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Published: Monday, Feb. 18 2013 8:00 p.m. MST

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Plano, TX

Go back, file papers and do it legally. Otherwise, deport any of them who are here illegally. It's called the order of law, and we used to believe in it in this country - including my (legal) immigrant parents.

Kingman, AZ

What bothers me about this story is that this woman doesn't speak "English" and she has been in this country since 2003.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

D&C 49:24 But before the great day of the Lord shall come, Jacob shall flourish in the wilderness, and the Lamanites shall blossom as the rose.

The American continent, according to LDS scripture, is set as the land of the Lamanite inheritance. When the Lord does come and removes man made borders, I sure hope our Lamanite neighbors have the ability to forget the comments made by some of these neighborly Desnews posters.

Ancestors of European land and human conquerors may someday be begging for the same kind of blessings as those today that are so easily denied by people of faith.

Mary E Petty
Sandy, UT

Our resolution of the US immigration law debacle will preserve America or destroy it. The ramifications of our actions will speak volumes about who we really are. The steps we take and leadership we give in Utah in 2013 are critical.

Will it be "Off with your heads!" like the Queen of Hearts told Alice for falling down the rabbit hole into her lush garden? Or will it be an eye for an eye from our old time religion? Or will we be Solomon-wise and offer to slice the family in half if the mother will go back and sacrifice her life for her sons? Or will we follow the new law, "Love one another and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Forgive one another as I have forgiven you. Repent. Go thy way and sin no more."

Who are we really? It is time to show the world: fix the bad immigration law and institute just and merciful law. If we don't, what goes around, will come around, and then, even the lawgiver will feel the unmerciful, unjust, unforgiving knife. We all have need of mercy and justice and forgiveness.

Provo, UT

There are citizens of the U.S. that live at or below the poverty level that can not get what these illegals get.

Sasha Pachev
Provo, UT

I signed the petition. She technically broke the law, but would you sue someone fleeing from a gang who happens to find refuge in your home for trespassing? Looking at the comments above some people would.

Regarding the stealing jobs argument. American prosperity is rooted in the principles of free market. In a free market you do not steal a job, you outbid a competitor. If you are being outbid by a competitor that can do what you do for a lower price, admit it to yourself and others, and do something to be better. English is not my first language, yet I would be quite embarrassed to have to admit that my job is being "threatened" by somebody who can barely speak it, and who may even be illiterate in his own language.

Does our education system produce people that cannot compete in a job market against somebody who does not even speak our language? For $8K/year per child tax payer cost? How much hot pepper on the rear end does it take before we stop sitting on it comfortably and just accepting this embarrassing fact?

Salt Lake City, UT

To Calu: Not too many "illegal" immigrants have sociology degrees. I am sure that they are not lining up ahead of to, to take your job. Why don't you take a Spanish course? I took French so that I could learn a third language, I know it's hard, but when you stretch yourself to learn another language, you gain so much insight to people who are "different" from you and your culture.

Salt Lake City, UT

There were many who have become victims of those who are here only to 'take'. As mentioned
these stories are not told. The monetary loss, property loss, identity loss, are not told.
Not to speak of the loss of Medical, Educational, and Welfare and in many cases Social
Security benefits taken by those who do so without legal standing.
If we fail to enforce the law, it become meaningless, not only for those who are illegal, but
for citizens as well when they see it bent and twisted for those not entitled to benefit
from breaking it.

MemoFromA Demo

To Jonathan Eddy in Payson, Utah:
You quote scripture as if its incumbent on LDS peoples to be tolerant of illegal immigrants. But don't you Mormons also have a scripture that says something about believing that you should honor and sustain the laws of the land? Have you conveniently forgotten to include that in your defense of illegal activity.

And to AllBlack in San Diego, California:
You defend illegal immigrants while at the same time trashing the United States. You cite facts such as the US is 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 48th in life expectance, 3rd in household income, then state, "there is nothing to show that the US is the greatest nation in history, except maybe the will of these immigrants who want to live in America." But, please, don't leave out the rest of the story. Tell us what the immigration laws are in the countries that rank higher than the U.S.. And please, tell us how these illegal immigrants have put strain on our schools, -- financially and academically, -- and effected our overall performance. Like Jonathan Eddy (see above), you only choose to tell us those things that support your narrative.

Bountiful, UT

She crossed the border illegally, but so too did we break Indian treaties illegally when gold was discovered on Indian land and then go to that land illegally to get it.

Are Republicans the party of family values as they claim? It appears that many are and that many are not.


