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Published: Sunday, Feb. 10 2013 4:40 p.m. MST

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So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Aside from inconsistency, the biggest issue this team has is the absolutely late of leadership on this team. Davies, the designated Senior "captain", is far from it. Haws is getting pounded on and strating to break just a little bit and we have gotta be one of the softest teams. We're no where near tough enough in the paint. We could pushed around and mandhandled every game.

Mission Viejo, CA

This team is very young and too small. After the preseason road swings to Baylor and Iowa State, it was obvious to me that this team would not be very good. Sharp is a player and will get better. Haws is still a little mission soft and has no help. Carlino is still too wild and crazy. We have a bunch of tweeners. Davies and Winder are not playing as well as I expected. The JUCO guys are non-factors. This team can't defend the perimeter, unlike last year. A little too small? A little too slow? I don't know, but Rose does.

Ute trolls criticize BYU for not being able to win in the WCC high school gyms. Well, most PAC12 would lose to Gonzaga and St Marys. Look at the old Big East - lots of Catholic schools playing in high school gyms. The NCAA tournament is littered with teams from small schools with small gyms. Butler? Davidson? Loyola of Chicago? List goes on.

I think that the WCC is tougher than the MWC, so I don't buy the nonsense that the WCC is a weak conference. It is not.

Carthage, MO

Stop whining Coug fans. It's an off year for us. That happens. There's more games to play this year & I hope the team can get its confidence back for the remaining schedule. This week's rest should help. Go Cougs!!

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Re: thebigsamoan-- First of all, your screen name really scares me, so I'll tread softely! :o) "If you folks think you can do a better job, then please apply." We readers and fans are doing precisely what these reader comments venues are for: to voice our opinions, frustrations, etc. As long as we're civil with each other, I think all's good. I don't see anything wrong for venting our frustrations in writing. I'm one of those who couldn't hit the broad-side of a barn with a basketball, but I'm still a sports fan. When I comment, I KNOW I cen't even come remotely close to the skill level of the coaches and players, but that still doesn't mean that I don't have the right to voice my disappointment.

Bountiful, UT

BYU needs to get tougher. The up-tempo style of play is fun to watch but they're getting killed in conference play when opposing teams turn up the heat and become purposefully more physical (and the officials allow it). Against USF the Y had zero (O) fast break points.

I remember an NBA finals back in '84 where the Showtime Lakers got mauled by the Celtics and lost the championship. They came back the next year very determined and they were ready for the Celtics physical play in the finals. They matched the Celts physical play and at times even out-toughed them and beat them in the Finals. They adapted to the new NBA and ended up going back to the finals several more times.

As long as opposing teams are going to see success with these tactics they will continue. BYU needs to learn to play in the half court and BYU big men have to get tougher. Rose has guys on the bench who have 5 fouls each to give and he should start sending in the Goon Squad. If opposing teams are going to use hockey tactics Rose needs to give a little back.

Orem, UT

If this is a bad year for BYU basketball I will take it. Can't have a great season every year. The future looks bright. GO COUGS!!!!!

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

I think the MWC has more talent than the WCC, but WCC teams are way more aggressive. The WCC plays street ball LA and Bay area style. Plus, the WCC teams are tired of hearing from everyone how difficult it is for teams to play in the MC. They've geared up to take down the paper mache Goliath. The Cougars are going to have to learn how to play street ball to keep up in the WCC, and perhaps look to Cali for recruits instead of the Wasatch Front and the mighty Lone Peak High School. The Cougs need some of the hood to compete.


"We need someone like Greg Kite to come in and work with the bigs and show them how to bang and not flop so much" - billybubba

I agree somewhat. Last year Hartsock collected 55 blocks in 34 games. This year, through 26 games, Kaufusi, Harward, Sharp, Davies, and Austin have combined for the same number (55). Hartsock was not a 'banger', but he found a way to be a presence inside. What Pope needs to do is to teach his players that taking a charge is too high of a risk. Instead, they need to time their jump to block/change shots and be more physical when rebounding. Doing so will take a lot of pressure off the perimeter defenders and could go a long way in helping BYU defend the 3-pt line (easier to stay with your man if you don't have to bail out your bigs on the glass or on the penetration).

Syracuse, UT

Take Doolin out of the game? He's a great point guard, something BYU lacks. You're not going to take a good point guard out of the game as you suggest. You put Doolin on BYU's team and we would suddenly be a very basketball team. You take Gonzaga, St. Mary's along with a couple of other teams and the point guard makes the difference. BYU is so concerned about pushing the ball up the floor and getting a shot off that you seldom see the shot clock get below 20 seconds. Forced shots by Carlino, Haws, and Davies are the same as turnovers. With Carlino as your point guard next year will be no better. Maybe Collinsworth can win that spot and move Carlino to a shooting guard. This team is not a very good basketball team. Hopefully we'll get better but I just don't see it in the near future.

