utah State and Wisconsin. Yes, you do have two gimme games at Middle Tennessee State and Idaho State, but in spite of everyone's dire predictions about only being able to schedule patsies in November Holmoe has scored Wisconsin and the Fighting Irish, not a bad prep for bowl-time! If BYU plays well with this schedule, it has as good a chance at a BCS bowl as anyone. Hopefully the team is up to the challenge!

Plus I can't imagine anyone being unhappy with the WCC. It is an awesome conference, not only for basketball, but has teams in other sports that are perennial national contenders as well.

I have no inside track on BYU's strategy sessions, but I don't detect any displeasure with our current opportunity. It's looking pretty good from where I sit. If a conference cares to extend an invitation, there is no need to compromise. We're not only surviving, but thriving right where we're at!

Farmington, UT

Last years Bowl Games:

Utah was OUT;
BYU was IN.

Rumors are that Utah went bowling at Orchard Lanes.

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