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Published: Thursday, Feb. 14 2013 5:55 p.m. MST

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Beaver Native
Garland, UT

@ Joe Blow et. al.: I thought about buying a dual-fuel CNG vehicle a couple of years ago. At the time, I passed a CNG fueling station in Logan near the end of my commute. Using CNG at the time cost half as much per mile as using gasoline, but I could still use gasoline on long trips where there was no CNG. The savings were largely because of s State CNG subsidy. Without the subsidy, the cost would have been about the same.

Another thing to consider is whether or not there's a mechanic in the area that is experienced with CNG systems. In my case, the nearest mechanic I could find that was experienced in such systems was 30 miles away, which was the reason I didn't buy the system.

CNG makes sense when it's not far out of your way to reach a filling station and a repair shop experienced in working on CNG systems, but a dual-fuel system makes more sense to me. There is a trade-off. The CNG tank will take a lot of your cargo space.

rexburg, ID

What are they going to propose a carbon tax on everyone now.

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