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Published: Saturday, Feb. 9 2013 9:45 p.m. MST

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Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

NeilT - your comment that the "government should stay out of your business" is EXACTLY why we need governmental oversight.

As of right now, I will no longer do business with ANYONE based in Clearfield, Utah -- until I know that someone named "Neil T" is NOT associated with that business.

You, NeilT, have smeared everyone in your town.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

An Orem doughnut shop? Who bought the doughnuts, were they jelly? How much cash in the to go bag?

DN Subscriber 2

Twice earlier today I submitted comments defending John Swallow, (about 10:00 and 1:00) but neither was approved or denied, they just vanished into moderation limbo.

My comments refuting the liberal witch hunt against Swallow did not support the party line.

The Desert News sure seems to lean to the liberal left more every day with their advocacy journalism. And now, with their moderation policy for comments.

Which reaffirms my faith that John Swallow is innocent of any allegations of illegal or unethical acts.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

@ one old man
"We need look no further than their protection of Wall Street and crooked bankers."

You don't get it old man. It was corrupt government that bailed out and settled with corrupt corporations. The Constitution was circumvented, leaving the victims, homeowners and investors with no legal recourse for restitution. It was that very government that you seem to be enamored with that stops the wheels of justice rather than promotes it.

We don't need too much government or too little government. We need the right amount of righteous government and the Constitution is the very best gauge of what is the right amount. When corrupt government rules, I suppose we all lose.

CTJ fan
Salt Lake City, UT

If you've ever had dealings with a government entity like the IRS or FTC etc you know why people don't trust people that work in the government. There's absolutely no customer service and your guilty until you can prove yourself innocent. And the fact that they don't have to follow the same laws as every other business is very scary and wrong! Of course if it profits them then it doesn't matter. So many that work for our government are in it for what they get out of it not to help the American people, and the fact that there's so many people who want universal health care and more government involvement amazes me. I would rather work a situation out with an insurance company then the government and that's saying something. Bottom line we are not better off working with any government entity and somehow these agencies need to be cleaned up!

terra nova
Park City, UT

In the primary election, John Swallow's campaign made dark allegations about his challenger, Sean Reyes. Reyes was stunned. He protested by filing a defamation lawsuit. Swallow seemed amused at his challenger's consternation. Amused and mean. A grinning John Swallow airily dismissed the suit by saying, "desperate candidates do desperate things."

Now dark allegations are raised about Swallow. And he protests...

It is karma?


Karma is justice. It does not reward or punish. It shows no favoritism because we have to earn all that we receive. Karma doesn't predestine anyone or anything. We create our own causes, and karma adjusts the effects with perfect balance. -MARY T. BROWNE, The Power of Karma.

At this point it appears that the most graceful thing Mr. Swallow can do is step down so that the office of the Attorney General can get about the business of Utah's business - as both the Deseret News and the Herald Tribune have suggested. But he won't. Not as long as John Swallow is more concerned about John Swallow than public service to the people who elected him.

We should have seen that coming, well before we voted.


The influence pedaling is disturbing. I don't buy the line that "he is just a real trusting guy" and got duped by some nefarious people. He's 50 and he's the AG. He needs to have exceptional judgement, but from so many of the questionable events that have allegedly occurred, he appears to be highly political which seems to have affected his judgement. That is disturbing. He has admitted that the AG office was not his final goal. He has higher political aspirations(which will never be fulfilled now). As a new republican delegate this year, I was introduced to both he and Sean Reyes and that was the one race I felt most strongly about(I knew almost nothing of either of them until the day of the convention). It was disappointing to see Mr. Swallow win. Ironically I'm a white BYU grad as well. Though he may not be found guilty of a crime, and may not even be guilty of some of the things he's accused of, the multiple, calculated comments and poor decisions raise question of his ability to make good judgements - requisite in my opinion to be AG.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

Dave RL - at any rate the inmates are running the asylum.

one old man
Ogden, UT

But Mr. Eddy -- why is our government corrupt in many cases?

Could it be MONEY?

Could it be wealthy and very powerful manipulators of public trust?

Could it be powerful special interests that have purchased the services of legislators -- both state and federal?

Could it be people like John Swallow?

New to Utah

Why is the DN so intent on persecuting John Swallow? This is at least the third attack piece
presented by Dennis Romboy and I think they have all been very unfair.The fact that Mark Shurtleff and Jim Matheson were also involved with Jeremy Johnson and perhaps many other Democrat and Republican legislators begs the question why so much scrutiny of John Swallow? It is obvious that their goal is to force John Swallow out of office. John Swallow is an elected Attorney General and last time I checked in the USA one is innocent until proven guilty. Allowing a forum to bash John Swallow week in and week out does great disservice to the people of Utah and the employees who work for the attorney general. It appears to me that the DN has taken a sharp turn to the left.

one old man
Ogden, UT

So New To Utah, are you saying expecting honesty from government officials is a Left Wing Thing?

You got it.

At least that seems to be the case in Utah.

midvale guy

if there is enough evidence for criminal charges, then he needs to be charged. But let's get the show on the road. this whole thing is gone on way too long and regardless of how it turns out his ethics will be in question. it will not restore nor will he ever have the confidence of the people of this state again. He will need to resign if he has any interest other than himself. It has nothing to do with what religion he is or what party he belongs to. We need to get rid of people in public service that are untrustworthy. If we need to use the letter of the law to charge him, there is no way for the spirit of the law to remain.

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