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Published: Sunday, Feb. 17 2013 11:45 p.m. MST

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@ liberal larry,

No, the article says that he made $80M in ONE year.

Please go back and re-read the article.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

All the way to the bank, as my father used to say.
I wonder if Mr. Beck ever actually listens to himself and the strange stuff he puts out there for everyone to digest?
Those of earlier generations recall a Mr. Ponzi, who........

Murray, Utah

One old man-
How do you feel about Al Gore?

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

I personally take no issue with Beck being successful monetarily.

However, I am absolutely stunned that Beck supporters/apologists find no irony in the fact that the man selling Obama as a socialistic President that is ruining the economy has literally made more than one-hundred million dollars in the free market during Obama's tenure. If Beck truly believes what he is selling then he ought to explain how he has immunized himself from the perils and skyrocketed in terms of personal wealth under Obama despite these terrible, horrendous, socialist times. Instead of doing that, he's pushing "buy gold" commercials on you. He's a great salesman and he's pushing a "product," there isn't an ounce of sincerity in his body.

Wally West

re: one old man

I'll help him start his trip via the Ralph Kramden method.

I second your reply to Cats about the Becksters cunning financial acumen.

Apo, AE


You're right. Liberals are absolutely allergic to success and the ideas it breeds. Remember, ideas are to be tolerated until they come from a conservative. At that point, it's all out war to include name calling. Liberals despise such people because 1. they can't figure out how to be successful themselves and 2. the government had no role in the person's success.

Every time I see or hear from a liberal, they remind me of the zombies from The Walking Dead.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Cats, will you please explain exactly how you know that, "but I do know one thing--he is completely sincere"

If being completely sincere means sincerely wanting as much money as he can grab, then I guess I can agree with you.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Beck's demagoguery is now very hard to defend against because he is so rich. If I were Mr. Brennan, the new CIA chief, I would have Beck in court on charges of slander for suggesting he is a conscious agent of al Qaeda. But Mr. Brennan cannot afford the lawyers Beck can afford. Beck is simply Joe McCarthy with money.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Mick, about the same as I do about Beck. Money grubbers come in all colors -- red and blue included. But some do use the truth to grub their money, while others use whatever they can invent.

Beck is a wonderfully creative inventor of complete nonsense.

Far East USA, SC

"Remember, ideas are to be tolerated until they come from a conservative."

Quite the contrary Germanygator.

Republicans hatch the idea of Cap and Trade. Formerly called "emissions trading" when G HW Bush pushed the idea to combat acid rain. It was touted as market based approach.

The Insurance mandate was introduced as a market based solution to health care costs and initially introduced by the Heritage Foundation. Put into practice in Mass by Mitt Romney.

CFL bulbs were mandated as were low flow toilets by Republican Presidents.

All of these ideas were either introduced or championed by Republicans.

Feel free to provide examples to back up your claim, as I did to back up mine.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Sorry, but your statements are not correct. Period. I know that the conservatives out there love to spout the "trickle down" theory of economics, but it has been tried and does not work. The wealth will not trickle down.
The reason for skyrocketing health care costs is not due to litigation. Litigation settlements have had only a very small impact on the price of health care. Health care costs are rising because the insurance companies want to make more money. They have lawmakers in their pockets that pass legislation that enriches them.
These are facts. Facts are foreign to many conservatives that make statements like yours and they are totally foreign to a man like Glenn Beck. He has opinions but rarely states facts.

Murray, Utah

One old man-

At least you are consistent.

Apo, AE


What are your sources? You just spouted a bunch of information, but you didn't back up your claim.

I can back mine up easily: BHO, July 2012 while speaking on successful business owners: “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

The majority of the remainder of the comments here knocking Glenn also back up my claim.

BTW, I never once mentioned the term "Republican". I said conservative. Read carefully before you comment. I don't know if Republicans did what you claim (again, you didn't state your sources), but if they did, I don't like those things. See, it's possible to not be stuck to party lines. I'm a conservative. I'm an independent thinker. I don't need someone to hold my hand to show me the way. I also don't believe that good ideas can only come from one place. It's too bad the left and Democrats just happen to have a talent for inventing many bad ideas.

Apo, AE

"No, Cats, he's just pointing out the fact that anything Beck does is dedicated to enriching Beck."

As opposed to Beck dedicating himself to enriching you and me? Did you not ever work to support your family? That's the idea isn't it? Shouldn't we all be working to enrich ourselves? Before you get stuck on how Beck should be enriching others, keep in mind he does employ people. While Beck is "enriching Beck", he's also made it possible for his employees to be enriched, too. I wish that success was lauded instead of vilified in our country.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Really? And you have proof positive that insurance companies have lawmakers in their pockets? You're gonna have to do better than that to convince me of those apples. You apparently level charges at those who differ with your opinion but don't bother applying the same standard to yourself.

Apo, AE


You're right in that Beck has made a ton of money over the past four years. However, Beck's success, like most, didn't happen overnight and certainly didn't happen all under Obama's tenure in office. Beck's success is costing him a ton, too. Not in taxes, but in the constant barrage of negativity that comes from boards such as these and from liberals across the country, including the White House, who vilify anyone who disagrees with them.

Kaysville, UT

The DNews breathlessly proclaims in their bait-clicking headline that this "report" is "Exclusive."

Funny, I saw a local TV station do pretty much the same exact infomercial/advertorial last night around 10:15. Wonder how they feel about Mr. Askar's exclusivity, which was posted online after the talking heads had spoken.

Agree with previous comments: nothing like free advertising from the local shill machines.

Kearns, UT

To all you Beck detractors, he does his homework and if he has arrived at a different conclusion than you, at least he does study the issues. Also, my bet is that he employes way more people than any of you.


I wish the same sense of outrage towards Glenn Beck by the liberal extremists would be displayed when the government gives away 500 million of TAXPAYER funds to Solyndra or the various taxpayer funded bailouts to Obama's favorite campaign donors.

According to left-wing liberals:

Personal accumulation of wealth = not good

Taxpayer funded personal wealth = very good

Salt Lake City, UT

$1250? No can do. $35? well, I'm on a fixed income, so I probably can't do that either. I guess I'll just have to read about it in the compliant D-News.

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