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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 20 2013 2:15 p.m. MST

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common sense in Idaho
Pocatello, id

Will Senator Hatch's job be at risk? I thought not. Easy to talk about layoffs when you're government job is secure.

Houston, TX

Let’s talk the truth here! We TeaPublicans know that these sequester cuts are the direct result of Republican demand in 2011 to shrink the government at any cost, under threat of a default on the nation’s debt! Yes, that’s how the sequester came about and we TeaPublicans are darn proud of how we forced all Republicans to make those demands! Now you can sugarcoat this however you want to, but the bottom line is we TeaPublicans got what we wanted in 2011….and now we ARE going to get the sequestration cuts that America needs and demands! And come the next elections Americans will say “Thank you very much”!

Salt Lake City, UT

Before the Bush tax cuts we were running a surplus, ever since we have been running a deficit. What needs to be done is pretty clear to me.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Finally, someone is talking about taking responsible steps to get federal spending under control. The people have spoken, they prefer social spending to defense spending. I'm fine with that priority as long as the feds don't increase social spending to compensate for the "savings" on defense.

But who am I kidding, the feds spent all these savings and then some long ago.

Thanks for the straight talk Orin.

Vernal, Ut

Senator Hatch should take a pay cut as well. Washington politicians have had pay increases while many Americans have either lost their job or had a pay cut. I myself had a 18% pay cut since 2009 and no "Cost of Living" increase since then. Where is your leadership now Orrin?

salt lake city, UT

So why do we keep voting the same people in who got us into this mess? Senator Hatch, B.O., have all failed us. This could be averted with compromise but we deserve what we'll get because we support the "no compromise" way of doing politics.

Bountiful, UT

I wonder if Senator Hatch will make a deal with the realtors in the Utah Legislature to make sure if Hill AFB is liquidated, they'll be the first in line to get the prime parcels for development. That would be a way he can get on the good side of the Tea Party, the true freedom lovers.

spring street

Hatch should ask the Bulgarian government how well draconian cuts and austerity has worked out for them, oh that right he can't they where all forced to resign today.


It would be impossible, but what the country need to do is throw out Congress, suspend the power of the president, outlaw special interest lobbies and send women who live on a tight budget month after month and let them balance the budget. Those people (and we elected them) don't have a clue about what is basic. You don't see any gold fixtures in my bathroom and I can tell you where every nickle of my money goes

Kearns, UT

I say, let it hit. When the wages are so low that no one pays taxes anymore because they are at poverty level, when jobs go to other nations instead of our children, when taxes are so high if you do pay them they leave you at poverty level and when your leaders worry more about what goes into their pockets than into the state and entitlements are out of control then I say let it happen. Maybe a lesson will be learned. We live in Republican Obamaland and we all know it. Entitlements for other nations people to come in here and work, taking jobs from us and lowering the wages and sheeple standing by watching all this happen because they are lethargic and it takes to much energy to pay attention to what is happening, I say let happen. Lessons may be learned.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Hatch takes down HAFB!

Spanish Fork, UT


Sorry buddy, but sequestration was Obama's idea.

Lets put this into perspective please. 85 billion is what our government currently spends in 1 week. 1 week of spending and our leaders in Washington want us to believe the world is going to end.

Give me a break.

Durham, NC

You all asked for it.... bring it on.

Lets see what Utah can negotiate back into the budget when the negotiations begin. Since Utah represents less than 1 percent of the nations population, and this will all be done via a representative vote, lets see how much of money ever makes its way back to Utah.

In many ways it could be just fine. Trimming the budgets back, reducing the states dependence of federal dollars might be the best thing for the state. When you need new highways or improvements, let Utah vote for, and pay for it on its own. I am not sure that isn't a bad thing... it could be... who knows.

Lets hope we get to find out.

Rock Springs, WY

It cuts the budget to 2011 levels. These cuts are no different than people trying to raise our taxes. I have had to make adjustments with my insurance going up 200 a month. Maybe they should loose their defined retirement plan just like I did a few years ago.

Idaho Falls, ID

As a former Federal Programs Coordinator in Idaho, cut away the budget for ESL and LEP students. Billions of dollars are spent teaching english to spanish students who take that education and get jobs because they can now speak spanish/english. In a small district in Idaho, over $350,000 was spent to teach english to spanish students, many who are illegal alliens. Think of what this costs the American tax payer.

brian timothy
Lehi, UT

ALL of congress needs to be evaluated every 6 months or so - using a performance based criteria, like professional athletes. Contracts on a year to year basis - this was the do nothing Congress during the last four years - they are doing even worse now. Contracts not renewed.


This sequestration was done at the insistence of the White House, as a "compromise" to get debt numbers up. It is based on baseline budgeting and is calculated on cuts to growth - not current spending. The U.S. can continue to spend as much as it has in the past, but will not include $44B in growth. Those numbers are small in relation to the amount that needs to be cut. It is a political trick for politician of both parties, and at every level of government to scream that "essential" services will be cut if the budget is cut. Sen. Hatch is using the same tactics to try to "scare" us into some type of compromise that he seems to historically enjoy - rolling over for the other side of the aisle - so that they will like him. Where is the leadership in cutting spending. Sequestration is not cutting into the budget.

Roy, UT

Senators ought to also take a pay cut, not be exempt from belt tightening...the good folks in my voting district said we needed Sen Hatch again to save HAFB jobs... He is not saving them, stated he agrees with the cuts.

Layton, UT

@Hunt - "Sorry buddy, but sequestration was Obama's idea. " Not sure about the truth of that statement but let's assume it is true. Obama does not have the power to legislate, that comes from the House of Representatives, which is controlled by the Republicans, so they are equally accountable.

Durham, NC

@ Mikhail...

A few differing voices...

"Sequestration “would destroy the military” and cause an “inability to defend the nation” argued Senator John McCain, ranking member of the Senate Armed Services committee. “Cuts of this magnitude would be catastrophic to the military,” testified General Raymond Odierno, the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, to Congress. “From a pure national security perspective, the gap between the U.S. military and our closest rivals will collapse with sequestration,” wrote the Washington Times. And it would create a U.S. military akin to a “paper tiger…unable to keep up with potential adversaries.” said Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. “In effect, it invites aggression.”

So I don't know. I get what you are saying.... if we are only rolling the budget back 2 years... dang - no big deal. But there has to be more to all of this.

But i am still all for calling the bluff.... lets buckle up and head off the cliff..... and see if it really is all that bad.

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