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Published: Monday, Feb. 18 2013 8:00 p.m. MST

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DN Subscriber 2

A touching story, told for emotional value, by the "Salt Lake Dream Team."

Maybe an "American Dream Team" should tell this unfortunate woman and her friends a few facts.

The family can indeed stay together, and there is nothing preventing them all from returning to the mother's homeland until she can come here LEGALLY.

The fact the she has illegally entered twice shows that she knew the law, and the risks, but chose illegal action instead of entering via the legal process. Bad choice. There are two children, U.S. citizens by birth, much to their advantage. Many would argue that the entire notion of birthright citizenship to women here illegally needs to be ended, as they are often exploited as cruelly named "anchor babies."

An American Dream Team would like to urge foreigners to respect our laws, enter legally, and they will be welcomed to live in, and eventually become citizens of, the greatest nation in history.

Those who choose to break our laws make bad choices and there are consequences for bad, or illegal actions. Your suffering should be a lesson to others that legally entering the U.S. is worth the wait and work.

Provo, UT

She should have thought about that earlier.

Way of the Warrior

While all the attention is focused on Ana Cañenguez and her sons, I wonder, will her employer in Tremonton also be held accountable?

Sandy, UT

@DNSubscriber2. While I agree with the notion that consequences follow actions, this discussion is far more complicated than the simplistic analysis you provide.

Throughout the history of our great nation, numerous illogical laws have been introduced and arbitrarily enforced. Some of these remain but are not enforced at all. The existence of a law in and of itself is not reason to prosecute. If we don't ask why, we are no better than animals who are forced to obey without understanding.

The issue with immigration is well-meaning laws have not been enforced for years (as evidenced by 13 million in the country). To arbitrarily begin to enforce now, as seems to be the case here, can be argued a violation of one's rights as a human being. Further, in this particular situation, the individual "broke" the law only by doing something considered noble throughout history, seeking the right to work to provide food for a family.

I agree immigration reform is required and enforcement needs to be improved. But to punish previous "offenders" who have committed no real crime seems to be cruel and unusual. At a minimum I would argue the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

orem, UT

Yes she broke the law, but so would I if my children were in the situation hers were in. Instead of condemning this woman why is there not a call for a better process to let people like her in legally? There is a problem and it's bigger than some mother showing blatant disrespect for the laws of the United States. It should be easier for people like her to enter legally.

"...worth the wait and the work". Tell her hungry kids that. Statements like this show a great deal of ignorance about the desperate conditions that many people live in. Yes, come legally, but let's focus our energy on makeing it possible for people like her with very little means to do that instead of showing such coldness to human suffering.

Provo, UT

El Salvador received amnesty in 1993. After that, a person applying for for refugee status has to make the request at the time they entered the country.

This is why people need to be forced to follow the law. Once the deportation comes you tend to hear all kinds of stories.

Ogden, UT

"Throughout the history of our great nation, numerous illogical laws have been introduced and arbitrarily enforced."

There's nothing illogical or arbitrary about our immigration laws. A country without immigration laws is no country at all.

Certainly, the 12 or so million illegals will not be rounded up and sent home. But they should not get jobs since we have about 12 million unemployed Americans. And our unemployed need those jobs before they go to illegal immigrants because Americans need to feed their families and pay the mortgage. Furthermore, our unemployed are sucking up billions in unemployment benefits which this country can ill afford and must borrow most of. So, without employment, illegals would just have to return to their countries of origin and try to make the best of it there. That's the dilemma we face with the immigration problem... If we had full employment and needed workers the immigration problem would likely be much smaller. So we need our immigration laws enforced regardless of how mundane you think they are.


Tough topic and situation. My wife works in at a job that hires Hispanics to work in the kitchen. This amazing work place even offers to pay for these people to go learn English. Rarely will any of them take the paid english classes or if they do they don't last very long. They talk Spanish all the time and even use Spanish to Talk behind the Bosses back.

It is hard to fix everyone's problems when they don't do the work themselves.


What is more important...obeying the law or taking care of your family? What if the law is a law of privilege---some people are entitled to more because of where they happened to be born? Don't criticize undocumented immigrants if you would choose the same path they did if you were in their shoes. Or, if you would choose NOT to take care of your family, are you really in a position to criticize anybody?

Syracuse, UT

I wonder just how much John Q. Taxpayer has had to fork out by way of medical care, food stamps, etc. I am for them being allowed to come here, but all at their own expense.

