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Published: Monday, Feb. 18 2013 8:00 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

A few have commented on my point about illogical laws. To clear any misunderstanding, I am not saying immigration laws are illogical. I am making the point that just because something is a law does not make it right. Many arguments exist for enforcing immigration laws. But the least persuasive one is "because it's the law", even though that's the one most often stated.

Clearfield, UT

I am appalled at some of the comments on here. For those who are LDS are your comments in agreement with the official position of the LDS church on immigration. I seriously doubt it. America has always been a place of refuge for the oppressed. Many claim we can't solve the worlds problems. I diagree. We are under covenant to be charitable and care for the poor and needy, wherever they may be. That dose not mean I support illegal immigration. I support humanity for others. I hope the lady and her family are allowed to stay.

Ogden, UT

This woman is shedding alligator tears. She knows that, if she can convince enough people to let her stay and all the other illegal immigrants, which some say number in the 20 to 30 millions, they will not have to learn English and they can eventually vote politicians in who are sympathetic to their cause. The end result? Our Hispanic neighbors to the south eventually will take over our country... and not a shot was fired.

We may well be too late. We can see the handwriting on the wall with the Obama win over Mitt Romney. Obama announced amnesty just prior to the elections to get the Hispanic vote. Romney's position was that illegals should self deport. Guess who won?

mccall , ID

Really ? For those who believe sympathy is limitless, that resources are inexhaustible and wish to grant every needy person the world over a place in America... please feel free to do so with YOUR tax dollars ONLY and have them live ONLY in YOUR neighborhood and ATTEND only YOUR schools ! Stop extending charity to all with other people's hard earned money and jeapordized futures so you can bathe in your own sanctimonious soap bubbles... The primary function of Government is to PROTECT property rights and this begins at the Border!! Our government fails us if it fails to support the laws on the books.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

This is a ridiculous circular argument, and all the back-and-forth is not going to change anyone’s mind. But this Gringo feels compelled to try.

@Rlsintx “It's called the order of law, and we used to believe in it … including my (legal) immigrant parents.” First, I think you meant the “rule of law.” Secondly, your parents probably immigrated under a completely different set of rules. Are you aware that there was no such thing as “illegal immigration” until we started restricting certain groups that began with Asians just before the beginning of the 20th Century. Restrictions of Latin immigrants only began in the 1950s.

@joseywales – “So, I need money right now too. It's my slow season and my savings are almost exhausted. So I'm going to go rob a bank.”

Nice analogy. Duh, that’s so not the same. Whatever!

@Gregorio – “My mother is an immigrant from Germany.”

Germany? That’s your comparison to the oppressive, drug dominated, dictatorial and socialistic regimes, and decrepit economic conditions of Latin America? Seesh, I’m not even going to waste my time.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Still compelled.

@KC Mormon – “The problem is it is not as simple as that. What of all the people who ARE waiting in line they way they should to come to this country legally? For every Illegal you must tell one legal attempt they must wait. People say our system is broken, it is so hard to come legally. Do they stop and think why that is? …their place is being taken by those who refuse to obey the law.”

In spite of butchering your native language, who in the world told you that’s how it works? I assure you, US immigration policy is not based on who’s taking whose spot illegally, but kudos for the chuckle. US Immigration policy has been driven by fear, prejudice, and the self-interest of those in power. Do some research and learn something about US immigration history. For crying out loud!


Jonathan Eddy

Your quote is off badly. the the land goes to Gentiles, Jewish. and Laminate. God will leadt them and raise them up at their time.

How can a person use Gods words, and them be so intolerant of the citizens that are being hurt?

This lady chose to break our laws, and leave her children behind. 10 years can add a lot of facts to a story. My family came from Mexico (large part) legally.I have heard a lot of stories to justify law breaking. It sounds like IC doesn't believe hers.

Harley Rider
Small Town, CT

Well the law clearly states - you have to follow the process to a T. And that process is a series of steps and if all requirements are met, you become a legal citizen. Now that law also says that if you are here illegally then you are to be deported, no matter what Obama says and his pity party henchmen.

The Swiss have the perfect immigration policy - You must have $20,000 in the bank , You must have full medical coverage . And why is that - cause they do not want to tax their system and have their citizens pay for those who have paid nothing into that system . You must have a trade or profession that will be of benefit. If & this is a BIG IF -the employment rate of Switzerland goes above 5% - deported you are

Illegals have Decimated our Schools , Our Medical Industry , Our Social Services ie Food Stamps , housing vouchers , social security - and they never paid one dime into these programs

How about Securing the Border? O that just makes to much sense

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

I feel compelled to correct the impression you left about current immigration policy. We issue a million green cards a year,about 65% of which are for family unification purposes. A much smaller group is admitted on a skills-based criterion.
Obviously, these green cards are not being issued in the self-interest of our economy.
Those admitted are competing head-to-head with our teens and low-skill poor who need jobs.
And we immediately offer our social services.
A large number of immigrants are from Mexico, despite its small size and relative prosperity. This is due to the chain migration policies that exist today.
Our immigration policy also admits refugees and asylees.
So, I would beg to differ with your comment that, "US Immigration policy has been driven by fear, prejudice, and the self-interest of those in power."

Murray, UT

It's very difficult to be compassionate with anyone, when for years we have ignored compassion towards ourselves.

Americans must be compassionate for ourselves, because no one else is.

Price, Utah

Yes, the immigration laws need to be changed from the way Ted Kennedy left them. They already prefer poorly educated people from poor countries. My great grand parents could not get into the country today even though they could speak both German and French. Karl was a locomotive engineer but that wouldn't get him into the country today because he was European. Ted didn't want anymore educated immigrants they couldn't count on voting as they were told. Ted didn't even want passive Canadians.
So let's fix the laws and bring in the best and brightest not the most diverse. Let's encourage those with advanced degrees to stay here instead of return to their birth countries. Let's make a law that is in our national interest and let's do it now.

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