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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 19 2013 11:35 p.m. MST

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Omaha, NE

I heard Morrill showed his poor class by not even shaking hands? Is that correct?

Orem, UT

Yep, I'm a Coug. But I love the Aggies too. Bittersweet night. I'd love to see a rematch in the NIT.

Cedar Hills, UT

Striker - not sure how you are under the impression that Morrill has poor class. Stew shook hands after the first time the game ended. The teams were halfway through the lines when the referees put .2 seconds back on the clock and sent them back to the floor. Did they need to start over from the beginning and re-shake?

It was a great game but with too many whistles to get any flow going. My final thoughts on the game: Davies is a flopper and the Aggies can't make their free throws.

Iowa City, IA

I'm pretty sure Morrill and Rose already shook hands after the buzzer beater. Then after the all important .02 (if not a rivalry game, it would have been over), he waved and walked off.


USU made a lot more points in the paint than BYU and shot 45% from the field while BYU only shot 35%. But, BYU made up for it by shooting a much higher percent of free throws. It was still a very close battle and while I'm glad the Cougars pulled out the victory they will have to play much better to beat SMC and Gonzaga!

Down under
Pullman, WA

I'm a Cougar fan but my hat goes off to USU. They really came to play and BYU did not, especially the 2nd half. The refs were terrible on both sides of the ball. Morrill coached a brilliant game making substitutions at the right times to keep his guys out of more foul trouble.
BYU was flat and made some very poor decisions. If BYU had brought their A game it would have been a blowout. I am very concerned for the gme at St. Mary's.

Cardston, Alberta

When teams take on BYU and employ the smash-mouth strategy they deserve to end up in foul trouble. It's that simple! No team should get a free ride from the stripes! Make them play basketball or else fight it out on the gridiron in the fall. Whose fault is "too many whistles"anyhow??

Idaho Falls, ID

I did not watch the entire game, however, from the fouls that I saw - BYU did some pretty aggressive fouling. Brought in a football player to smash Stone. Should have been listed as a flagarant foul. Can't remember who the Y player was but again grabbed Stone and pulled him to the floor. Those two fouls were great football tackles.... wait, this is Church Basketball at it's finest. I was impressed with how Stone reacted to the two fouls. I was also impressed with Butterfield chewing on Stew. Stew needs to be chewed on a bit. It was good to see that Shaw has some emotion in him. After he fouled out on a crappy call from the official, he was visibly upset at the call. First time I have seen any emotion from him this year. Hopefully, this game will light an emotionl fire for the Ags for the remainder of the year. Put Lopez in to do the heavy fouling Stew!

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