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Landlord was evicting 2 from what police called a 'known narcotics house'

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 12 2013 9:25 a.m. MST

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not here

@ say no to bo:

If you did some research you would find out that New Orleans has a higher gun murder rate per capita than Chicago. But seeing's how you have this hate for the President because he's from Chicago i guess that why you keep bringing up that town. Oh and if you would please show us how just the law bideing is going to suffer you know post where we can see it in print. Oh and not of the NRA web site.

Salt Lake City, UT

Obviously, Quentin Tarantino / Video Games are to blame, right? Or are we done beating that dead horse?

Burlington, WY

@Open minded mormon

First of all, I am not "defending this." Weird. Who would defend this?

Second, the issue was drugs. Legalize them and many issues disappear.

Third, background checks are a great idea. However, bad guys get stuff - legally or illegally. He'll get a gun. A background check may stop the enraged person, but not the calculating one.

I am not defending them, nor enabling them. All I am saying is look at and deal with the root issues, like drugs, unemployment, abuse, etc. and many, not all, of the violence will disappear. We are too prone to respond knee-jerk fashion and with outrage when violence occurs without thinking a bit deeper about it.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Chris B
12:25 p.m. Feb. 12, 2013
Salt Lake City, UT

Are only barack's kids in danger? You're not answering the question?
Were the Sandy Hook children not in danger?



Perhaps it’s because you don't have
Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and Levin telling 40% of America 12 hours a day that;
you are not an American Citizen,
you are secretly part of the Muslim Brotherhood,
that you want to destroy America,
that you want to take away freedom of Religion and right to bear arms,
that you want to bury America in debt for generations to come,
that most of the people who listen to these lies about you hang on and believe every word coming out of that radio day after day.

And IF your house had actually been shot at, and daily having your family threatened like President Obama already has --
Perhaps I could support your need for armed security.

But Chris B - the reality is you live in Salt Lake City, Utah.
You are not in danger.
You are not being threatened.

Everything you are so afraid is imaginary.
So whynot use an imaginary gun to shoot imaginary bad guys?

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

It's true - you can turn just about anything into a weapon and kill someone with it.

But it's a lot easier if that "anything" is a gun.

Some things are just too easy to kill with. There's a reason it's not legal to own a rocket launcher. Or an F-16. Or a nuclear warhead.

Time to add all automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines to that list.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Did you know that the "good" guys have and use guns for the same reason the "bad" guys do?

1. To protect themselves,
2. To protect their property,
3. To threaten their enemies,
4. They don't feel like they can depend on the Police.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

@not here
Say what?

Orem, UT

"If we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns." I am getting a bit tired of hearing that argument when the facts clearly show that a nation's gun policy directly influences the rate of gun-related deaths.

For example, a quick look at gunpolicy DOT org shows that gun related deaths per capita are 10 times higher in the U.S. than Australia. Gun related deaths per capita are 40 times higher in the U.S. than the U.K.

Those statistics mean either one of two things. (1) The citizens of the United States are inherently more evil and/or careless with guns than other civilized countries. (2) U.S. gun policy plays a major role. You decide.

Mount Pleasant, UT

The President is no different than anyone else. We love and value our families and should be able to have protection for them as the Second Amendment states. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander in this case. Remember: it's not the gun that is dangerous - it is the holder of that gun that is the problem. There are more responsible Americans than there are irresponsible Americans.

Salt Lake City, UT

"If we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns."

Outlaw? You did a really poor job of spelling "require background checks on all purchases of".

Cache county, USA

Your say, folks in china lived from knife attacks.
You say everyone dies from gun attacks.
You didn't say, how to stop any attacks.

