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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 13 2013 9:40 a.m. MST

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Plano, TX

Pondering... platitudinal or perspicacious ?

Gilbert, AZ

Thanks Ryan for that realistic assessment of the current state and future prospects for the BYU basketball program. Sometimes we fans get spoiled expecting trips to the Big Dance to come like clockwork. Losing Rogers, Collinsworth, and Harrison, along with Hartsock and Abouo, left a big hole in this team that was only partially filled by the return of Haws.

A year in the NIT will BYU fans appreciate more what an accomplishment it really is to win 25 games and play in the NCAA tournament.

The future looks bright for BYU basketball.

Walla Walla, WA

Wicked waste of time.


It is one thing to lose to Gonzaga or St. Mary's, but San Fransisco and USD? Those are embarrassing losses. Remember when BYU joined the WCC and all the talk was how BYU was going to dominate a conference that plays in high school gyms? I didn't even know about University of San Fransico until the WCC and I lived in the Bay Area for two years. It is not time to jump ship or fire Rose, but this season has been an embarrassment. I expected more from Davies his Senior year.

IRS Agent

Intelligent insight simultaneously soured with pathetic prowse. Wow, this is fun. We could do this all day.

Roy, UT

Bad basketball bodes bodacious brooding for this fan, even bad attempts at alliteration. Why give up now? This team has heart, these boys can bounce back brilliantly (hey there's one), don't forget how much improved Carlino is and don't count him or the others out for defeating Gonzaga, and St. Mary's, or for winning the WCC tourney...come on fans, we just gotta believe!
Positive energy to ya Cougs...I'll be watching.

Window Rock, AZ

We need some alliteration at the free throw line. More practice during your free time (more sacrifice on the players) and perfect the free throws. Just like the three point field goal in football can make a differnce in a football can make a big difference.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

This season was ruined by poor officiating. Anyone who watched the games could see how our guys were consistently being mugged with no foul calls whatsoever.

West Columbia, TX

BYU's season was over long before the season started. It was over when SR was no longer able to play. It is funny yet tragic how one swing player is the whole difference. His presences meant 20 points a game more for the team in total. You score better, you play defense better. Could have been a great season, but unfortunately it was over before it began.


St Louis, MO

This pretty much echoes what I've thought all along. It's a pretty good team, but nothing more. Who is seriously calling for Rose to resign?? That's mind-boggling. If they continue on downward trajectory, then in a couple of years I could see that. But one merely so-so year among a bunch of very good years is hardly a failing.

As for this team, the reality is this: (1) Davies just isn't that good. He really never got better after his sophomore year, increased stats notwithstanding. (2) Carlino is a Jekyll-and-Hyde guy, but I'm encouraged that he's slowly becoming more Jekyll. The jury's still out, but I still think he's an overall plus. (3) Any team that frequently starts the likes of Brock Zylstra at the 3 spot isn't going anywhere. And, (4): Tyler Haws is a stud, but he's not the all-world guy we saw at times early in the season. Expectations were too high after those games. He's merely "all-conference" quality, not "all-American."

Lindon, UT

I agree with DRay. Go Cougars. Win out the season!

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

One of the biggest differences between this year and those of the past is the Cougar's frequent frustrating failure from the free throw line. It must be fixed, soon. Any calls for Rose's head should be ignored by all as it is nothing more than the vocal minority that really doesn't believe what it is saying. The team is young and has a lot of talent coming along. BYU is in a great position and will be just fine moving forward. I'll get frustrated if this happens two or three years in a row, which I certainly do not expect. True Blue.

Frisco, TX

San Franciso and San Diego were the only unexpected loses. We should have beat St Mary's but luck was not on our side. The loss to San Franciso at home with a double digit lead is the only one that makes me cringe.

I can't believe someone would even think that Rose isn't the guy for the program. He will end up as the winningest coach in BYU history. If he leaves, we could also lose several of our key recruits.

The problem is balance this year. Everyone has figured out that if you double team Davies and Haws and put someone on Carlino you shut down the offense. We need a shooting guard who can shoot. Zylstra is so inconsistent, I can't even call him streaky. He has one good game every 5 or 6 outings. Next year, I'm hoping we'll see Collinsworth at the 3, and Haws at the SG position. Even this year, I'd still like to see Ambrosino at the 3 and Haws at the 2. And Austin needs to figure out how to bang around with the bigs. At 6 11, we don't need his 17 foot fade away. Take it to the hoop!

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

good article. USF also beat St. John's this year by double digits and st. John's is a bubble team. San Diego lost by one or two possessions to Gonzaga which is a top-10 team. If Rogers and Chris Collinsworth were healthy BYU would be easily on the other side of the bubble. Its slightly disappointing to be in the WCC after the MWC has done so well this year but BYU should try to make the best of it and work on upgrading the non-conference schedule.

Omaha, NE

I noticed the story stayed away from how many wins BYU has in the NCAA tournament for all those appearances. If just being one of the 64, now 66 teams that get a bracket spot is success then cougar fans are happy.

Mcallen, TX

I wouldn't call this a disappointing season.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Unfortunately, next year's team is unlikely to do much either. The Lone Peak center will NOT be more effective than Davies. The Cougars lack an inside presence and get pushed around by bigger OR more athletic teams on the boards.

Haws and COllinsworth should be solid. Hopefully, Carlino and Winder will improve. Otherwise, I see BYU being vulnerable once again inside. Pope has not done much to develop BYU's bigs. Rose has not effectively installed a defense that can guard the three-point line.

Was I disappointed with this year's team? Dang straight! Was I surprised? Not at all.

Rose made poor decisions about Delgado, Augustino, and Harrison this year. Hopefully, he will find some "bigs" that can plug some holes next year.

Phoenix, AZ

Who's calling for coach Rose's resignation? That's just dumb. If He had losing seasons 2-3 years in a row, then maybe, but he's doing great. Keep it up Coach Rose, don't listen to the haters!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Mildred is right. Horrible ref calls ruined it.

Omaha, NE

Are you kidding me....someone calling for Coach Rose's termination? Really, if so send him up to the U as a co-coach...we are good at creating such roles :) Coach Rose is awesome!!

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