Bloomington, IN

billybubba, you're spot on with your comment. We have talent in the post, but they're not playing the way they should. Get those guys going and it will take a ton of pressure off the guards, then they'll start scoring the way they're capable. This all starts with coaching; I love Coach Rose, but we need someone on the staff who can teach them how to play.

Salt Lake City, UT

As much as I hate to admit it, this BYU team should not have ANY post season, no NCAA, not even an NIT bid should come the Cougars way this year. In all fairness I think Dave Rose got blindsided by two career ending injuries that came after he was forced to release Demarcus Harrison form his scholarship to Clemson. If either Stephen Rodgers along with Chris Collinsworth were healthy with Harrison, I think the results would be substantially different with a deeper team.

But on another note BYU is playing in a league where they will NEVER fit in with their style of play & the size of arena as well as student-body and alumni base populations. Greg Wrubell can tout all he likes about the "religious affiliation' along with the BYU administration, but the fact of the matter is unless BYU can somehow be included in an expanded Big 12 (where they could do "work-arounds" on the Sunday play issue), BYU and the basketball program in particular would be better suited to move back to the MWC and please those LDS Church leaders who wish for BYU to be aligned with Utah State for the future.

New to Utah

BYU has a fun exciting team but virtually no defense in the SF second half is very worrisome. A team doesn't hit 9 of 10 threes without serious flaws in the defense. A complete 40 minute game is needed.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ BlueHusky

The OLD Big east. Currently those teams play in arenas that range from 8,500 to 33,000.

Butler's gym holds 10,000, same as Utah St.'s stadium. Hardly high school gym. In fact, pretty much all of the legitimate contenders play in respectable sized arenas.

Last I think you are incorrect to believe the WCC is better than the MWC. Conference ranking wise the MWC is 6th, the WCC is 10th. Top to bottom it's a tougher league, and it is much more difficult to play on the road. The WCC just doesn't have any gyms that compare to the T&M, the Pitt, Viejas Arena, and now the Spectrum. Oh, and we can't forget Wyoming.

Lincoln City, OR

Not a "KNOW IT ALL" bigsamoan, just another fan with an opinion... (Kinda like you)... But I believe one has to be deaf, dumb and blind not to realize that Cougar Sports have taken a definite dive in both competitiveness and popularity when we moved Olympic Sports to the WCC and took Football Independent... Football and Basketball have both been weaker than the year before since moving and that trend looks to continue...

The last 2 years our Home Games have been with less than exciting opponents (Idaho, Idaho State, S.J. State, New Mexico State, etc.)... No Conference Championships on the line... Probably should have closed the Season down after Halloween.

In BBall the MWC has gotten stronger and the Cougs have gotten worse since we left...

Recruiting has suffered in Football and without Lone Peak HS, the same would be true of Basketball...

It's nice to watch the games on TV, But exposure would be better if we were in a League with comparable size schools...

We can say that things are just great, but we all know that's not true. It needs to change and I don't think Holmoe or Samuelson can do it.


I have been saying it all year long... Haws is a fine young man and a good basketball player, but should never be scoring 20 ppg. He is a 10-12 point scorer on a good team. He lacks the size quickness and athletic ability to get easy shots. Everything he shoot is so difficult. the other problem is that he shoots the ball from his shoulder, just like his younger brother, T.J. He needs to rework his shot and get the ball up so that he can shoot over a defender. Davies is not a Prime time player. He is inconsistent, impatient and lack self-control to avoid untimely fouls, turnovers and poor decisions. Next year should be better with Carlino, Collinsworth and Winder playing the perimeter, they are good on ball defenders.

Reno, NV

The Big Cougar can't figure out why his little Cougars can't stop guards as "slow as molasses" and whines about the officiating incessantly(yawn). Check this out, the only guard who plays more out of control than Doolin is Carlino. As far as the officiating goes, dry your tears, blow your nose and suck it up... bad calls go both ways.

New to Utah

I disagree completely with BYU athletic director Holmoe. Independence in football is a losing proposition. This falls schedule is great but how many games are they going to win? I was excited about Cougar basketball but the terrible losses at San Diego and SF at the Marriott center were unacceptable.I'm one fan who would like to see BYU go back to the MWC. Maybe Holmoe has been athletic director too long.

Stockton, CA

Someone needs to teach our team basic anatomy, specifically the concept of the elbow; and the its judicious application.

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