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Published: Sunday, Feb. 17 2013 11:45 p.m. MST

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Richland, WA

Bill Clinton can pull down half a million dollars for a speech to a business group. You can bet that Obama will be doing the same thing as soon as he retires from the White House. The guys who wrote and produced South Park have done the same thing with their musical "The Book of Mormon", cashing in on the name recognition of the real Book of Mormon and the Mormon Church, while portraying Mormons as nice but naive, but liberals don't complain about that.

Entertainment and sports figures in the US can make millions and millions of dollars, but liberals jump all over someone who is also a political conservative who can earn similar money. Look, no one is forcing you to buy tickets. That makes it completely different from the fact wear all forced to pay taxes that fund Obama's vacation trips around the world, which cost $80 million a shot to move his security and communications entourage on Air Force One and several support planes.

None of the Beck-haters on this comment list has a shot of ever getting paid to perform in front of an audience.

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