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Published: Friday, Feb. 15 2013 7:15 p.m. MST

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St. George, UT

It's no mistake that Van Noy and Hoffman are returning. I'm sure they were assured that there would be a better offense this year. Imagine how this will be with a great defense and a great offense, with each group urging the other, up and up, and up!

I feel we can keep the other team's scores down and be in every game this year. Then, with a few more touchdowns...it's going to be exciting!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


On the offensive side to the ball BYU will face its toughest schedule ever with 3 coaches who have never coached a down of D1 football... one of those how has never coached ever.

What would possibly go wrong with that?



He shouldn't have even been calling plays for an injured Riley. A fully capable lark sat on the sidelines drinking Gatorade while Nelson tossed around his signature duck balls with a broken back scoring points for the other team. The most important thing a coach can have is good judgment. Doman was a casualty of his own decisions.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Some national programs hire national title coaches as assistants

Other WAC regional programs hire from Simon Frazier and utep.

Just different approaches.

Gilbert, AZ

Words to describe Anae's Offensive Coaching Staff: experienced, tough, physical, poised passionate, fast, and hard.

I'm looking forward to seeing an offense to match last season's BYU defense emerging under the tutelage of Anae and his staff.

Omaha, NE

What we all know is our WRs were not being used well at all. There was for sure a problem offensively, we all know that. Change is usually needed when things are consistently poor. Look at how the defense changed when Bronco got rid of Hill and took over the defense. Not sure about Beck, but I'm so glad we have an experience WR coach now. The other coach was a great WR, but possibly just didn't have the coaching experience needed. Now BYU has that, so I expect our VERY talented WRs to make a huge impact and hopefully BYU will be the passing offense Anae had them before, and in BYU's amazing passing history.

Sandy, UT

These guys have deeper resumes than did Doman and Cahoon.
They hopefully will not be as green as the former guys.

Idaho Falls, ID

Sounds like Holliday has a pretty decent résumé. Beck, not so much. But turning a small school's offense from last to first in one year shows 2 things: 1--having a coach who knows what he is doing can make a huge impact on a team, despite the level of talent among the players, and 2--Beck seems to have an aptitude as an OC.

As I have said before, I was not happy about the re-hire of Anae, but I am hopeful that he is now more educated and experienced, and with this staff, will bring this offense up several notches.

With the right coach and barring injury, I am very convinced Taysom Hill can be one of the great QB's of BYU.

Highland, UT

Quick, wihtout googling one of you experts tell me the names of the qb coaches at Alabama, Oregon, Notre Dame, and Florida St.

Next tell me the names of the wr coaches at Standford, Texas, West Virginia, and Miami.

Can't do it huh? Not even one of them huh?

Yea "big names" are position coaches all over the place other than BYU.

Danbury, CT

Really? Coaches from Simon Fraser and UTEP?? I always warn fellow fans when they start calling for coach's heads that it could be worse. I hope I'm wrong here...

Overton, NV

"Underwhelmed. I heard there was due diligence on Ty Detmer. Would some D-News reporter care to tell us why he wasn't hired??"

Ty Detmer wasn't hired because he enjoys living in Texas and doesn't want to leave. Reading between the lines, I think it's pretty obvious he doesn't want to coach college football. If he did, he would already have a job somewhere.

Those expecting "bigger names" for position coaches: really? If they were bigger names, they wouldn't be coming to BYU, or really any university, just to be a position coach. Big names go somewhere to be an O or D coordinator, or even a head coach. Everybody has to start somewhere.

Vancouver, BC

Re: Cahoon

I'm a big fan of his (watched him for years as a player since I'm in Canada and watch the CFL), but please do NOT confuse playing ability with the ability to coach. They are not likely strongly correlated from a statistical perspective. Same with Ty Detmer. As much as some of us/you like someone as a player, it does not mean they are the right fit as a coach.