Norco, CA

My mother is an immigrant from Germany. She waited two years and got a sponser. She learned the language and then married a US citizen after she legally immigrated and received her naturalization papers. My Grandmother from Poland did the same. I was born not as an anchor baby but was born by two US citizens who married, who followed the law of immigration.
Our laws are on the books and need to be enforced. My father fought for these liberties in war as does my son now as a pilot of the USAF. They risked their lives to protect our countries laws.
Please law makers and citizns, deport illegals who willingly break our laws and punish the employers who hire them for cheap wages. My mom worked in a US drive in for cheap wages until she received skills to work 30 years for Verizon.
ENFORCE OUR RULE OF LAW. JUSTICE FOR ALL. Rules that are broken should follow the 3 r's:
1. Right of choice to obey the law or break a law.
2. Responsibility to obey laws and making right choices.
3. Results of breaking the law and making a wrong choice.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

In perspective, all hype aside.
From the Yearbook of Immigration Statistics - 2011
In the past decade we granted asylum to 260,951 people.
2,161 of them were from El Salvador.
We ought to meet some of these asylees and hear their stories.

Hyrum, UT

The Deseret News has a tendency to print every tough luck illegal immigration story that comes along. At the same time, seldom do they tell the stories of those that are effected negatively by the results of illegal immigration.
They don't write about all the stolen social security numbers and the ruined credit and the years and thousands of dollars it takes for victims to try to fix the problem that they did nothing to incur.
They don't write about tens of billions in social costs this country incurs as a result of the free schooling, free medicine and other free "entitlements" granted to illegals... all given without anyone needing to admit they are here illegally.
There is a move underway in Congress to fix the Anchor-baby debacle, since it's commonly known the law has been misunderstood and misapplied on a grand scale.
There are hundreds of millions of people world-wide who could claim the same circumstances as these people, and who would have good intentions of "just wanting to get ahead" by coming here. It's impossible to accommodate everyone. That's why we have immigration laws and why they need to be enforced.


This situation makes an excellent case for better ENFORCEMENT.

The woman was given false hope like so many other trespassers that (somehow)they would be able to proceed with their lawlessness - in perpetuity.

BTW - you would be hard pressed to find 10 (legal)residents in the community of Kearns who would sign any petition granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. Its hard to find very many residents who haven't been victimized by illegal trespassers; whether it be identity theft, loss of jobs, crowded schools (with all illegals needing spanish teachers), etc.

The petition would have undoubtedly been signed by OTHER illegal trespassers. Not legal residents.

As badly as the DN would like to portray illegal trespassing as a "victimless" crime, - its not!

Cache, UT

Come on, DNews. We know where you stand. Quit pushing these sob stories. How about showing the statistics of how illegal immigration affects us all? For every heartbreaking story, such as this, there are many stories of the illegal who is here dealing drugs and breaking our laws. The first law they broke is trespassing to enter the country.

We have people thrown into jail for failure to pay taxes. Yet, breaking and entering doesn't even warrant a sideways glance in this country.

Sioux City, IA

"Cañenguez also gave birth to a son and a daughter while in the U.S., Luisito and Katy, and they would likely stay with their father, Eusebio Granda, a Mexican national who took Cañenguez in when she initially arrived in Utah. The two have lived together for 10 years."

I wonder what happened to her husband who is an alcoholic? There is no mention of him other than the children were left with him initialy. And it would appear that she ignored the immigration laws of Guatemala and Mexico as well as the US laws in order to come here.

KC Mormon
Edgerton, KS

The problem is it is not as simple as that. What of all the people who ARE waiting in line they way they should to come to this country legally? For every Illegal you must tell one legal attempt they must wait. People say our system is broken, it is so hard to come legally. Do they stop and think why that is?
First their place is being taken by those who refuse to obey the law. If they disobey this law what others do they disobey? They are working, do they have forged papers? That is identity theft, yet another crime
Second there are many who want to come here to harm us. Do you think if a person can cross the border and get fake documents to work they can not do so to kill us?
Just because someone has not enforced a law in the past does not mean we should not start now. If speed limits are not enforced and people start getting into accidents do we say well lets create new laws or do we say lets enforce the laws we have?

Layton, UT

She should be allowed to stay.

MemoFromA Demo

My family and I were having problems. So I broke into a prosperous American's home while he was away. I took advantage of all he had, -- I ate his food, I used his health insurance benefits, and I took advantage of his wealth to better my life. I liked it so much that I snuck my four kids into the wealthy American's home and am now using his means to pay for my children's education as well as their food and health care. My kids are doing so well and they really like it here. I liked it so much that I had two more babies with someone else who also broke into the house and is living here illegally. The sad thing is, now I've been discovered by the heartless American. He wants to kick us out of his home and cut us off from all we've enjoyed. We all want to stay. Even though other of my friends have followed the law and are doing things the right way, I feel I deserve to stay regardless of whether or not it is illegal. Please take sympathy on me! I need a Dream Team!

Los Angeles, CA

This is not even a close call morally. If she is deported, shame on us for our lack of empathy and commonsense, the lack thereof poignantly established by most of the comments thus far (I take solace in my belief that the posts represent a minority of D-News subscribers).

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