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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 19 2013 10:50 a.m. MST

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Columbia, MO

Bronco was a coach at a PAC 10 school before Utah had even thought of becoming the whipping boy for the PAC 10.

Sandy, UT

@Two for

I clearly stated these were the players who were at BYU with Bronco, which then went on to the NFL..
I count 26. (I've removed Hoke).
Nobody is sliding anything.
These are the facts.
These players were at BYU under the Bronco era, period.
Which you still fail to recognize.
He was involved in their development and preparation.

You can't deal with the fact, that your phony narrative, that "BYU has not sent anyone to the NFL under Bronco", has been exposed.
You didn't do your research before floating yet another phony construct.

The "Mask of False Bravado" has been peeled back on every Ute fan, who thought they would take the Pac by storm.

Utah competes in 17 sports? They are at the bottom in just about every discipline.
Outside of gymnastics, they can't even hope to compete for Championships.

And all U have left is arguing over tedious minutia with your ever watchful eye on all things BYU.....That SCREAMS Insecurity on your part.

BYU has Legacy, Brand and National Exposure.
8-10 of BYU's programs each year, rank in the Top-25.

Utah can't begin to match that...

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I'm just saying its a reasonable expection of a coach to be able to identify, recruit, land, coach, and land kids in the NFL. I would imagine any significant BCS program has those expectations of their coaches.

For example, Whittingham has done that 20 times.

How many times has Bronco done that?

Don't want to answer do you?

I'll answer for you:


Bronco hasn't been able to do one time what Whittingham has done 20 times.

And yes, recruits know.

Spanish Fork, UT

Sure fire NFL careers:
Ansah (obvious)
Stephenson as a punter
Horneug as a deep snapper (Denny has been doing it for 10 years! Forget training your kid to run with the ball -- shortest NFL careers -- teach him to deep snap!)

Possible: Fuga -- good size, great strength, great character, and if he finds the right team, it will work.

The rest might make practice squads but there are lots of "them" around. Tough to make it.

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