Conversely, just because Jason Beck was not a star quarterback, does not mean he has not developed into an excellent coach (I'm a Simon Fraser University graduate - located just outside Vancouver, BC - the only Canadian university to be part of a U.S. football program)

midvale, UT

Just wanted to comment on an interview I heard with Doman on DJ and PK. What an outstanding man Brandon Doman is. He handled himself so well in the interview.
He may have been in over his head a little bit as OC but at the end of day isn't that just as much the head coaches fault as it is Domans. The parallels between Domans situation and Brian Johnsons are striking. And I have been highly critical of coach Whitt for giving Johnson too much too soon. But at least you can believe coach Whitt when he speaks of Johnsons potential and promise as a coach. All of Broncos praise that he heaped on Doman seems like lip service now . I never understood the lack of forthrightness and honesty that seems to permeate Broncos program. They like to spin things down there. Which is just another thing our two programs have in common.

Good luck in your future endeavors Mr. Brandon Doman.

midvale, UT

I'm beginning to get a little bit weary of all the talk about how dominant BYU's defense was last year. In the only 4 games that mattered last year BYU's defense was outplayed by the oppositions defense.

They were outplayed by my UTE defense. We generated 3 TO's and our defensive TD was the difference in the game.

They were outplayed by Boise States defense. The Boise defense generated 5 TO's in that game and there defensive TD was the difference in that game.

Guess how many TO's the vaunted BYU defense generated in those 2 games combined? Zero, Nix, Nada.

Notre Dames defense outplayed BYU's in a close low scoring game and again created more TO's then the Cougs.

And that great Cougar D allowed OSU to put up 42 points on them. The same OSU offense that my UTES held to 21 pts. and 227 total yards.
BYU's defensive stats are misleading based on some of the terrible offenses they faced. Don't get me wrong the Cougs had a very good defense last year but its not like they were the 85 Chicago Bears. A little perspective please.

River Falls, WI

Look like two solid hires. Admittedly I know very little about assistant coaches anywhere so I don't know how these two stack up. However, I don't understand why other posters are bagging on BYU for hiring coaches from Simon Fraser and UTEP (who also coached at Mississippi State and LSU). After all one of the best coaches in college football first coached at Bowling Green and Utah before he finally made it big. If a coach can be successful after Utah, one certainly can be successful after UTEP.

St George, Utah

Utejunk 70

Ummm BYU's defense was ranked 3rd overall in 2012. And that was with 5 top 25 opponents on the schedule. Not one of the teams you mentioned played as many. Pretty sure the defense was legit.
And your logic is extremely flawed. Utah, Oregon St., and Boise were all handed Turnovers and TD's, compliments of Riley Nelson. BYU's defense was consistently playing with their backs to the wall due to poor offensive production. And we lost 3 of the games you mentioned by a total of 7pts. And against Oregon st. The score was 24-28 with 5 minutes left in the game before Riley threw a pick six.
Bottom line, the defense was the bright spot of a disappointing 2012 campaign. And was the only reason BYU had a winning season.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

" .... Some national programs hire national title coaches as assistants ... "

And some hire 25 year old rookie OC's like Brian Johnson. crickets, crickets.

Ogden, UT

Won't know how these hires pan out until the Cougars are well into the season.

Riley Nelson and the Coug offense made a lot of defenses look good. So if we're comparing defenses and the type of talent they were up against, those teams whose defense "supposedly" outplayed the Y's defense were definitely playing against inferior offensive talent when playing the Y. BYU's defense was the sole reason they even went to and won a bowl game.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

To: The Cucamongan, Rancho Cucamonga, CA - the systems was broken on the offensive side of the ball. It started with the Head Coach and continued through the Offensive Coordinator. If BYU was really serious about their football program, both of these individuals would be gone. It was poor decisions one after another by the Head Coach and OC that resulted in key losses all year. The BYU AD promised changes and all I see is window dressing. If this is "big business" then make the hard moves and let's get going in a different direction. Anything else is alot of talk.

U 90
Corona, CA

@ RAW "Ummm BYU's defense was ranked 3rd overall in 2012"

Consider the competition

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