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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 19 2013 8:10 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Don't ever find yourself using the term "BCS" when speaking on Basketball.
There are no mid-majors in basketball.
Don't play into their phony caste system game.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I'm happy to oblige. He has one(out of 12) Pac 12 offers, 1 WAC offer in Utah State, and 2 WCC offers.

What exactly are you pumped about?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I would argue the BCS is alive and kicking in both football and basketball, and will continue to be.

Utah, in yes another down year, has FOUR better wins than your best win all season. Why do we have FOUR?

Our prestigious Pac 12 membership. Why don't you have FOUR better wins than we do, even though you have more wins?

Your Weak Cost Conference membership.

How many schools play Division 1 basketball? Around 300.
How many BCS schools are there? Around 60 I believe.

With those figures, why isn't only 1 in 5 Top 25 teams a "BCS school"?

I just counted of the 25 top 25 schools, 18 are "BCS Schools"

As you can see, being a BCS school means a great deal, in football, basketball, gymnastics, baseball, research,,,etc.

You are either a BCS school or you arent.

We are.

You arent.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

@ bballjunkie- Yeah. Wish there were other options to get caught up on my Cougs from afar. But, I am limited to DN (which I started reading when the kids hit Provo) and the Trib. Don't get me started on the Herald. Aren't they an off-shoot of the Daily Universe? I like my Cougs, but for a paper with great tradition and longevity, I'm just suprised at how limited the sports dept is. They're pretty easy pickens. But, that's how deranged I am. I'll continue to read ... and question.

Frisco, TX

ETB - I know you think your sarcasm is funny, but the only thing you missed is the year. Most of these kids are going on missions, but the Cougs are putting together a team that has a legit shot at Final Four in 2017 or 2018, not 2014.

Sigmund - Looking for a big man, you're going to like Isaac Nielson in 2014. He's 6'10". The problem with a lot of 7 footers is they cannont run the floor and if they can't keep up, it slows Rose's entire offense down. Mika, Hartsock, Worthington and Shaw aren't too shabby either, but they are all about 6'8" or 6'9".

Toolson is a another great pick-up. If the Cougs can also pick-up Brekkott Chapman and Payton Dastrup, I will be dreaming about NC. Toolson's commitment increases the probability that Dastrup will commit. The two are good friends and have talked about playing together in college.

AZ i see it

Awesome, Jake! Here is one loyal Ute who will be cheering you loud & proud!

Provo, UT

CougFaninTexas, you make an excellent point. Why would a Cougar team playing with the offensive philosophy that Dave Rose prefers want a lumbering, slow, 7'2" giant in the middle? How would such a player be able to keep up with the transition offense that BYU prefers? And if the offense aggressive enough that neutralizes the impact of a slow giant on the other team, who would likewise struggle to keep up. The nice thing about Davies is that he is so mobile. So is Mika. I'm sure that the younger Hartsock will play much like his older brother, who seemed to do very well in this system.

If BYU ever becomes a half-court, grind-it-out team, they will need to pursue the Shaqs of the world. But bigs that can run the floor are a rare commodity. People who are bummed because we don't have multiples remind me of those who can't believe Holmoe hasn't called Ty Detmer and Andy Reid to their callings. These things are a two-way street. The recruit has to want to come here.


Utah recruiters: "Don't you want to come and run around for four years in this inversion, breathing in icy-cold, polluted air from all across the valley?"
Prospective Player: "Mmmm...what was the number for the coach at USC again?"

Luckily BYU gets away with it because we get the majority of top LDS recruits. Plus we get guys like Carlino, Winder, Loyd Jr., etc. who realize that Dave Rose is the man and it would be foolish not to play for him.


Mika is 6'10, and Datrup and Nixon Might be 6"10 by the time they stop growing.


Mika is 6'10, Dastrup and Nixon Might be 6'10 by the time they stop growing.

Salt Lake City , UT

How quickly people forget. BYU was the laughingstock of college basketball for quite a few years...and it wasn't that long ago...Everything in college sports is cyclical and Utah will not stay down for long. I would let the last few years sink in and enjoy them as much as you can, because the future will not resemble the past in any way shape or form...

Also, to take some of your logic, I think it would out of place for anyone from happy valley to criticize Utah's football next year, being that we have beaten the pussy cats three years in a row and 8 of 11...Just sayin!


They still cannot stop the good teams from scoring. Defense is a foreign concept to the cougars. Coach should pattern the program after Gonzaga and Indiana. Great big men who can defend and bang inside. This team is made up to score from the perimeter but they are terrible from the 3 line, and Brandon is all alone trying to score and defend from the inside. He has been in foul troublae all year because he is alone on that island. Just watch how Gonzaga's bigs are going to dominate again, and their guards will out pass and out defend at the 3 line. Ditto, the Gaels. It will not be pretty.

Provo, UT

@Chris B

Did you know that there's no such thing as a BCS basketball conference? That whole prestigious BCS only applies to football, good attempt though.

I'm excited for BYU's future!!

Highland, UT


You need to go back and study your history. Also utah has already been "down for long", better part of a deade actually. A far longer run of futility than BYU has ever endured and guess what? That futility is still going on with no real end in sight.


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