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Landlord was evicting 2 from what police called a 'known narcotics house'

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 12 2013 9:25 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

" Tougher laws will only make it harder for honest people to attain hunting rifles and handguns. Criminals will always have their "source" to attain their weapon of choice. That is the real truth. I'm glad it has been shared."

You are glad you shared it? I'm glad you are glad with yourself.

Tougher laws make it harder for honest people to attain handguns and rifles? And you think there is a "real truth" here? Whatever.

If having to take the few minutes it takes to run a background check is the burden a person has to endure, I think society can live with that.

My gosh you gun people are a pampered lot. "It's too hard to wait five minutes before I get my gun, whah. I want my gun right now!" Stamping of little feet. "Everybody is going to take all my guns, whah! I'm not going to be able to play, whah!"

And you guys actually think you are what stands between freedom and tyranny. Pathetic.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Back-ground checks. This guy had a rap sheet on him a mile long. He never should have be able to get his hands on a weapon.

Open Mind:

Of course, once every transfer requires a background check, THAT will prevent all criminals from getting a gun. They'd NEVER steal one, or six, without submitting a transfer approval request.


LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

If what the pro-gun people say is true,
That criminals don't buy guns anyway - they only steal them, then;

1. Since the guns just get stolen anyway, then the gun didn't do what it was intended to do in the first place, stop thieves and protect the owner.

2. Banning certain types of guns, just means there is LESS of them to be stolen.

BTW - for the last time...
I'm not Anti-Gun.
I have them myself.

But BE responsible.
Keep them in a secure gun-SAFE.

That way,
We can have them.
Those mentally ill can't shoot us and take them,
and criminals can't STEAL them.

Is any of this sinking into those think-stubborn-Never Compromising-conservative-heads yet?

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