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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 13 2013 6:20 p.m. MST

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provo, UT

So you're saying it's good to have dialog with only people that share your opinion? I'm glad the founding fathers of our country didn't feel the same way. I think this experience will be good for BYU basketball. We no longer shot at peach baskets and have set shots. The game has changed and teams must adapt.

St Louis, MO

It's a good thing some of you aren't coaches. I can just picture you telling your kids if you're down at halftime "The refs are out to get us! This isn't how basketball is supposed to be played! They should have at least three guys fouled out by now!" Yep; that would definitely be an effective strategy.

Being momentarily upset about a particular call or non-call is one thing. Acting the victim and whining on and on is entirely another. You're allowing things beyond your control to dictate your state of mind. I'll say it again: once an opponent has you focusing on the refs, they have already beaten you. In big boy basketball, good teams play through it, keep running your sets, adjust as necessary, and accept whatever results you get. I guess whining is much more fun.

Salt Lake City, Utah


So I guess all of those elite coaches for elite teams who are constantly ragging on the referees should stop their whining?

You need to wake up and smell the coffee, my friend. Watch Coach K sometime. He wants EVERY call to go his way.

If anything, Rose should be more vocal, not less, in sticking up for his team. Referees actually respect coaches who do that; but know how to do so without embarrassing the officials.

Solomon the Wise
Alpine, UT


It's good to have dialogue, PERIOD!

Turning every "discussion" into a BYU/Utah bashing session is tedious and boring.

provo, UT

Solomon the Wise,
I agree with you. I am just saying basketball has changed. BYUalum just wants to here from people that agree with him. I think if BYU want's to compete, in basketball, they need to adapt to the game today. Everyone on this post blames the refs. I think BYU needs to stand up and play physical basketball.

St Louis, MO

Of course coaches try to influence refs during a game. That's part of the routine. I have no problem with that. My complaint is more with the goofy outlook of fans who seem to think that WCC reffing is a large part of BYU's overall difficulties this year. It's not. What Rose says to his players in the locker room or at practice I know not, but I suspect he doesn't tell his players they're the victims of poor or biased officials and that this "isn't how basketball is supposed to be played." When I hear that, I immedately think "this is a very casual fan talking."

My gripe is the overall tone of many of these posts. If players and coaches looked at the game or their season the way that some of y'all do, they might as well go do something else with their time. There's no referee conspiracy theory, the game is no more or less physical than it's been for decades (watch a Big East game, for the love of Pete), and tough, smart teams figure out how to play through it.

Orem, UT


"BYUalum just wants to here [sic] from people that agree with him."

That's not what he said at all. He welcomed reading divergent opinions. He referenced the "biting criticism" from Ute bloggers in the context of juvenile jabs that usually have nothing to do with the topic of discussion.

provo, UT

And I didn't say anything bad about BYU. His comment,it seam's to me, as I'm glad you all agree with me. Well I don't agree! There comes a time when you stop blaming the referees and start getting mad and stand up and play your game! Every star player get's double teamed. So find your teammate!!!

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Duckhunted: we like comments about the topic. The Ute trolls haven't hijacked this thread. He said 'thanks' to the moderators for disallowing the sensationalistic post of the chest-puffing Ute trolls.

Also, no one is complaining that Haws is getting a double-team. He's only getting monstered once he gets the ball. Our complaint is that he's getting held, grabbed, and pushed BEFORE he gets the ball. That isn't basketball and should be officiated correctly. Like someone said up above - basketball is a non-contact sport. Contact that affects the play should continue to be called a foul.

Go Cougars.

cal cougar
camarillo, CA

We need to be prepared to play big boy basketball. If the referees protect you from all those "Bullies" in the WCC, we are in trouble. The best thing the refs can do for us is to not call every foul. Then we might have a chance to play against big boy teams from the east. Maybe do some damage in the Tourney. The refs are just telling BYU that you are not ready to step up to the plate. The problem is not the refs.

provo, UT

I'm sorry your view is still stuck with the movie Hosiers! Today's basketball is be aggressive. If you have a very passive team an aggressive team will beat you. That's just the simple facts of basketball today. Stop blaming the refs and step up your game!

provo, UT

cal cougar,
Your comment is right on spot. BYU fans need to stop whinning about the refs. Their team needs to step up and become men!

Heber City, UT

It is not part of the game. It is backyard judo hiding as tough playing basketball. I don't mind the close guarding, but both of these guys are getting fouled 90% of the time and the REFS think I can't determine the game by calling fouls. Then why are they even there? IF the REFS had guts they would start calling these fouls and we would see basketball players playing the game instead of baskethockey.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Basketball has become like a rodeo. If you enjoy bulldogging, tune in tonight for the game. Too bad the refs have forgotten this is a game of finesse and athletic ability. Sad.

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