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Published: Friday, Feb. 8 2013 7:00 p.m. MST

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River Falls, WI

RE: indycrimson

"There was no bubble or no burst. BYU hasn't been a post season team since pre-season. You haven't beaten a top 100 team and have been played close by everyone...in a one team conference."

While one part of that statement is almost true (RPI 100, but Santa Clara is #98), another part is very debatable (one team conference), and the other part is flat out untrue (played close by everyone).

BYU has won games by the following margins: 81-66, 80-62, 81-62, 87-75, 85-60, 61-58, 78-68, 95-62, 84-54, 97-71, 92-51, 80-76, 76-51, 82-64, 74-57, 85-67, 63-61, 96-79. I think you'll agree that there are many more blow outs there than close games. BYU has three wins by more than 30 points and several other blow outs. While BYU is not great this year and likely won't go to the tourney (the focus of this article and discussion), even trolls should know better than to make statements like "have been played close by everyone" unless they have something to back it up.

cal cougar
camarillo, CA

Like a dog to his vomit, we went back to the 3 pointer or nothing for Carlino and Zylstra. Carlino had been doing so much better with not getting over fascinated with threes. Carlino made 4 out 7 on non 3 pointers. Zylstra needs to be told to not shoot any more threes for a while or be benched permanently. Zylstra needs tough love and he might become useful. How hard is it to figure out we need to shoot the shots we are making and lay off ones we are not making for the night. I teach little kids, that if you can't make a shot from far out, move in. I can't understand why this becomes such a problem at BYU. Amazing, Haws took only 2 three pointers with 27 points. Shot selection took us down. Lack of rebounding/interior presence(Kaufusi needed) was secondary but still remains a problem.

Shot selection-Davies-Haws- Grade A
Shot selection-Carlino,Zylstra-Grade F(Lack of coaching or control of players)
Offensive rebounds allowed,obtained Grade B-
Turnovers Grade C
Defense A-

Dave if you have ears to hear, these items are fixable. These items generally make teams successful.

cal cougar
camarillo, CA

Couple of last comments

Sports Authority-you obviously get basketball.

Was Sharp hurt? Why so little playing time.

Why so much playing time for Zylstra? He must have been beast on defense. No he didn't even have a steal. So much to fix in that game and it had a lot to do with coaching. But I guess coaches have off nights too.


The NCAA doesn't want a team who loses to San Francisco as an at large team, period. The only chance the Cougars have is to win their tournament, and the chances of that are about as good as the Utes winning their conference tourney to get in.
Let's face it, this is a down year for college basketball in the state, all three teams won't make it in.

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