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Published: Friday, Feb. 8 2013 9:25 p.m. MST

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A Scientist
Provo, UT

If religion is being disrespected... it is only getting what it deserves.

Salt Lake City, UT

No religious disrespect about male birth control.

And I can go into any gas station for that.

Hayden, ID

To liberals, big government IS their religion! Abortion is their sacrament, Charles Darwin and Karl Marx are their apostles and rabid environmentalism and "social justice" (communism light) are their doctrines. Thus they attack, disrespect and ridicule the religious faith of all others while they proselyte from the highest offices in the land. Beware this religion, it destroys your freedoms, your liberties, your property, your families, the culture of our country and our spirits. It's ultimate goal is control, dependency, power and dominance by compulsion and brought about by fundamentally transforming America. Perhaps it is already too late.

Hyrum, Ut

Could someone please explain to me why the government should be allowed to force employers to pay for others promiscuity?

Contraception & Abortion: It seems to me that we have lost sight of individual accountability. If you want to get involved in the act, you should be responsible for the outcome. Isn't that reasonable?

If I choose to speed, isn't is reasonable that I should pay for the ticket? Or is the government going to step in a pay for that also?

Far East USA, SC

" Abortion is their sacrament, Charles Darwin and Karl Marx are their apostles "

More over-the-top rhetoric.

Making abortion legal certainly is a democratic ideology. However, I know of no one who is in favor of Abortion.

And, ohhh. Charles Darwin. A renowned scientist. Do you actually take issue with the "survival of the fittest" idea or that plants and animals evolve?

American Fork, UT

Religion disrespects individual freedom by trying to supersede it with the imposition of its' own need for freedom. This is fundamentally wrong in America.

Colorado Springs, CO

Mountanman: Yeah, right, that's what all us liberals want. So do we now just lump all liberals together and say they think the same? And then lump all righties together and say they think the same? Give us a break!

@IJ: I would agree with you except for one fatal flaw: It's only the woman who has to stand accountable for the act. The men who also perpetrate this promiscuity are nowhere to be found after the fact. Give us one good reason why it's okay for the man - without which there would be no fertilization of the egg and therefore no issue - to engage in this activity without any public outcry, but the woman takes the blame from all this just because the fetus happens to have to grow in her body!

Hayden, ID

@ Joe Blow. It is ironic that liberals espouse Charles Darwin's survival of the fittest and reject capitalism, which is economic survival of the fittest and they provide massive entitlements for those who are not "fit" from those who are successful in economic evolution. Liberals believe men evolved from monkeys and conservatives believe in intelligent design. Thus liberalism is a substitute religion for a creating God. I know tons of liberals who are in favor of abortions. Did you listen to the rhetoric during the Democratic convention and the so called "war on women" label put upon anyone who is pro life?

conservative scientist
Lindon, UT

For many people, including several commentators above, that obnoxious first amendment keeps getting in the way that states that congress can not enact laws that infringe on religious liberty - even if some don't like that religious liberty or think that religion is obnoxious or worse. Why don't you start up a move to repeal the first amendment if you are so upset about the constitutional protections given to religion? In the meantime, this administration and the federal government are clearly overstepping their bounds by trouncing religious liberty.

Mchenry, IL

No. The men aren't gone after the act.

All the president has to do is make contraception free from the government. If he wants it paid for for people, the government should pay for it.

Phoenix, AZ

It is ignoble to not help prevent unwanted pregnancies and then to rail against the social costs (taxes) to support the poverty of unwanted and troubled children and their mothers/fathers who receive public assistance paid with tax dollars (welfare payments). The lack of prevention increases the need for tax assisted family social help. It is that simple. Too many people want freedom of their religious believes, but the want others to pay for them.

Far East USA, SC

In "survival of the fittest" just like capitalism, the strongest will overtake and eventually stamp out the weaker. In nature, it is usually for the good. Capitalism, left completely unchecked will usually lead to monopolies, which in turn are bad for everyone.

Secondly, advocating a "womans right to choose" and being pro abortion are two very different things.

I know lots of people (even 50+% of self proclaimed Republicans) favor a womans right to choose. I know very few who are pro-abortion.

The GOP party platform seeks to make Abortion illegal even in cases of rape or incest.
That is a hard pill to swallow for a rape victim.

Most are not in line with the GOP platform, even among Republicans.


Strictly speaking, Obamacare/ACA does not provide direct federal funding for abortion, except in cases of rape or incest, or to save the life of the mother, the same rules that now apply to Medicaid coverage for low-income persons and to the insurance available to federal workers and military families. In fact, the new law states specifically that federal funds are not to be used for coverage of any other kinds of abortions, and that only premium dollars paid by individuals out of their own pockets may be used to pay for coverage of other kinds of abortions.

Furthermore, the law allows states to prohibit policies sold on their exchanges from covering abortions, with the same exceptions. And it requires that at least one plan in state exchanges not include abortion coverage beyond federal limitations.

The emergency contraception--Plan B and Ella-- are used to prevent ovulation. They are not abortifacients. RU-486, classified as an abortifacient is not covered nor mandated under Obamacare.

Price, Utah

Lets vote on it.All in favor of promiscuous sex can pay for extra the portion of Obamcare that goes to abortions and contraception. While those who believe in abstention and life do not pay the surcharge.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Nothing in the requirements for a business operation would relegate a business or it’s owner to “second-class status” and as for the “conscience rights of business owners”, freedom of religion requires, even demands, that the rules for business operation “ignore conscience rights”.

Business operations exist to serve the general public. The use of a business operation to further a religious dogma must not be allowed to override that purpose. A business operation, through it business organization and activities, has an economic control over it’s employees and customers. That control, when used to promote and enforce a religious dogma, denies the employee or the customer their personal religious freedom.

Hayden, ID

@ Joe Blow. Capitalism has produced the highest standard of living the world has ever seen because it does not restrict creativity and encourages inventions, progress and entrepreneurialism. Capitalism has a built in incentive; opportunity to profit from your labor, your investments and your creativity. Liberalism defeats all of that and one only has to study history to see it over and over again. Compare N. Korea with S. Korea or the Former E. Germany to W. Germany! But Americans have changed, 47% want free stuff, paid for by others so we now have shifted from capitalism to socialism and we will find it is unsustainable as it always has been and always will be. Socialism does wins elections, at least for a time!

Steve C. Warren

Doesn't contraception eliminate the need for abortion by preventing a few cells from turning into a fetus? That doesn't sound like such a bad thing.

Those who oppose contraception apparently don't like the God of the Bible, who often authorized the termination of unborn life. (See passages on the putting to death of adulteress women, some of whom would have been pregnant; the command to slay all people in certain cities, including pregnant women; the use of bitter water in Numbers 5 to induce an abortion.)

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"

Congress passing a law requiring religious organizations to provide insurance to prevent birth is a law against establishments of religion. It infringes on the 1st Amendment. Obama, our Constitutional Expert, seems to think that promoting and then signing a bill that patently infringes on the 1st Amendment is within his authority, notwithstanding the fact that he took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies. The fact the so many people support his disdain of the Constitution shows how contempt for law in today's America has trumped law and order.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Could someone please explain to me why the government should be allowed to force employers to pay for others promiscuity?

They really aren't even paying any more than they are already paying anyway for health insurance because insurance companies shell out more for the care of mother/baby than they do for birth control.

Phoenix, AZ

@Mountanman. There is a major distinction between Capitalism and Super Capitalism, and that is the rub. Free enterprise and entrepreneurship is supported by capitalism and most other isms, but it is stifled by Super Capitalism

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