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Published: Sunday, Feb. 17 2013 11:45 p.m. MST

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Springville, UT

Anybody that can activate the radical left into hysteria is my kind of guy.

Idaho Falls, ID

The best Glenn Beck are Jon Stewart's imitations, those are priceless.

Provo, UT

the truth,

Some of us Righties are also not very fond of Beck...

Leesburg, VA

I have nothing against Glenn Beck. On the contrary, I admire his genius to use the system for his personal benefit. He is a capitalist and a good one at that and I respect his right to be who he is.

My concerns are not with Mr. Beck but the Deseret News. Does DN offers an article for any showman performing in Salt Lake City?

For news of the LDS Church and Utah I go to the DN. But, for nationwide and International, relevants news I will stick to The Washingtpn Post, Time Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor and others. It is sad to see such poor journalism coming from a LDS newspaper.

The glory of God still is intelligence, DN please don't forget that.

St. George, UT

Give me a break! You take a few statements out of context and try to make us think this is what Glenn Beck believes?

That works for the "Low information folks" that you hang with, but try and at least be a little honest with your comments..

Glenn is a great American and I celebrate anyone who can succeed in this worthless economy.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

To all those who have taken issue with my comments,

Look at who donates money to your favorite politician (it is public record and easy to find) and then look at what the champion and why.
Orrin Hatch: huge money from "supplement companies" and he protects them. Big dollars from pharmaceutical interests and he helps enrich them at taxpayer expense.

The "conservatives" that you all think are trying to be frugal with your money? They voted to prohibit Medicare from negotiating bulk discounts from the drug companies in the Prescription Drug Bill passed under Bush. Now why would they prohibit the government from paying less? Because they were paid, with campaign cash, to do so. There is no other explanation.

Open your eyes! Politicians on both sides of the aisle are not working for their constituents, they are doing the bidding of the special interest that put them in office.

Eagle Mountain, UT

What the article does not say is all that $80 million has been plowed back into Glenn's "empire"; his projects, his Dallas studio, his Dream works labs etc. He is reinvesting his profits as fast as he gets them. Also he has a big charity arm to this "empire" that supports fallen soldier families, and disaster victims etc.

USS Enterprise, UT

One of the biggest ironies here is that the liberals who claim to be tolerant and accepting are showing that they are neither. They complain about a businessman who employs hundreds of people, keeping them off welfare.

To "Ernest T. Bass" the government is making health insurance unobtainable to teh common man. The IRS estimates that the cheapest government plan will cost $20,000/yr.

To "JoeBlow" you are wrong. Glenn Beck is doing exactly what he believes in. He believes in capitalism. Under capitalism, you sell your products and services at a price which the market will allow. The fact that they have seats starting at $35 is great, that way more people can afford to go.

Also, John Kerry and other prominent Liberals have been talking about going back to Eugenics.

To "Blue" what about Al Gore or Warren Buffett? They make more money that Glenn Beck and use your gullibility to do so. Why only complain about it when it is a conservative?

To "Stalwart Sentinel" Glenn Beck has minimized the perils of earning more under the current administration. That is why he moved to Texas, bought a farm, and is expanding his business.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Used to be that Cod Liver Oil was the answer to just about everything that ailed you... according to our parents and grand parents. What's really sad about that is...that now I'm old enough to see that there are plenty of misguided people my own age... who are willing to overdose on everything that this recovering alchoholic says. No wonder common sense is in uch short supply.

Riverdale, UT

I've noticed that the complaints and pointless criticisms here generally come from about the same people. Wouldn't it be better for all if you could bring your comments up a few notches and try to use your talents for writing for a good purpose? Most public figures have no shortage of critics; we don't need to add any more here.


Tenth try.

In moral terms, it isn't just success that matters, what matters is what that person did to become successful. I'm sure we could all agree that the "success" of some aren't worth applauding.

Therein lies my problem with Glenn Beck. He has engaged in fear mongering, demonization and at times, outright lies--including personal attacks. It is worth noting he even became too "hot" to handle at Fox. Additionally, Beck's frequent guest "historian" David Barton has no credentials as a historian and Barton's book on Jefferson was pulled by its publishers due to factual inaccuracies.

Every sinner can reform. But that process requires restitution to those one harms.


The greatest concern against Glenn Beck expressed in these comments is by those who are trying to keep the people of the United States under the mind control of the main-stream media.

The Deseret News published an article about Glenn Beck. Glenn is a maverick, a libertarian not under the control of those who control the narrative on the news.

It is very interesting to watch them squirm. Squirming is what happens when you kick over a rock and expose creepy crawlers to the light of day.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

iron and clay,

You worry about who "controls the narrative on the news" and that is why people like Glenn Beck and his fans concern me.
News is by its very definition, is news about our world and events. News contains facts. Who, what, when, where, why, and how are the facts contained in a good news story. Glenn and others like him state their opinions. What they say is not news and is not facts, it is opinion and commentary. It is when people mistake these opinions for facts that I get concerned.
Glenn Beck can say whatever he wants to say and it is very clearly making him very wealthy. Good for him. Let's not, however, pretend that he reports the news. He speaks on subjects that make him incredibly wealthy but the facts are not always there. And when they are, they are usually incomplete.

Bakersfield, CA

Fascinating on many levels.

And the LDS Church has close to 16 million members from an enterprising young New York farmer in 1830. Look at all the laudible accomplishments of this church, the foundation wrought on the backs of our pure, trusting pioneer heritage.

And yet, not one non-LDS institution, archeological or historical, has ever authenticated or endorsed any of Smith's claims, books or historical musings...

Go Beck! And he is a lot more entertaining and idealistic than any Soros-leaning leftie I can find.


To 'Really'

News organizations such as the AP for instance have the ability to choose what is news. They can skip a story that does not fit their agenda and they can promote a story to news status that does fit their agenda.

Just be grateful for our guarantee of freedom of the press and allow discerning minds to roam freely. You don't have to join the chorus of those who are attempting to control minds by suppressing free thinking.

Trumbull, CT

Envy much? (From many of the sour grapes commenters here.)

Nothing succeeds like success, and Glenn Beck has succeeded in providing jobs (and 100% PAID healthcare for his employees) and growing network of enterprises--TheBlaze.com and TV, Mercury Ink publishing, etc.

I have no idea who bought, ALREADY, most of the tickets for the Man in the Moon show, after they went on sale only yesterday, but I'm guessing that over half of them went to people outside of Utah, who will be spending big tourist bucks during their stay for this show!

Salt Lake City, UT

Iron and clay, who are "they"? Who are "those"?

Who are "they" in the AP that you think are promoting an agenda? Please give us the names.

Who are "those" that you think are involved in mind control? That are trying to destroy free thinking? Please give us the names.

And the examples of what these imagined people are doing.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

The chalk industry suffered a horrible blow when he ended his Fox News run. I just wonder, if he wants his "Man In the Moon" show to make people rethink how they celebrate the Fourth of July, why is he waiting until that weekend? Why isn't he pushing it to May or June, then he can go off on one of those odd number/alphabet labeled challenges he loves to throw at his audience.

Mount Pleasant, UT

Why all the animosity about Glenn Beck? He is successful, he is hard working and definitely cares about things. There is so much jealousy, back-biting, etc. when someone is successful. He is not perfect as we are neither but at least he keeps himself busy, creating, making things better and he is such a positive person - too bad we don't have more Glenn Beck's among us.

Farmington, UT

The reason this is news is that you learn something about the world after reading about it. Alternatively, you could choose to be ignorant as those who choose to ignore anybody who does not agree with their points of view.

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