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Published: Monday, Feb. 11 2013 3:45 p.m. MST

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#1 SLC Sports Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Perhaps BYU should consider contracting theri enrollment ceiling, since all BYU does is take away from in-state schools like Utah State University. I think this missionary age change policy and its fallout would be a perfect time to do this.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Just to be clear, BYU does not just recruit from Utah.

Plano, TX

Regarding comments about BYU taking students away from other in-state schools... be glad that the LDS Church is subsidizing the education of the 34% of it's students who hail from Utah. That's a tremendous amount of operating expense the taxpayers are relieved of. And that's right, 66% of the students at BYU are bringing money in from out of state, by far the highest revenue importing school in the state. U of U for instance is something like 82% utah residents per it's own wiki.

Provo, UT

That's my sister with the glasses in the center of the photo! Yay Sister Jenson! Woot Woot! Raise the roof!

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Of course, it would be possible to downsize the operations at state schools. Lay off those TAs teaching 100 and 200 series classes. Turn off the lights is a few classrooms.
But that is anathema to government in all its forms. We must get and spend the growing budget or perhaps (gasp!) we won't get as much next year.

Petersaurach, Germany

Yeah, maybe they could admit fewer students and then pay attention to the ones who attend instead of throwing them in 500 people per class auditoriums and letting them drown.


@ #1 SLC Sports Fan

ACT Scores for Utah Colleges (mid 50%)

Composite English Math
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
Brigham Young University 26 30 26 32 25 31
University of Utah 21 27 21 28 20 27
Utah State Universtiy 20 27 20 28 19 26

According to these stats, BYU does NOT compete for the same caliber of student attracted to Utah State or the University of Utah. Go Cougars!



According to those stats I would have been doing myself a disservice to enroll in BYU. I should have gone to a higher caliber school with stronger standards!


@L Valfre

Good for you! Why don't you build an LDS University with the standards required for those like you that are better than everyone else? It sounds like you're probably smart enough and humble enough to do so. The point is that different schools are, just that, different. Different schools for different folks - if someone chooses one over the other for their own personal reasons/needs/desires, great! As for me and my house, I chose BYU and Purdue for grad school, but my children may want to go to the school you build ... if it meets their reasons/needs/desires, of course. :)


Admittedly, BYU is not an Ivy League school (see below). However, L Valfre may soon be building an Ivy League school that requires a stricter Honor Code than BYU does. Let's hope the sports programs there require Olympic-level athletes, too! Wow, I can't wait to visit that campus - I imagine it would be better than any superhero movie I've ever seen!

ACT Scores
Composite English Math
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
Brown 29 33 28 34 30 34
Columbia 31 34 30 35 31 35
Cornell 29 33 - - - -
Dartmouth 30 34 - - - -
Harvard 31 35 32 35 31 35
Princeton 31 34 32 35 31 35
U Penn 30 34 30 35 29 34
Yale 32 35 - - - -

Cache county, USA

Utah state may not compete on act scores.
But, they do have a better choice of hot chicks by far.
And, we own the businesses that u of u students work for.
We are just more advanced in better ways.

Tracy, CA

BYU would NOT have a shortage of enrollment, if they would lower their tuition costs, so more people could afford it. Everything LDS people do costs more than the average person pays. Missions, tithing, large families, colleges, food storage, all adds up.

Plano, TX


BYU is very inexpensive - why you have the impression it is too expensive isn't based in actual numbers. It has no real shortage of students, other than what the new age policy on missions will create (for 2 years, until it normalizes).

The U of U quoted in-state tuition + fees is $7200 /yr
The BYU quoted tuition is about $4700 / yr

BYU only admits about 55% of those who apply, and about 80% of those admitted actually enroll. They have NO issue finding students. I have friends in Texas who sent their 2 kids to BYU as non-LDS because it was less expensive than sending them to University of Texas ($10,000) as in-state students there (non-LDS tuition is double LDS).

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