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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 13 2013 9:40 a.m. MST

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It's tru, LP's center wont do much better next year bc he will beonly be a true freshman, but, if carlino progresees, haws progresses,Austin progresses and gets sstronger this time (with no injury), and collinsworth plays as well righot off the mission as Haws then this team might be a lot better.

Fort Benning, GA

Mika, from Lone Peak isn't going to be anywhere near where Davies will leave off, but lets not forget that Kafusi will have a year under his belt and hopefully begin to develop. I still think he should stick to football only, but baring an injury, I think you'll see a steady dose of him next year in the middle.

Washington, UT

Honestly, I don't care whether BYU makes the NCAA tournament or not, so what if they do, so what if they don't? What I want to see is good basketball. I am appalled that Brandon Davies a D-1 scholarship holder, and a senior--still is an awful basketball player, he can't shoot, he can't make free throws (can't even draw iron sometimes), commits two early, stupid fouls in most games and spends the game on the bench--hurting the team.

Zylstra is also a senior and was recruited for his three point shooting, but Zylstra can't hit the broad side of a barn--and he's a senior on a D-1 scholarship.

Matt Carlino has a lot of talent but his shooting percentage is in the toilet. Even a decent high school players knows better than to just huck up bad shot after bad shot. And he's a 3pt shooter as well--so why can't he make any?

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Who said Dave Rose need to resign? Not going to happen and he is here to stay. 4th Lone Peak player? I see Nick Emery, Mika and T.J. Haws and who is the fourth one Tyler Haws already playing.

Sure it was no fun losing to those two SD and SF. So what and keep on trying, NCAA, NIT or nothing but I can see the 2nd will be realistic. St. Mary was a killer!

Washington, UT

Mika is better than Davies right now. Davies is awful. I do think Coach Rose deserves some of the blame here. Good coaching can turn a bad player into a good player, a good player into a great player, a lousy free throw shooter into a good free throw shooter. Rose has had Davies for four full years, why does he still shoot free throws like a spastic? One year of coaching would change it. Free throws are easy to make, easy, shooting airballs is inexcusable.


@cougarcolby- I agree, but Mika has a lot of upside and after his mission I expect him to help, emery, Haws, Nixon, *Dastrup to be a top 10 team by teh time they are juniors and seniors.Mika already play above teh rim better than Davies does and he just turned 18 last month. He's also coming in a lot stronger than davies did his freshman year.


> Remember when BYU joined the WCC and all the talk was how BYU was going to dominate a conference that plays in high school gyms?

No. The only time I hear mention of that is when people (the typical "I-need-something-to-bash, low self-esteem types) now claim that all the talk was about that. What the talk was actually all about was how it was going to be a great and competitive basketball conference. Maybe a few ignoramuses claimed that BYU was going to dominate, but they're the same ignoramuses that are calling for Coach Rose to be fired (which is even more asinine than calling for Coach Mendenhall to be fired).

Nobody who actually watches the sport believed that BYU would dominate the WCC. Be competitive and typically be in the top three or four vying for the conference championship? Obviously. But no serious BYU basketball fan thought that BYU would take over the conference.

Overton, NV

"Tyler Haws is a stud, but he's not the all-world guy we saw at times early in the season. Expectations were too high after those games. He's merely "all-conference" quality, not "all-American."

I'm thinking Haws is starting to wear down. He is a year removed from a mission and just doesn't quite have the legs to take him through a hole season. Especially when he is the main focus of the opponent's defense.

And I said it before, and I'll say it again: those who are calling for more playing time for Ambrosino need to rethink that position. When he was in the game against San Diego, he looked completely lost on defense. Johnny Dee had a ridiculously wide open look because Ambrosino didn't get over to cover him. It was like his feet were glued to the ground. Maybe he'll be better next year, but right now he deserves his spot towards the end of the bench.

Salt Lake City, UT

The truth of this argument is, BYU is a TERRIBLE fit for the WCC, which is why they have been on the short end of less than stellar officiating the past two years. While I hate the idea as much as the next person, if BYU can't secure a slot in an expanding Big 12, then they should plan on a return to the MWC, the sooner the better.

