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Published: Friday, Feb. 8 2013 5:10 p.m. MST

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Wasn't that the reason most of Utah voted for Hatch? He was the only who could save Hill Air Force? Why are you angry with Chaffetz? He didn't campaign on this it was Hatch that would save the day. By the way the only reason all my neighbors voted for Hatch is because Romney needed him. Which I found to be a very dumb argument as if any other Republican would do nothing to help Romney. Can't believe we are stuck with Hatch who created the mess we are in.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

Well, according to Republican mantra, government spending does not create jobs or stimulate the economy, so it should be no loss if the base were shut down.

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

As one of close to 800,000 DOD civilians who faces the very real likelihood of furloughs and a 20% paycut for the rest of the fiscal year if the sequestration goes forward (and heaven only knows what's in store for next year), Mr. Chaffetz's comments strike me as NIMBY-ism of the worst sort. You put us in this position, sir. Either do your job to get us out of it, or quit whining about the impact it will have on your district.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hmm, I thought Republicans believed gov't spending didn't create jobs and that they were serious about deficit reduction.

Hank Pym

@ worf 9:21 a.m. Feb. 9, 2013

"What a shame, that we've become so dependent on a federal government, and what it does."

What about those psychologically soft individuals who rely on non-secular institutions to be the center of their universe?

m.g. scott

Every part of the Federal budget should be cut, including military. The trouble with Decmocrats is they won't allow so called "entitlement" programs to be cut. We all as Americans will have to take a bite out of this bitter apple because we all as Americans have in effect caused it by electing the people we have to run the government. And we continue to elect them. It's Our fault.
P.S. Thank God for the 22nd Amendment.

Far East USA, SC

Cut Cut Cut spending.

Just not where I live, or things that will affect my constituents.

Mr. Chaffetz is just like every other politician.

Kearns, UT

The defense budget more than doubled in the last 12 years. That means that it can be cut by 50% without fear of closing Hill AFB. What should be cut are projects the military has said they don't need nor want yet Congress keeps pushing.

Once defense is cut 50% back to what it was in 2000, we can look at cutting social entitlements which have only grown 25% since 2000.

Roy, UT

Let the cuts begin! Debt is destroying our country. Nothing get's done because both political parties pander to its constituents who are only concerned about what's in it for them. I work at Hill and I'm tired of the 'benchwarmers' complaining about the possibility of a cut in pay or the loss of their position. When you work hard and are competent, you can always find a job. Maybe it's time for some civil servants to get off the bench and develop a work ethic.

Mcallen, TX

"*'Obama calls for tightening the belts, except his own vacations' - By Hippo Krit - DSNews - 02/30/11

layton, UT

Wow. Some of these comments are truly frightening. He was not just talking about cuts to Hill Air Force base, he was talking about its closure. ITS CLOSURE. Closures are done not by reason or logic, but by politics. Seeing as how we are a useless state to democrats, we are not in a good position. It was, in fact, to be closed in 1995, but with some political wrangling by Jim Hansen, it was saved at the last minute.

Do you have any idea what its closure would do to our state? You would not be so giddy about all the cuts coming from the military once your taxes go through the roof or something you do love is cut to pay for its loss- the state's largest employer.

Are we saying no military cuts? Of course not. But why only military? Why are entitlements not touched?

There are going to be ugly consequences to the direction we are going. Take from the rich and the job creators, support more and more people without giving them any reason to work, make unsustainable promises, undermine the military and slowly disarm the people. These will only make our problems worse.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Nobody said don't cut entitlements, they need to be cut too! Your argument should not be relevant to whether Hill is closed or not. We can no longer afford military bases that either duplicate what other more efficient bases do, or have a mission that is no longer vital. We heard all the gloom and doom when Tooele was closed and Dugway was trimmed way back, and we survived those. Cuts can't always be made to somebody else's stuff.

By the way the cuts to entitlements need to begin now. The majority of current seniors can afford to pay a little more for their medicare. Means tested should begin now for entitlements not sometime down the road.

S.L.C., UT

Let it sequester, that is the ONLY way we will ever see any meaningful cuts in a bloated defense budget. Sequester will take it to 2005 levels, don't buy into the be afraid. Let's end this endless war bring the troops home. Are we really so afraid we need a defense budget larger then the next 25 countries in the world 24 of whom are our allies.

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