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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 12 2013 10:45 a.m. MST

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LP suppporter
Lehi, Utah

Re: Vikings Dad, I meant that they have lost twice to out of state teams the past two years, you are correct it that supposition. LP lost last year in the finals in the Beachball Classic to Milton Ga and then this year to Monteverde in Fl, I also did not intend to slight any other early signees such as Nixon from Orem. I was focused more on this year's recruits. Nixon will be a great addition with his style of play and his ability to get up and down the floor. BYU has built a solid progam. Coach Rose has develpoed a great style for players to want and to come to play. I believe that in the future you will hear a great deal from these next two classes of recruits.

Highland, UT


Your screen name says all that needs to be said about your obsession and your hypocrisy.

Nothing better than a utah "fan" that likes to dish it but can't take it. Lotsa fun to mock.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ Rationalplease

Thanks Man! Both teams are certainly struggling. BYU needs to win out, or go to the WCC championship to have a chance at a NCAA berth. An NIT berth isn't the worst thing in the world, at least it's post season.

@ Duck Hunter (aka Chis B, BYU version)

Do you actually ever comment on the subject line, or merely come on here to pick a fight and be-little others? It appears tha latter of the two suits you to a Tee!

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

First, everyone is giving this Chris B. character too much credit. If everyone starts ignoring his anti-BYU/anti-Mormon comments, he'll eventually go away. Second, I'm glad Cougar basketball's future recruits look promising because this season is too painful to watch. I haven't disliked watching Cougar basketball since Roger Reid's day when he ran this slow tempo half court style of play. It was so painful to watch, even when they were winning.

Provo, , UT

Cougar Blue

There was a post by Chris B however, it seems to have vanished...

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ Striker

"...that always consistently plays in and WINS in the NCAA tournament....a feat most schools can only dream of (including all those in Utah)."

Either a short memory or a very young fan. Guess who has the record for the most number of NCAA appearances with never having played in the final four (Y). Guess who's winning percentage in NCAA appearances is in the 30%s (Y). Historically the Y and the U's basketball success are rather similar (not necessarily at the same time). The major difference between the two is post season play. Utah's overall winning percentage is in the 50% - which is remarkable when you remember that 50% of the tournament teams have a 0-1 record; 25% of the teams have a 50% record; and only 25% of the teams have better than a 50% record (this is for any one year's tournament). So to have a history of over 50% means you have averaraged being in the top 25% teams!.


From another Utah fan, congrats to BYU on their incoming recruits. Credit where it's due- that group should be fun to watch.

As far as the Chris B / Duckhunter comments, I'll let everyone in on a secret. They are the same person. He sits in a padded cell and rocks back and forth as he types.

Ogden, UT

Nice comment nosa.......

You never really know how good a team will be just from recruiting, the future does look bright with all these future Cougars.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

So glad to hear that Jakob Hartsock is having a strong high school senior year. Good for him. If I recall correctly, the kid already has his mission call? He'll be a strong contributor to the Cougs .... in 3 years.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Yep, you nailed it; spot on! Two peas in a pod or ducks in a barrel!

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