Several years ago I had dinner in Washington, D.C., with a former police reporter for a California newspaper. He said those who cover the immigration issue are "scribes," not reporters. What he meant was that whatever illegal immigrants and their advocates say, journalists will simply write it down verbatim and not ask tough questions normally associated with responsible journalism.

One question that reporters (and their editors) never consider is this one: Is it fair that while 20 million Americans can't find full-time work, the federal government is permitting 7 million illegal immigrants keep their non-farming payroll jobs in the construction, manufacturing, transportation, service and hospitality industries
Our coalition also has, to use Nichols' words, "little taste for most editors, reporters and commentators" who comprise the "kept press" that devotes their time to carrying water for a business community relying on cheap and exploitable illegal foreign workers while throwing millions of Americans under the bus

Ogden, UT

"What is more important...obeying the law or taking care of your family?"

I think I see your point. I am making plans to rob a bank so that I can feed my family. Thanks for the hint as to what I need to be doing.

"What if the law is a law of privilege---some people are entitled to more because of where they happened to be born?"

You grow where you're born. You need to watch 'Immigration Gumballs' on YouTube.

"Don't criticize undocumented immigrants if you would choose the same path they did if you were in their shoes."

I would stay home and help grow the country of my origin. That's what immigrants should do.

@raybies: "She should be allowed to stay."

She will... Obama, who's an immigrant himself, will see to that.

Los Angeles, CA

To MemoFromA Demo: the analogy you posit about a home-break-in is absurd. It makes no sense: U.S. territorial rights are not analogous to private property rights. So, no - I am not going to post my address (I have had undocumented immigrants to my home in connection with LDS church functions), although you would be welcome to drop by (yes, even without documentation that you really are a "Demo") for some butter, milk, bread, or whatever else you need.

Idaho Falls, ID

@ Paloma
Sociologists are often family/marrriage counselors. They would need to speak Spanish to communicate and counsel Spanish speaking clients, of which there must be many if speaking Spanish is a requirement for the job. Which brings up another issue. Why don't they learn English if they are so grateful to be here in the US. Spanish isn't the universal language as far as I know.

San Diego, CA


My point was to make the punishment fit the crime. Murder requires life sentences, breaking immigration law should have an appropriate penalty like a fine if a judge sees that these people are already working and living here permanently.

"If America is as bad as you say, we should have not have 12 million illegals here"

You miss the point again; those stats, especially the 41st place for life expectancy show america's decline. It's not the greatest country in the world any more. Only those so called illegals, who do want to be Americans, testify of the countries greatness. They take many risks and sacrifice much in the hope of one day becoming Americans. These illegals shouldn't just be kicked out because of a misdemeanor. People have done worse, like assault, and got away with no conviction recorded and only a fine. And the other crimes illegals commit, like ID and social security fraud, are just a consequence of their inability to obtain residency although they do find work and housing.

Xenia, OH

So they can all go home together. Problem solved!

Xenia, OH

9 years and it's still "through the translator".....Enough already.

Jewell in the Crown
Spanish Fork, UT

The punishment (deportation) does fit the crime. If she isn't deported, shame on us for our lack of commonsense, the lack thereof poignantly established by the article actually being published in a newspaper.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

@ "allblack" So what would you tell the immigrants that get in line, pay thousands of dollars, wait years to emigrate legally?

@ "tmr" Whether illegal trespassers victimize our society collectively, or randomly, we ALL pay the "damages".
If "private property rights" are not synonymous with "territorial rights".....Should we have no borders at all? You do realize (I hope)that the U.S.A. IS a sovereign nation. (It doesn't yet belong to Mexico)

Memofromademo is spot on with his analogy.

BTW - since BOTH these posters are from Kalyfornia, tell us, (without your rose colored glasses) how Kalyfornia, and its budget are doing as they are the lead sanctuary state. Last time I was there, the roads were falling apart, most sections of L.A. no one would dare walk in in daytime, much less at night.
Various posters here on the DN, that are from Kalyfornia have referred to abysmal, or worse conditions.
Based on what I saw the sanctuary attitude isn't working out so well!

Mansfield, Qld

It's hard to believe that so many children of undocumented immigrants that arrived in Utah under threat of extermination can be so harsh in their attitude towards the modern-day equivalent of their forebears.
Good, I think, to take the attitude of "this individual case is wrong, let's make it right". Better to pass less-harsh undocumented immigrant laws in Utah. Best to act quickly as a nation to fix what is clearly broken.

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