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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 19 2013 10:50 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Can somoeone remind me how many players bronco has RECRUITED and PUT in the NFL?

A list would be interesting, if a byu fan could help me out.


Provo, , UT

Chris B

Why should you care? I thought you were too big for us or whatever? Obviously not by your obsession with us

Langley, VA

Chris B.

Based on your comments, you would think that putting players into the NFL is what makes a team great or a coach great. BYU's success is not measured by the number of NFL players that are playing. BYU has been a very successful program and will continue to be successful no matter how many players are in the NFL. Having said that, I'm still excited to see Pitta excel in the NFL because he is the epitomy of a an athlete with a strong work ethic and moral character.


Chris B. - why no reference to the BCS? You turning over a new leaf, bro?

Anyways, I'll answer your question. I can only think of four (record books show five but, I cannot remember which year Matt Reynolds was) though I see two first rounders in the next two years:

1. Austin Collie
2. Daniel Coats
3. Bryan Kehl
4. Todd Watkins

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

@byufan1993 and fibonacci,

Is that your list then?

Looks something like this?

Guys Bronco has RECRUITED and PUT in the NFL:

IRS Agent

Can someone please remind me how many BYU players had the choice to pursue an NFL career, and chose not to, due to personal reasons, beliefs, etc.? Since when has an NFL career been the measure of a man's succcess?

Langley, VA

@ Chris B.

What we are saying is that we don't care. BYU's mission never has and never will be about putting players in the NFL. If some players make it and choose to pursue it, then great. Most players even on a team like Alabama are going to end up doing something other than playing in the NFL. Go Cougs!!!!

Sandy, UT

Bronco has been with the BYU program for 12 years.
Eight as a head coach.

Therefore, every BYU player which has made an NFL roster since then, Bronco can lay claim to being instrumental in putting them there.

Your narrow minded attitude is just so desperate and tedious.
I thought all you Utes left BYU behind?

Ziggy going in the first round is really flipping you out, as another one of your false narratives is destroyed, while your "Mask of False Bravado" is revealed.

Sandy, UT

@Chrissy B

Here is a list of BYU players who made NFL rosters and which played at BYU, in the
"Bronco Mendenhall Coaching Era". 2003-2012.

Your failed attempt at crafty wordplay notwithstanding...

These are indeed players that went from "Bronco's Tutelage" to the NFL.

Archibald, Ben
Beck, John
Bockwoldt, Colby
Bright, Travis
Coats, Daniel
Collie, Austin
Denney, John
Feinga, Ray
Francisco, Aaron
Hall, Max
Hoke, Chris
Jackson, Scott
Kehl, Bryan
Mahe, Reno
Nead, Spencer
Nixon, David
Pitta, Dennis
Poppinga, Brady
Reid, Gabe
Reynolds, Dallas
So'Oto, Vic
Tahi, Naufahu
Tonga, Manassa
Unga, Harvey
Watkins, Todd
Wong, Joe
Young, Scott

That's 27 players from BYU who recieved and are still receiving, NFL paychecks.

All this even in the abyss of the Mtn. televison contract.
As is quite evident, with BYU's newfound National Exposure and with their long established Brand, things are only going to get better for BYU's pipeline to the Pros..

Now Chrissy, we're still waiting to see so much as a High School Letter from your storied athletic career. We'll accept a jr. jazz participation trophy at this point.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


So zero?

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

.... and of all these, Ziggy will be the only Coug drafted. Even though Hansen was invited to the combine, don't get too excited that he'll automatically get drafted. Matt Reynolds, who the DN was touting all 4 years he started as one of the greatest Cougs o-lineman of all time, went to the combine last year as a sure-fire draftee .... and was a non-drafted free agent who enjoyed quality time on the practice squad.

Nephi, UT

As much as Chris B. obsesses about and tries to downgrade Bronco Mendenhall, I would love to see him have the opportunity to interview him in person and ask him face to face. My suspicion is it would turn out a lot like suspender boy after last year's game. Wait, Chris are you suspender boy? Thanks for continuing to prove that despite all your noise to the contrary about "your" BCS membership ( what sport do you play anyway?) and being beyond the BYU rivalry, BYU will always be the measuring stick for Utah football.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Crafty wordplay?

It's crafty to think a coach in 8 years would recruit and land guys in the nfl?

Your list of guys now working at Verizon is pathetic.

Sabah, spurrier, miles, Meyer, and yes whittingham all have

OVER 20 each of guys recruited and landed in the nfl

You are embarrassing yourself by not admitting reality

Your coach has exactly zero guys he ha recruited and stuck in the nfl

All I am saying is do you think recruits know this?

But good job on your current Verizon employee list.

Sandy, UT

@Christy B

You've been schooled.
Deal with it!
Prima facie evidence.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Bluto

Your list is extremely suspect. Chris Hoke graduated from the Y in 2001. That was LONG before the Bronco era began. Reno Mahe and Spencer Nead were offensive players that graduated in 2003, the same year Mendenhall was hired as a DC. Giving Bronco credit for Mahe and the two reps Nead took in the NFL is a stretch to say the least. Same goes for Joe Wong. I'm sure there are plenty of other 'dishonest' names on that list as well.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


So zero? What a coach. What a program.

Overton, NV

Two For Flinching:

In other words, by your logic, Whittingham can't take any credit for any Ute offensive players currently in the NFL. I'm guessing that would put the Ute total far below the 20+ that the troll is claiming.

Again, this isn't a measuring stick. How many Harvard players are in the NFL? Are you going to say that the coach at Harvard, or any other Ivy league school is a bad coach? Just by their NFL numbers?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not comparing BYU to Harvard as an academic institution. All I am saying is that both schools have standards that severely limit their recruiting.

And as someone else pointed out, there are a significant number of players from BYU who chose not to play in the NFL at all. I'm sure there are a number of former Utes who made the same choice. So again, not really important, is it?

Sandy, UT

@Two for

No, I listed every player that played under "Bronco's Era and Tutelage".
Outside of Hoke (I'll sitpulate) every player I listed was there when Bronco was.

Every player listed made an NFL roster and recieved a check.
Something you never did.

For years, all you insecure Utes have said that Bronco has never put anyone in the NFL.
Now, who's being dishonest?


Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ NevadoCOug

Whitt is the head coach. He is responsible for every single player that is present on his roster. The players I mentioned played offense and graduated the year Bronco was brought in as a DC. Bronco didn't coach them, develop them, recruit them, etc. Someone will have to explain to me why Bronco would get credit for those players going to the NFL.

@ Bluto

Call me insecure, but I'm not the one trying to slide dishonest numbers by to make my team's coach look better. Like I just said, Bronco does not get credit for offensive players that made it to the league while he was a DC. Currently in the league, the number of players from Utah completely dwarfs the number of players from BYU. That indicates Utah is better at developing NFL caliber players. It doesn't take anything away from BYU, but those are the facts.


I beleive he also sent a guy named Brian Urlacher into the NFL while he was at New Mexico.

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