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Published: Friday, Feb. 15 2013 7:15 p.m. MST

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Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Sounds good...hope it is good.

Cougar on The Hill
Midvale, UT

I'm Glad those positions were filled. Still a little upset that Cahoon had to leave BYU, but I know Bronco and Robert have the best interests of BYU football moving forward

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Simon Fraser University? Um. Where is it located at? I trust/hope these are good hires. Only time will tell, but at least the background of both doesn't illicit a great deal of excitement from me. These are the two best candidates who applied for the positions? Hmmm.

Houston, TX

Where is Brandon Doman?

St George, Utah

Both sound like great hires. Hopefully they come to Provo hungry and driven to take this program to the next level. Big name coaches are great, but every big name coach has to start somewhere. If this coaching staff can develop some consistency and chemistry along with an effective and efficient offensive system to compliment the strong defense. The BYU brand could go from good to great. Either way, I am excited to see what the staff puts on the field August 31st.

Frisco, TX

It is interesting that nobody ever gave an official announcement about Doman. Did he resign? Was he let go? Will he stay at BYU in some other capacity? Harmon reported that he cleaned out his office and then there was silence.

Like the others, I don't know much about either coach. Earlier in the day, another media outlet reported that it would be Beck and Clark. Oops.

As one of many fans who knew we needed change on the O side of the ball, I guess we got our wish. Hopefully we will be happy with the results in 2013. I'm not expecting 50 points a game next year, but I am hoping for 4 more points against Utah and Notre Dame and 2 more points against Boise State.

West Jordan, Utah

It seems these new assistants are not the quality of Cahoon or Dupaix but what is important is how they work with and for Anae. For the latter (Anae) is the main hire and addition to the coaching staff replacing Doman.

The move to Anae should be exciting for the same Cougar fans that wished him gone a few years back. But I still feel bad for Doman though nonetheless. I mean the offense was awful under him but what plays was he supposed to call for Riley Nelson? The limitations at the QB position was a huge disadvantage for an OC. I am not trying to bag on Nelson, I like the kid and thought there was a place for him on the field, just NOT at QB.

Lindon, UT

If they are as good coaching as their stats as reported in this article indicate, it looks very good. I wish them and team well this coming year. Hopefully, injuries will not plague the team this year. If the team escapes spring practice without losing players to injuries, BYU should perform very well. Good luck, guys. Looking forward to a great year.

Orem, UT

I'll miss Doman, Cahoon, and DuPaix, but I believe that Anae has assembled an excellent offensive staff and BYU's offense will be vastly improved next season.

Good luck in the coming season Cougars!

South Jordan, UT

According to Doman on the local sports talk radio he wanted to stay ay BYU but bronco announced on dining day it was a mutual decision to leave. Didn't sound that way from Doman

Richmond, VA

It's too early to make an assessment but I'm still nervous about the future. Not exactly the kind of marquee names that would make a recruit excited to jump at the chance to come play at BYU but we'll see. I'm dying for this program to start winning and do it on a consistent basis, especially against top competition. I'm tired of the incessant ridicule and abuse from those who loathe and hate everything BYU. I know, I know. Nothing probably will make them stop but at least winning will render their vile and venomous rantings moot and meaningless.

In regard to Doman, why the silence on his whereabouts, Bronco? You spoke so highly of the man before and now he's been discarded with nada a word? Hope he's not bitter. I also wish him well wherever his future leads him. I feel bad for him and all the other guys that were let go. I'm sorry things didn't work out because they were all fine men who tried their best. I wish them all the best!

Go Cougars!!!

Proud Ute


Houston, TX

Where is Brandon Doman?

Start looking under the buses around happy valley.
Regardless of how you felt about the job he did, that was just a poor way to treat a legacy besides being just plain weird.
Good luck to the new guys. Given the fickle history of tds, I'm sure they'll soon be looking over their shoulders too.

The Cucamongan
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Let's not forget. The system was broken on the offensive side of the ball, especially the O-line. Change was needed, no matter how painful it is. BYU football is big business, just like any business. It is results driven. Hopefully, Doman, Cahoon, and Dupaix land on their feet somewhere. The bottom line - they did not get the job done. I really like the hire of Guy Holliday. Not sure about Jason Beck. All of us need to remember that some of the greatest coaches ever were never outstanding players on the field, they were students of the game on the bench.

Danbury, CT

Underwhelmed. I heard there was due diligence on Ty Detmer. Would some D-News reporter care to tell us why he wasn't hired??

Spanish Fork, UT

If Beck's coaching ability is a great as his character, we are in for a treat. It was impressive that when he was a senior back-up to John Beck, he volunteered to step down so that Max Hall could be the backup and gain more experience. No ego here.

Cedar Hills, UT

I went to high school with Cahoon so maybe I am biased. Besides being a great guy, the dude was born to play receiver. Look at his wiki page, he has been nothing but extraordinary at receiver since high school. Have you seen his career stats?! The guy was arguably the best receiver to ever play in the CFL and Bronco lets him go and lets Anae hire this new guy know one has ever heard of??? There is no way that anyone knows more about the receiver position and getting the most out of your abilities than Cahoon-which at BYU is huge as we seem to be the Kings of signing the two star athlete. I'm seriously wondering if Bronco knows what he is doing. We bring back Robert Anae?? It's laughable. They are going the wrong direction. The only solace I can take is how horrible the Yewts are in all their sports.

St. Georg, UT

gdog3finally; I like Doman too and Riley as well, but Doman created the problem with Riley. I know a lot of people thought it was Bronco's love affair with Riley but Doman pushed Bronco to those decisions. So if Doman had no plays to call he had only himself to blame, oh and a poorly coached o-line.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

West Jordan, Utah

I have grown to appreciate your respectful and balanced view points from "the loyal opposition." I believe your assesment is off. I think our assesments and opinions, if not smack talk, need to stand up to examination from several perspectives. For example:

I beleive Bronco to be a man of honor, wanting success for his team. Others who think he surrounds himself with inferior talent to look better are crazy. I think we can agree on that. The theory that he allowed a "man crush" on Riley to cloud his judgement is at least possible, but equally unlikely.

So I, at least, start with the propostition that somehow, Bronco honestly beleived Riley was the best chance to win.

How can that be? I think only if and because the line play had deteriorated so badly.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


what evidence do we have to support the problematic line play? Besides the results, the deterioration of Reynolds draftability, lack of others recieving any recognition at all, etc.

So it may be splitting hairs, but Brandon did the best he could, playing 6 on 11.

Orem, UT

might be good hires but so was cahoon. let's see how long this lasts.

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