Mission Viejo, CA

The Lone Peak trio sounds exciting, but they won't be at BYU for years. I see huge guys at Gonzaga and St Mary's. Our guys look too light and can't bang. Seems like Coach needs to find some beef who can hoop right away.

Oh wait, those guys are 1 and done and they don't come to a place like BYU.

So how to get some good Catholic kids in Provo instead of all those little Catholic Schools?

Orem, UT

There is no leadership on the floor. None of the players have stepped up to earn the respect of the team and don the cap of leader, take charge man, Mr. Dependable. If someone would step up and play with half the heart of some of our competition in the WCC, we would have a very good team. But they play like a bunch of gym rats who are not a team.

Hope to see some improvement there...Coaches? That's also part of YOUR job.

Mesa, AZ

Complaining about the officiating is just goofy. Face it fellow BYU fans...this team is just mediocre. That's OK....we've had a great run and we'll have another one in a few years when the Lone Peak boys return from their missions. In the mean time, follow Duke and enjoy the "one that got away"!

Billy Budd
Saint George, UT

"...Mika is better than Davies right now...".
"...Mika already play above teh rim better than Davies...".

Mika and Brandon KNOW that Brandon would destroy Mika.
Mika is a teenager who has spent one year beating-on other teenagers.

Blaine, WA

Wow! After reading these comments it is clear why they call it "Happy Valley."

Alliteration aside, this team has amazingly poor basketball fundamentals and as the season has progressed, the team has not.

One does have to question the ability of the coaching staff when the mistakes that were being made at the beginning of the season are still being made in game 24.

I would think any post-season tournament would be a waste of time as this team would be "One and done."

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Coach Rose is a great person and a great coach. We are lucky to have him. He's not happy with this season, but let us not give up yet.

Beaver Native
Garland, UT

BYU fans should be happy. Most schools would be happy to have BYU's record this year.

Syracuse, UT

Carlino is not a point guard. He should be a shooting guard. That's my opinion. He just doesn't get it. Davies is a decent player but not great. If you counted his bad shots namely falling down with three guys on him as turnovers, his turnover ratio would be amazingly high. Haws is a good player but teams maul him to the point of ridiculous. The rest of the team is disappointing. Rogers and Collinsworth would have helped a lot but you still need a solid point guard which we don't have. I can't see next year being much better. The future looks bright if these kids are at the Y at the same time. If the two big freshman go on missions after next year then what. I'll still have season tickets and cheer them on. I think they give a solid effort each night. They just aren't good enough athletes. By the way San Francisco and San Diego aren't bad teams. They nearly beat Gonzaga.

Orem, Utah

Kinda hard to complain about playing in the lowly WCC when you can't beat their bottom feeders, eh?

At least one of the WCC teams is highly ranked nationally, not that it helps the rest of the teams' status in the eyes of the nation. It should, but doesn't.

This year looks to be a dud, sans sudden heroism in the remaining games. But the years to come look brighter.

Love to see the Cougars play spoiler the rest of the way.


Most schools could only hope for a down year that is so good. Agree with the assessment of Davies, he is not a pro prospect. As much as I am hoping for an upset tournament championship I am also preparing myself for not hitting 20 wins. We could lose at LM and in the first round of the tourney.

Cinci Man

I didn't like the article at all. It talks about how so many teams don't make the Big Dance perennially. But the fact is, that THIS team had all the talent and ability to make it and simply underperformed. That's a far cry from having a rebuilding year. This team should have made it and had all the components it needed to be there. They just have not improved as the season progressed. They got worse. Perhaps they did not bring heart and hard work to practices. Perhaps the practices were not as focused as they should have been. Perhaps the game plan needs tweaking. Perhaps Dave Rose needs to improve his motivational skills. Perhaps free throw practice is needed. Perhaps the author of this article should spend ink on what happened. The fans are frustrated, and rightly so. It's not just because "they cannot be expected to make it every year". They should have made it to the Big Dance and didn't. Why not?

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