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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 13 2013 9:40 a.m. MST

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St Louis, MO

Please stop with the predictions about top-ten rankings and such when all the Lone Peak guys are back from missions. We have no idea how that will play out. Don't misunderstand . . I like the recruiting class, and I would love for the best-case scenario to play out, but you can't accurately project how these guys will come together in a few years. For now we'll live on the fantasy that hopefully will come at least partially true.

And as for Mika vs. Davies, give me a break. I'm betting the people making those comparisons have never even seen Mika play and couldn't pick him out of a crowd.

New to Utah

Got tickets to see BYU play Utah State which is a natural rivalry. BYU needs some big post players. Lone Peak players are only a small part of the solution. BYU needs wide bodies and skilled post players.My take is that both Utah and Utah State are able to recruit better big men and this is unacceptable. Also the WCC is just an awful fit and I don't even like to see the games. MWC is geographical and talent and interest a much better fit.Really getting excited about a fun BYU team and then see them implode has been hard to take.

North Salt Lake, UT

I agree with Caleb in NY. We lost a lot of talent at the beginning of the year due to injury and transfers. Hard to replace that. Also, Davies has been highly overrated as well and can not carry this team inside. The season is not lost yet but a slightly down year is no reason to call for Dave Rose's job. Rediculous! Rose will continue to rock far into BYU's future.

Layton, UT

If I was a byu fan I would find this aricle and comments depressing. Typical excuses,blaming it on the refs, never giving their opponents any credit,looking to the past for confort. Come On Man! byu needs to get off it's high horse and go back to the MWC. Independence and the WCC is going to be their downfall.


LOL at anyone calling for Coach Rose's termination. He's one of the best coaches in the country and a down year probably results in 20 wins.

Mildred and Ernest, you guys get overexcited and overhype everything...and then make excuses for losses. I'm guessing you're probably Ute fans, much like Chris B who is so frustrated when BYU comes up short he lashes out at them at every opportunity...


Two reasons for BYU being down a bit this year: Brock Zysltra is not a legitimate major college starter and Brandon Davies the leader of the team is soft, soft, soft. BYU is very likely to have a coach with the basketball jones and integrity of Rose.

Lynchburg, VA

From a Utah fan, BYU fans must know that you guys will be just fine. Seriously, coach Rose is a fantastic coach, and you guys seemed to be loading up on future talent. A program does not break on one "bad" season, and bad is very subjective. I'm excited that my team is getting better, and hopefully our games with you guys will continue to be exciting, and I hope our team can beat you, haha. But seriously, good luck to BYU, and don't be too down on this season.

Go Utes!

North, UT


Thanks for the voice of sound reasoning!

Provo, UT

I think the loss of Dave Rice's Xs and Os talent is a major problem for the Cougars. Seeing Terry Nashif taking the lead during time outs does not inspire great confidence in me.

Allen, TX

Really? 49 comments and nobody noticed?

While I appreciated the alliterative assessments in plenty of peoples' posts, I am appalled at the absence of grammatical goodness.

The title misuses the word "alliterate." Alliterate is a verb, not an adjective. Many of you did, indeed, alliterate in your posts. The headline should have read, "An alliterative look at BYU basketball's disappointing 2013 season".

Allen, TX

Illiterate, obviously.

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