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Published: Friday, Feb. 8 2013 7:00 p.m. MST

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San Diego, CA

Answer: Yes.

Overton, NV

If the season ended today? Absolutely yes. However, BYU can still get in if other bubble teams continue to lose and they beat St. Mary's. The best case scenario would be to win out, including wins against St. Mary's and Gonzaga. If they do that, I believe they're in.

Other than that, hope for a really good run in the WCC tournament to get the auto-bid.

Gilbert, AZ


BYU will have to beat Saint Mary's and Gonzaga to get into the NCAA tournament, so I believe that the best case scenario would be to beat them both on a neutral court in the WCC tournament and get the auto bid. That way, the Cougars won't have to sweat selection Sunday hoping that their bubble won't pop.

West Jordan, Utah

Answer to the question; conference tournament.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

If Davies can't figure out how to make free throws, then forget it. That one thing lost the game for the Cougars on Thursday. Davies is not as hungry as he should be and he makes too many dumb mistakes. That's all. The next 7 days is going to tell the story.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Zylstra should not be playing! He is wasting pt!?

Arlington, VA

Tom in CA

Missing free throws may happen because of a lack of concentration, but it doesn't happen because of a lack of effort or a lack of desire.

Davies, Haws and Carlino all have to play well, but the key this team being successful is getting solid contributions from other players, specifically Zylstra, Winder, Austin and Sharp. Zylstra, in particular, has disappeared in most of BYU's losses this season. He was a virtual ghost against San Diego, scoring 0 points on 0 for 7 shooting.

Franklin, IN

There was no bubble or no burst. BYU hasn't been a post season team since pre-season. You haven't beaten a top 100 team and have been played close by everyone...in a one team conference.

Have you checked out VTech? Iowa State? Baylor? These teams are not important...and only Gonzaga is important in the D2 type conference you enjoy playing in.

No bubble...no bursting...just dreaming. But yes, dreams were busted...

Meadow Lark Mark

I hope that BYU can play well in the NIT.

Springville, UT

Maybe it did, maybe it didn't. It's still a little premature but if beating St. Mary's and Gonzaga could happen and a good tournament showing there is a remote chance.

Though the chance of any of this happening with the inconsistent play is about as remote as the Utes winning two in a row in their conference.

It's still been a good season of basketball and next year will be even better.

As much as I like this team and its players I get as frustrated as watching the Jazz when Ostertag played for them.

Lyman, WY


Lyman, WY

I am sick of people getting on Davies about free throws. He is a big man, he shouldn't be a great free throw shooter. The player who needs to shoot free throws better is Tyler Haws. Earlier in the year he was automatic, however lately he is missing way too many front ends of one and one's and only making one of two free throws way too often lately. I am way more disappointed in Tyler's free throws lately, than I am with Davies' free thows.

dallas realist
rockwall, texas

I think its safe to say that the best basketball team in utah this year is Lone Peak. all three D-1 teams are no good this year at all !

Provo, UT


"I am sick of people getting on Davies about free throws. He is a big man, he shouldn't be a great free throw shooter."

Dude. Every player should make free throws.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


"There was no bubble or no burst. BYU hasn't been a post season team since pre-season."

Says our jealous little friend from the hill.

The truth is, BYU has been projected as a bubble team by every national "bracketoligist" since the pre-season ended.

You're just jealous that the Utes were eliminated from bubble consideration after their FIRST D-1 game, waaaaay back on November 16th, after losing to RPI #271 Sacramento State in the Huntsman. Since then, the only drama left in Utedom was whether the rundown Utes would exceed their 3 conference wins total from last season.

Frisco, TX

Cougs must go undefeated in the regular season and make it to the Championship game, or win the WCC tourney to get in.

If Cougs beat St Marys in the regualar season of conference tournament, it is likely that neither of them get in and the WCC is a one bid league this year. The good news is that BYU or Gaels could make a lot of noise in the NIT.

Davies and Haws need to get back to 70% and 90% free throw shooting. This is what cost us the last game.

Zylstra is not playing well at all. The one line-up we haven't tried is Haws at the shooting guard and Ambrosio at the wing. I'd love to see it. Davies, Sharp or Austin, Ambrosino, Haws, Carlino. This would force opponents to guard Haws with a smaller player, and I think he could shoot over them from the 15 feet and out all day long.

Salt Lake City, UT

Help is on the way.

Four of Dave Rose's five Class of 2013 signees are on the list of 814 prep seniors named as McDonald's All-American nominees - Jakob Hartsock (Oklahoma), Luke Worthington (Wisconsin), Nick Emery and Eric Mika (Utah) all made the list.

The future of BYU basketball is bright indeed.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Yes. What little air was left in their bubble certainly was burst. The ONLY chance for an NCAA Tourney bid is to win the WCC Tournament. If our Cougs have shown anything "consistently" throughout this season, it's that they have been inconsistent. I believe there's not chance of winning the conf. tournament. The Zags are in a league of their own this season in the WCC. Yep. Looking like NIT bid.

Overton, NV

I'm getting tired of the people calling for Ambrosino to play more. He DID play in the game on Thursday...and looked lost the whole time. In once sequence, he allowed Johnny Dee to have a wide open three because he didn't get over and cover.

If Ambrosino was really that good, he would be getting more time. Maybe he is good. Who knows? But he obviously hasn't learned Rose's system well enough to merit more playing time.


Dave Rose needs to take, all his players,sit them down and lay down the law to either start rebounding and showing some gumption or sit on the bench and he will play someone who wants to play and win,and if they miss their foul shots they sit,there is absolutely no excuse to miss a foul shot, nobody is guarding you and it,s only a 15' shot Zylstra needs to be sat down permanently, the last 3-4 games he has been totally worthless i think he has only hit 3 3 pointers the whole season,Rose really needs to stop being such a nice guy and start disciplining guys who insist on taking 40' shots and missing them instead of trying to be another Jimmer.

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