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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 12 2013 7:00 p.m. MST

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Mighty Mouse
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Involved in an alleged bribery scandal?" Seriously Deseret News? Is that your standard of jouranlistic ethics that you print allegations based solely on the self-serving declaration of a man who is indicted as perhaps the greatest fraudster in Utah history? I think Utahns need to take a deep breath and consider that nothing new has come out about this "alleged scandal" since the story broke but nonetheless the media keeps recycling the same stale information under a new headline as if it were a recent development. And, as far as other Utah politicians picking up stones to throw at Swallow, is the Legislature ready to live by the same set of rules they like to apply to everyone else? Now that would be a story.

Salt Lake City, UT

If our legislators wanted to know about this before the election, they should read City Weekly. They did an investigative report about Swallow. Too bad the Deseret News doesn't read City Weekly.

Roberts, ID

Swallow was Shurtleff's hand picked successor and it is apparent that he was aware of Swallows questionable judgement. There are many opportunities for elected politicians to profit from their position and it takes a person of character to resist. We see it in Washington, we see it in Utah, in the state and local government, both elected and appointed, both Democrat and Republican. It is very important for the voters to educate themselves before casting their ballot.

Centerville, UT

It seems like Republican leadership is trying to distance themselves and make sure they appear clean from this type of scandal.


The real race for attorney general took place in June during the Republican primary. Sean Reyes was brilliant, and I was surprised that he didn't win. When he lost it gave me the same feeling as when Obama won the presidency--a pit in the stomach and wonder at the electorate and how they don't do their research.

Salt Lake City, UT

"a man who is indicted as perhaps the greatest fraudster in Utah history? "

Haha, Mighty Mouse, that's funny. The greatest fraudster in Utah history? Not even close. No, Utah is well known for its fraudsters. Haha, too funny.

South jordan, UT

Tell me, how are these things fair, or just:
How is it just that he should irreparably be held in public contempt without chance to clear his name?
How is it just that we demand he step down on basis of charges, alone, and before there has been any finding of guilt?
How is it just that voters went to the polls while this was under wraps? Don't they deserve to know, before they vote? Isn't that, too, justice? If Shurtleff had given this to the FBI, it should have been public. That, too, falls under the Bill of Rights, where it suggests not only a quick trial, but a public one.
How is it fair for an attorney general to have to conduct his office under such a cloud of guilt? Or, how is it fair to the people who bring cases to the attorney general? How is it just and fair that the people have an attorney general who some say cannot perform the functions of his office, so great the cloud upon his office?

Salt Lake , UT

Why should Swallow leave the office of AG based on the claims of a crooked business man that he adamantly denies? Johnsoon cries "he said I could" basically, and people think John Swallow should have lost his career over it. The political climate in Utah and in the US for that matter is often very disturbing, but that doesn't make Swallow guilty. He should not have lost a chance at his career before the election and shouldn't lose it now as AG based on claims made by a not-so-trustworthy character. Swallow has a right to due process just like every other American.

Salt Lake , UT

The move to remove Swallow from office as a result of the claims of a not-so-trustworthy business man are nothing more than political posturing. Johnson's accusation simply gave the dems something to run with. Maybe we should remember that John Swallow is not just the Republican Attorney General, but a human being with everything at stake, who happens to adamantly claim he is innocent of any wrong doing. He deserves due process like any other American. What kind of country is this if every time someone is accused of something they are automatically guilty? I don't see what is so wrong with allowing the judicial system to do their jobs and find the truth. Then we can make our recommendations and pass our judgments.

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