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Published: Friday, Feb. 15 2013 7:15 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

If Chris B. is bringing up someone who hasn't won a championship since the 80's, can I start pulling out our championship from the 80's? I mean it's only fair right?

@UteJunky70 - I'll agree our defense was overrated to a degree, but the defensive TD's you brought up from your game and the BSU game wasn't because those defenses were so much better than ours. We just had a horrible offense. At least BSU had to have skill to get their turnover for a score. A bad, early, and low snap doesn't prove anything about your defensive ability. It just proves how pathetic we were on offense last year. So I'll meet you halfway -- BYU's d was overrated, but BSU and the U's defenses did not dominate BYU in those games, and were not better than BYU's d overall.

Lindon, UT

Two things BYU will not do: (1) Let someone go when they still have a contract - it is the principle of honoring a contract, and (2) Pay off a coach (their lost salary for the year or years left on their contract). If Bronco goes, it will be after this year (this is the last year of his contract) or after the next contract is completed. We will know if a HC change will be made after this year - or perhaps before this year is over, if his contract is extended. Let's be patiant and wait until the end of this season. I do not think any coach can do more with a defense than Bronco has done with BYU's defense. Yes, he is a great defensive coach and the defense is the heart of a team. With the hire of Anae, I feel the offense is in good hands. BYU is in for a great year this year. I think we're all going to be pleasantly surprised.

West Jordan, Utah

Guys, here's what I am saying. Forget speculation (agreeing with me or not) on who wanted Riley as the QB (Bronco, Doman, or both of them) and just look at who has the job title to make final decisions on personel. The HEAD COACH (is who).

Now, I am not trying to focus on all the reasons why Bronco allowed Riley to stay at the healm (if he thought Riley was a leader, loved the guy, thought he gave the team the best chance to win, or whatever else). I am just saying he was allowed to stay the pilot. If Doman wanted that as well, or independently, it shouldn't take accountability away from Bronco. Doman may have wanted that, I just don't think he did. Either way, Bronco should have saved him from himself there.

If Doman wanted Lark on the other hand, or someone else in there, then he got fired for Bronco's call. That is not known to me. I just feel bad for Doman (even as a Ute fan who almost came to blows with Brandon's brother in 1995) because there were no plays that could work for the offense as constructed.

gilbert, AZ

I thought Ben Cahoon was very good as the receivers coach the last two years. I think not bringing him back has everything to do with recruiting. BYU thinks that Guy Holliday can help recruit; Texas, non LDS athletes, and african american athletes better than they have over the past 8 years. That will be a lot of pressure on him when it comes to recruiting season but I hope he succeeds. BYU obviously needs help recruiting those areas.

As far as no bringing Brandon Doman back as the QB’s coach, it makes sense to not want to bring back the OC who replaced you (for coach Anae). It sounds like all of the QB’s under Jason Beck have done very well. I’m sure he will be a very good coach.

midvale, UT

@R.A.W. I never said your defense wasn't legit I just said it wasn't as good as the Defenses of the teams you lost to. Also I don't believe in giveaways I believe in takeaways. For ex. if a center snaps the ball between your QBs legs in a shotgun its because he's getting his but kicked by the DT and he's scared. Also who were the 5 ranked teams BYU played?

@Sky2K1. Our offense was worse then yours so if we didn't win that game on defense then what did we win it on? Also it was your vaunted defense that gave up a 48yd TD pass to 1 of the worst offenses in college football. Again I never said your defense wasn't good. I just said they weren't legendary. My Utes have had 5 or 6 defenses in the past 10 years that were better. You guys just aren't used to good defenses so your over reaching.

St George, Utah


Notre Dame #4
Utah State #16
Boise State #18
Oregon St. #20
San Jose St. #21

And I will agree your defense dominated our inept offense, but saying your defense, and Boise St. Defense outplayed BYU's is stupid. If Riley Nelson hadn't blotched a snap your defense returned for a TD or thrown a pick six against Boise, we win both those games with great defensive efforts. Because the offense was unable to move the ball, the defense was constantly stuck defending a short field. The numbers don't lie.
BYU #3 in total defense against 5 top 25 teams
Utah #36 in total defense against 2 top 25 teams

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


You lose.

In fairness, when an outstanding defense, such as the one that beat 'Bama, plays on an outstanding team, the need to single out how good the defense was is dissipated. We had a great defense. And great punting down the stretch. No need for a Ute to try to negate what little we had. Those who attempt are wrong.

West Jordan, Utah

Fair enough. Honest analysis from a Ute fan trying to be objective, but who doesn't care enough about BYU to want to try to understand it from the ground up, I can live with that.

But don't be surprised if BYU fans continue to try to micro dissect, and continue to do so till the team actually performs ABOVE expectations (ours) instead of below.

And to whoever it was that hoped Anae "learned something," Anae's offenses were GOOD. The problem was, and may still be, that they were predictable. What we hope for is Boise State style of unpredictably good. That's all.

midvale, UT

I really enjoy exchanging dialogue with cougar fans who are rational and make good points. We all know that there is a ton of irrational fans on both sides.

R.A.W respect.

Billy Budd
Saint George, UT

@utejunky70 3:36PM

"...Just wanted to comment on an interview I heard with Doman on DJ and PK. What an outstanding man Brandon Doman is. He handled himself so well in the interview.
He may have been in over his head a little bit as OC but at the end of day isn't that just as much the head coaches fault as it is Domans?...".

Interesting question. Another question, asked by others, is why should Brandon, Ben and Joe lose their jobs, yet the person responsible for the man-crush on Riley not be held accountable?

Provo, UT


Totally agree with R.A.W. BYU's D held Utah's O to 17 points (and that was with the 3 TO's the Utes "forced"). BYU's O scored 21 points. BYU's D held BSU's O to 0 points (and that was with the 5 TO's that BSU forced). BYU's O scored 6 points in that game.

Both of those games are wins if our inept offense doesn't spot the opposing team a TD. Heck, even the Notre Dame game would have been a win if Riley could've thrown the ball within a yard of a wide open Cody Hoffman.

I agree that BYU's defensive numbers were inflated to a degree from the competition that we played. However, as has been pointed out, BYU also played some great teams and the only one that got out of hand was the OSU game, and even that game was close until a couple of fluke bounces went the Beavers way.

BYU's D and punting last year was stellar. Nothing else was, but don't take that away from us, we need to take comfort in something! :)

Go Cougars!


'U 90

Corona, CA

@ RAW "Ummm BYU's defense was ranked 3rd overall in 2012"

Consider the competition'

BYU played five ranked teams (Boise, ND, Oregon St., SJSU, and USU) and beat one. Utah played only two (Oregon St. and USU), and lost to both.

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