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Published: Sunday, Feb. 17 2013 5:25 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

"Utah and TCU are learning how tough it is too play in a 'Big Boy' conference."

We're happy for U that you're learning to be great LOSERS!

If losing to PAC 10.2 teams helps you sleep better a night than U did when the Utes were a MWC loser, knock yourself out.

I'll bet you were really excited about how much tougher those losses to Sac St and CS Northridge made the Utes?

Provo, , UT


Nice comment about the fold out bleachers. Too bad we fill those poor bleachers and you definitely can't say that ;)

Palo Alto, CA


"Winning the crown of "best college team in the state" is not much of an achievement..."

Compared to being dubbed with the dubious distinction of being the "worst college team in the state," winning the crown of best college team in the state is a monumental achievement.

#68 BYU
#114 Utah State
#117 Weber State
#166 Utah

Palo Alto, CA


BYU plays in front of the pullout bleaches 6 games per season, versus playing 17 home games in a 20,000+ seat arena with an average attendance of around 16,000.

Compare to Utah, which, except for their game at BYU, hasn't played in front of 16,000 fans all season.

Of course, to fans who are simply grasping at straws for anything that will help them feel good about themselves, playing in front of 8,000 empty red chairs must seem superior to playing in front of a few empty bleacher seats.

How embarrassing it must have been for the PAC 10.2 to see the hundreds of empty chairs in the lower bowl at the Huntsman for a nationally televised game involving their best team.

Cedar City, Utah

Can't say what the final score will be but BYU will beat USU. I don't see it close but looking at the two teams BYU is better. But that's not a suprise. BYU is usually better than USU in every aspect in every sport.

Down under
Pullman, WA

Mr. Perspective,
Just so you know I live in full view of the mighty PAC 10.2 and they are not that great. I regularly attend their games and have season tickets, they are nothing special. They are just average and BYU would be a top tier team in their league.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Down under

Being a distant third place team in the WCC does not indicate the Cougars could compete in the PAC-12. BYU is ranked behind 6 PAC-12 teams and has been soundly beat by every top 100 team they played, save St. Mary's. BYU would be middle of the road at best in the PAC.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Roger Jolly

"Utah is playing tough teams in the PAC, Utah played ranked #9 Arizona last night. Tough game but they lost."

Um, congratulations on losing another game?

"Utah and TCU are learning how tough it is too play in a 'Big Boy' conference."

It's better to be 3rd in the WCC, or 4th in the WAC, or 2nd in the Big Sky, than to be 11th place in the PAC. For proof, look no further than the current RPI and Sagarin rankings:

#68/#62 BYU(19-8)
#114/#109 Utah State(18-6)
#117/#114 Weber State(19-5)
#166/#134 Utah(11-14)

Arizona dropped from #9 to #12 after their "big win" over the Utes.

#3 Gonzaga(25-2) could be #1 when they visit BYU next week. More proof that conference isn't everything when it comes to having an outstanding team. BYU's schedule is plenty strong enough that the Cougars would be a Top 10 team if they were 25-2 like the Zags.

For all of your "big boy" conference chest beating, you're 25 games into the season and the Utes have still only beaten NINE Div-1 opponents. Pathetic!

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