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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 12 2013 5:00 a.m. MST

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Somewhere in Time, UT

Some people here need to lighten up! Honestly!

St. George, UT

@ Emajor,

thats a bishop for ya!!

Litchfield Park, AZ

To begin, I'm only 17, so my view of the world is a little limited. But I HAVE had the pleasure to be in the same ward as these wonderful boys, their fathers (one is my Priest Quorum advisor), and Bro. Wiggins, who is one of the smartest, most fun, and most humble members of the church I have ever met. He is wonderful at reaching out to young men in the throes of teenage angst feel involved at youth activities. As I read the comments of some people casting blame on Bro. Wiggins for his "pride" and "worldliness", I remembered the stories I have heard since I was a five-year-old myself. I remembered the stories where Christ commented about "casting the first stone" and "the beam in your own eye." Even more important, there was absolutely nothing wrong with what he did, as the article clearly shows the boys' eagerness. I am also the home teacher of Cougar, and as he excitedly showed my dad and me this video, I was impressed by the feeling of wholesomeness about it all.

Litchfield Park, AZ

Sorry, this is continued from the above comment. I'm a wee bit verbose!
At the tender age of five, all of these boys are already "stalwart" in the gospel, and telling their older sisters they are beautiful is not only completely righteous, but extremely touching. I would ask any that feel this is "worldly" to please use the same filter with their own comments, as it seems that some could be considered a self-proclamation of their own steadfastness - an unfortunate outcome that was most likely completely unintended, but could be misconstrued by others via the Internet.

Belinda, Melbourne Australia
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

People need to lighten up - it's a bit of fun and made me smile. These kids are being kids. My kids used to sing along in the car to their favourite pop songs. Heck, I still do it myself now. So what if Dad chose to share it on Facebook with the world. I don't think their Dad is looking at them as the next big thing. It was a bit of fun. How come having fun is considered weird, lame or even evil.

C'mon people lighten up and enjoy it. I think they are pretty darn cute!

Riverton, Utah

Soooo cute! My kindergartener's song is "I love you, like a love song, baby" and I can't get her to stop singing it! Way to have fun and turn it into a teaching moment, and your own little Mormon Message.

The Church embraces technology and is using to expose people to the gospel. I love all the Mormon Messages that are being used in all aspects of teaching in church today. All you judgemental commenters need to get with the times like the Church is.

Florissant, MO

I didn't like it, nothing to do with age, just didn't like it.

Rigby, ID

I didn't mean to come off as "judgemental", although admittedly, I have read my comment again, and I can see that is exactly how I sounded, and I feel I need to apoligize. I don't know these parents, and it sounds like they are wonderful people. That being said....my concern is that this band that the boys are lip syncing to, has since put out a song that is not appropriate for any LDS youth to listen to, the song is very immoral and beyond suggestive, and NOT respectful of girls. By making this video and putting it on youtube, seeds have been planted, I am sure these little guys are loving the attention that this brings, and that is my concern. A Bishop mentioned earlier that Mormons are considered "prudish", well....I think of it more a "peculiar", and we are, and we should be. The world is falling further and further away from God and His teachings, and if we are to be faithful and valient, we are going to have to be "different" than the world. Someone mentioned Donny and Marie Osmond....they actually sang, and their music was age appropriate.


CougMan: My husband is a bishop. We do amazingly fun things with our children (Like watching UTE games!) A lot of the ladies in my ward would not say that I am dignified enough to be a bishop's wife because I am not serious enough. So I definitely know how to let my hair down. However, let's not make this video out to be something it's not. It's a fun have a good time together video It is not about teaching these boys a spiritual lesson. It was about "look at me". We take funny photos and videos of our kids, but feel no need to get praise and accolades from the world. We enjoy them with extended family and friends. It's great to have good clean fun I agree.I don't want my kids to think the gospel is about sound bytes and popular music with no substance behind it, but about giving Christ-like service and loving others without making sure everyone can see it and pat them on the back. Have them do an awesome Mormon Message about what the gospel means to them.


News Flash. Five year olds can lip sync.

G L W8

I haven't seen the video, but I have no quarrel with parents teaching boys to respects girls and women. The only thing I wonder--how long before copyright issues come up--particularly if they're using a copyrighted product to produce things to sell to finance a mission? They may find themselves shortly in the need of a lawyer.

New York, NY


Mald, ID

I thought you boys were wonderful!! I am glad your families shared your fun with the world. Gave me ideas... and I KNOW that children love the fun and attention. Lord know we can use the possitive reinforcements. Unfortunately the world is filled with negative people, you just have to learn to ignore them, because they don't go away, infact- they just get louder when you point out thier negativity, so just ignore them, you were Fabulous, thank you parents for the post!! I look forward to my son doing something this fun in a few years. KUDOS!!!!

Smithfield, UT

I thought it was great! Some people need to watch their glass houses and not be so judgmental.....

UK, 00

There are many other ways in which to teach your children to respect girls without having to encourage them to become part of the pop culture and have them pretend that they are miniature pop idols.

Nashville, TN

I am seriously baffled by the negative comments in here. With so many parents sticking their kids in front of a TV or some form of electronic device to entertain their kids, we are seeing a drop in social skills. Here we have a wonderful example of young kids having fun, being supported by their parent(s) and creating a life long memory. I cant believe someone said that this was "all about fame" or "for their parents, not the kids." Did you read the article at all?! Weren't the boys constantly reminding Bro Wiggins about the video? They werent forced into this with some adult agenda. My goodness. I applaud Bro Wiggins and encouraging these kids to socialize, have fun, make "music" and strengthen the bond between these kids. I hope I can be as good of a father to my young kids as Bro Wiggins is to his children.

Dawn C
Phoenix, AZ

Wow! I am totally blown away by some of the rude, self-righteous, and judgmental comments written here by people who have no idea of who Blaine Wiggins is or how he lives the gospel or that he teaches his children. If every member of the church lived their lives the way he does, it would be a much better world. If you can't enjoy some innocent fun, then don't watch this or any of his other fun videos. He didn't solicit this interview, Deseret News went to him. Thank goodness our Heavenly Father is the ONLY one who will be doing the final judging.

Bakersfield, CA

Awesome, adorable, beautiful little creations from God. Go boys!! And your sistas are precious, too!!

Tucson, AZ

So many people are being so judgmental over an innocent thing where some families are having some good fun. In my opinion, what is worse than your perceived "weirdness" or the sentiments of those like @Grandebbie are your haughty attitudes, elevating yourselves above those parents and determining what is right and what is wrong for them to teach their children, in what way to teach them, and what is a right or wrong activity in which to participate. They were just having fun. Like you should. Get off of your judgement seat and just have some fun! Only on the internet these days is where people can take a simple, fun news story and get all bent out of shape.

Tucson, AZ

I must comment on an apology given in a previous post. The apology came with a "I apologize, BUT..." clause. The clause stated that the group that the boys lip-synced to has another song that is allegedly not LDS standards-appropriate and that "seeds have been planted." The apology for being judgmental was negated by once again being judgmental. She is now being judgmental on what music that these parents allow their boys to listen to and how they parent. I have chosen to listen to music/watch media that lives up to what I feel is appropriate. If we were to eliminate music by anyone who did a song that we thought was inappropriate, that would eliminate probably most artists today. I choose to recognize the good things people do. True, there might be a point in which I say,"no more" to that artist. A movie example: Anne Hathaway was in "Brokeback Mountain" and as I understand it, did a scene very much not in my standards. However, I watched "Les Miserable" and was inspired by her breath-taking performance. I'm glad I watched it. Unfortunately, LDS members on occasion are the most judgmental people.

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