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Published: Sunday, Feb. 17 2013 5:45 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Phenomenal effort. I was proud to have cheered the team on a great Sunday game with fellow true fans

I hope for more Sunday games against top 10 opponents, with just a few more points

Good game guys! We are behind you.

Idaho Falls, ID

Smells a lot like a three win season for the utes again in the PAC. With three senior starters this doesn't look much like rebuilding. But you won more cupcake games this year.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I will take this over being a nobody in a nobody conference anyday. With coach k and loveridge the future is bright. People forget Jordan was playing high school ball last year. For a true freshman I see plenty of upside.

By his junior year we will be a force in the PAC 12.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

It won't be long before their near misses turn into wins. Coach K is rebuilding the team and doing it the right way.


You know times are tough in ute-ville when the fans are this happy after losing. Washburn isn't happy with it, why should the fans be? I guess when all you have is moral victories, you'll take anything.


The trolls really do know their basketball, don't they?

Jan 6-7:
Chris B's momma: "Both teams will beat you by double fidgets on the hill. You won't be looked past by them again."

Eddie: "It looks as though teams are looking past the Utes and soon teams won't be doing that and you will see these close losses turn to bigger losses. All these teams are just looking beyond the bad Utes and until they "upset" someone, no one is going to really take them too seriously."

And, of course, the hate-blinded sports "expert" Duckhunter: "The 2nd time through will probably see much larger margins of victory over utah for most of these teams as they will have already seen it and will be better prepared for it... Look for ua to win by a more significant margin next time."

Utah's shown consistently they can compete and be in position to beat anybody. Now just time to get over the hump and do it.

Layton, UT

I didn't learn anything new by reading the article: the Utes were close once again, but ultimately fell short. And they seem to be closer to breaking through.

I did however, learn something new from reading the comments: Stg2Slc seems to have weeks worth of comments/predictions saved he hopes won't come true later. "Frantic and emotional" comes to mind.

Highland, UT


They still LOST, and really had no chance to win. Congratulations?

Franklin, IN

Agarrett...do you understand anything about opponent strength? Utah lost to #9 AZ while Y beat #247 Portland...

And you squawk about us being excited about a 4 point loss to #9? I'm thinking about it and yes, a 4 point loss to #9 is better than a win against #247.

South Jordan, Utah

I guarantee that Arizona is not the #9 team in the country. They will make the dance but be lucky to advance out of the first round.

Highland, UT


"I'm thinking about it and yes, a 4 point loss to #9 is better than a win against #247."

Really? Losing is "better" than winning? Only a loser program would make that claim. Tell us indy are you willing to give back those 8 "wins" against teams ranked in the 200's and 300's that actually make up the VAST majority of utah's "wins" this season for some losses to some better teams?

Franklin, IN

After BYU's win they dropped to #62 in the Sag Rating and Portland dropped to #250...

Poor teams begat poor ranking...

Franklin, IN

Oh, and your conference is ranked worse than the A10 and Missouri Valley


"Stg2Slc seems to have weeks worth of comments/predictions saved he hopes won't come true later."

agb, actually the DNews does that for me, and it's quite simple to look up.

Duckhunter, please keep those gems coming so you can continue to show you really don't know what you're talking about.

Idaho Falls, ID

Gee whiz, I thought for sure the utes would two in a row - sigh...

West Jordan, Utah

The Utes have gotten so much better this year. A ton of close losses doesn't make their record look much better than last year. Close losses are sometimes the tough to swallow pill. Hopefully next year the medicine kicks in and the Utes learn how to win close games.

The Utes have to keep fighting because it's hard to believe you can win tight games against good teams (or any team for that matter) until you do it. Doing it will be the test that calls to keep grinding for the winning result in the end.

Utah has gone down to the wire with Arizona both at home and the road. The effort is noted by me and many loyal Ute fans.

Duckhunter wants to blast Ute fans for not caring enough about their team and then blast them for being proud of their team when they lose on the flipside. Go figure. Yes Duckhunter, you are correct, Utah is a losing team. I believe they will overcome that soon with Coach K. They might have already if they played Portland and most all other WCC teams twice (except Gonzaga and St. Marys).

U 90
Corona, CA

@ hedgelog "But you won more cupcake games this year"

Yes, and BYU won fewer cupcake games this year with their 130 SOS (Utah 80 SOS). Careful whose schedule you are calling cupcake.

EdGrady "Gee whiz, I thought for sure the Utes would two in a row - sigh...

Unfortunately Utah couldn't seem to get #250 Portland and #152 San Francisco on the schedule back to back, otherwise they may have very well won two conference games in a row. Heck, even BYU couldn't beat #250 and #152 back-to-back.

Roger Jolly
Maricopa, AZ

Yeah, the Utes lost again... playing in the PAC is tough. Something BYU will never know.

Enjoy those Portland and Idaho teams Cougars, because we all know... YOU HAVE A BRAND! Funny.

Boise State is pretty good I guess... They own all the Utah teams right?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

So, Dirk. What was the actual attendance? Not what Baghdad Bob said was "announced" attendance. The root word for attendance is attend. If there were 5,000 there I would be surprised.

Mcallen, TX

Can't win half their games with either football, or basketball.

Moral victories are great!

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