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Published: Thursday, Feb. 14 2013 9:15 p.m. MST

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Buena Vista, VA

I thought the headline was funny ("Utahns on Triumph cruise ship reach port in Alabama"). I'm guessing those on the Triumph not from Utah also reached Alabama, but I could be mistaken.

Moab, UT

Just watching the news. A reporter gave a passenger just of the ship the opportunity to blast the owners of Carnival. Instead she chose to thank the crew for doing everything possible to make them comfortable. For many of the crew their only pay is tips, they probably didn't make much on that trip.

Salt Lake City, UT

When considering a cruise, I always research the year the ship was built. Why pay for an older ship if a newer one is available. Nicer decor, less chance of a breakdown. The Carnival Triumph was built in 1999. Although "refurbished" in 2011, some parts of the ship may not have been.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

I have heard that the sister ships to the Triumph that were also made in Italy have also had very severe issues. Maybe the manufacturer?

Sandy, UT

Everyone apparently survived, some in better spirits than others. I have read that the main reasons that bargain cruises are a bargain is that they are staffed and regulated outside of the US. With daily costs in the range of $30 a day it's not surprising that corners are cut with the resulting risks.

One thought, it might be wise to borrow a Luggable Loo from the emergency storage room and bring it along on your next Carnival Cruise!

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

My wife and I love to cruise. We feel it is the best vacation value out there. When you think of the millions of happy cruise passangers each year this situation is rare.

Far East USA, SC

"I have read that the main reasons that bargain cruises are a bargain is that they are staffed and regulated outside of the US."

Virtually all cruise ships (not just the bargain cruises) are registered outside of the US to avoid US oversight, labor laws and taxes.

Clearfield, UT

Went on a carnival cruise from Fla to Cozumel last Oct. Everything went fine. I assume our ship, the Dream, was newer. I understand one suit already filed. I am not sure I would blame Carnival. Life happens.

American Fork, UT

As I watched the coverage from before and after the return of the ship, things that struck me include how poorly people today are able to cope with even minor adversity, how readily they complain and how ill informed they are not only about the risks they undertake but also the legal relationship they have with something like a cruise company while aboard. I saw one young person saying the money, refund, return transportation that carnival offered weren't enough. But it far and away more than carnival is required to provide. And for so many who described it as the worst ever experience in their lives, it just shows what charmed lives they live. We don't give it a second thought when we read a report on a ferry in India or Bangladesh going down killing dozens. But have to poop in a bag or stand in line for food, and all hell breaks loose.

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