Orem, UT

If your point is that the U.S. needs a stricter gun policy, I think we are in agreement. If your point is something else, please elaborate.

salt lake city, UT

Bad guys will always have guns and so will the good guys. I call those people Cops.

far north
Providence, UT

If we're going to round up the guns so that a knife is the most threatening weapon available, we'd better do a very good job of making sure that all the guns are gathered except for those few registered to the police. Short of that, we risk stripping citizen defenders of law and order and empowering those with criminal or homicidal intent. Does anyone believe that we can gather up all the guns from bad guys (never mind the second amendment)? We would have to shut down our borders completely and isolate ourselves (Australia has no neighbors) because otherwise smuggling cartels will make sure criminals have guns. Does anyone think by stripping the citizenry of automatic weapons will strip the criminals, or those willing to deal with the black market, of automatic weapons? Wouldn't it just make criminals with automatics less timid of anyone except the police? Americans have never assumed that our safety should be left completely to the police (who can't be everywhere bad guy and his guns arrive as he did at the mall). Where's safety? If only we were all peace-loving and moral. But...

DN Subscriber 2

The suspect has multiple felony convictions, and existing background checks would stop him.

However, criminals get their guns from illegal sources- the steal them, trade drugs for them, get "straw purchasers" with clean records to buy them (a felony itself) or they get a fake ID and pass the background check under the fake name.

Background checks do not disarm criminals, and are worthless.

Heber, Utah

Do some of you actually believe that a criminal would actually try to get a gun at Cabelas? Or, for that matter, from a gun show? Gun shows aren't known for being all that cheap. No, gang members, which I'm sure this guy was, steal them from a variety of places, usually other gangs or during robberies. You can bark up the background check tree all day long and it will not stop this type of crime at all. Sure, there have been gun sales stopped at stores because of BC's, but, I'll bet you that 100% of these people have found a gun some way (if they wanted it bad enough).

I think what I'm seeing here is it's more convenient to sensationalize a few shootings and use scare tactics to get some new laws passed. However, what good do new laws do, if you can't even enforce old laws? Criminals have guns right now, no new law will stop that. All stricter laws will do is make it tougher for 99% of people who use guns properly to get a gun. Sorry, the truth needed to be told.

Ivins, UT

Liberals do not understand the crime culture who abuse others with guns. this is where the probem is. Assault weopens are not weopens at all, they are in fact people who are criminal minded and who are running loose on our streets commiting crimes. Sometimes they use guns as weopens against others. the justice system fails to incarcerate and adaquately punish them for using weopens in commiting crimes. Why can't liberals get this straight.

Most of us (99.5 % of people who use guns even the military type for hunting, target, and home defense do not own assault weopens because we do not assault people. Get your terminology and thinking straight folks and go after the criminals and get off of the backs of the 99.5% of us who obey the laws.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Heber, Utah
Do some of you actually believe that a criminal would actually try to get a gun at Cabelas?

1:29 a.m. Feb. 13, 2013


If the buying of selling guns is a GOOD thing,
Could you please explain why the newspapers parent company [the LDS Church] has taken down the classified sections of all it's news outlets barring the buying and selling of guns?

Sorry, the truth needed to be told.

midvale guy

Everyone is so quick to blame guns for this crime. This guy was serving 1 to 15 in 2007. I think he got out too soon! He is a convicted felon and cannot legally possess a firearm yet everyone looks to gun control for the answer. This is a perfect example proving that when guns are outlawed only criminals will have guns. This person has no regard for human life, is involved in a drug lifestyle and has no problem obtaining illegal weapons. For him, all weapons are illegal but it makes no difference. He was in custody five years ago and many times after that for other crimes. Maybe the court and penal system should be empowered to do their jobs. This guy should've never been on the street.

Park City, UT

LDS liberal- I don't understand your comment to Yankees27. Are you saying that honest, well minded people who want to buy or sell a gun is wrong? I've both bought and sold many guns. Yes, some on KSL. I don't agree with them taking down their gun section, but it's their right to do so. It's tragic that a few bad apples ruin a great service for the rest of us. Like Yankee said about gun shows, even on KSL guns are more expensive than the criminal type will pay. Criminals steal! or they pay pennies on the dollar for things that have been stolen. I agree with his/her comment about the strict laws. The honest man, can't get rocket launchers, grenades, fully automatic weapons, etc.,(we don't need them anyway) but guess who can? Criminals! Tougher laws will only make it harder for honest people to attain hunting rifles and handguns. Criminals will always have their "source" to attain their weapon of choice. That is the real truth. I'm glad it has been shared.

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