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Published: Friday, Feb. 8 2013 5:45 p.m. MST

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St. George, UT

I predict we go 12-1 next year, losing to Notre Dame or Texas, but not both.

Why my optimism? We were in virtually every game this past year and the defense bailed us out. With even a C- offense we could have won big last year.

Why will our offense be better?

1. Better offensive cooradinator, arguably.
2. Better quarterback, arguably.
3. Better backs as we'll have two starters coming back.
4. Receivers just as good.
5. Offensive line better as how could it be worse.
6. Tight ends getting more involved.
7. Optimism high and simplicity making us lean and mean.
8. It looks like our quarterback and receivers coaches will be better due to the time used in the extensive search.
9. We're playing some of our greatest rivals at home.
10. Put it all together and it looks great!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Howard S -

You would be better served to worry about your mid to bottom dwelling utes, instead of worrying about the BYU Cougars.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

You mean those "mid to bottom dwelling utes" who are 3 and 0 in the last three and 8 and 3 in the last eleven games against the mighty Cougs?

Rexburg, ID

My, my, my the trolls for the bottom feeders seem a bit testy. It appears Anae's rejection of Utah has struck a nerve, or rather, better put, made them nervous.

Mcallen, TX

The team up north will continue improving chances of other PAC teams qualifying for bowl games. With Utah, and Colorado in the mix, six wins is obtainable for more bowl representative of the conference.

It's just that simple, and for that reason, BYU was not a good fit.

Bountiful, UT

@Howard S
"No one knows how a player rehabbing from a serious injury will respond physically or mentally to live competition. One injury makes a second injury more likely. Not an ideal situation for the running offense Anae intends to implement for BYU QBs."

This coming from the fan of a HC and team who was moronic enough to bank all their fortunes 2 yrs in a row in the Pac12 on a weak and feeble Jordan Wynn. Spare us the lectures.

"What could possibly go wrong?

Going into probably its toughest schedule ever next season BYU will have:

A new OC with a new offensive system"

The only thing that went wrong was your attempt at analysis. Anae isn't a new OC, or maybe you're new to college football (which I can understand being that the utes no longer are a college level team). He's not even new to BYU (strike 2) and because NCAA rules only allow so many assistant coaches he will likely assume his previous role and coach the TE's (strike 3).

Fort Benning, GA

@Howard S.

You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. First, our QB situation will be pleasantly surprising. While nobody, (myself included) has any idea how Taysom will look coming back, it was clear that he CAN be a dominant performer. He was a littler rough around the edges last year, but given time and coaching, this year could be very productive for him.

As for the O-line, you want to bring of "Stars". How many professional O-Line guys were 5 stars? I can tell you, from the Super Bowl winning Ravesn, only one of them was, Michael Oher. The rest were pretty much nobodies who had desire and good coaching. I am not worried about the O-line for two reasons. 1)They can't be much if any worse than they were last year, 2)we have much more aggressive minded coaches. Coach T, knows the JC ranks and if he has brought in some good JC O-linemen, I trust his 17 years of experience.

Good luck this year with college footballs most gangly QB, I seriously hope you can get into a bowl game this year and quit embarrassing the state of Utah.

Roy, UT

I'm available to coach, have never lost a game as a football coach on any level, 'course, haven't ever coached football on any level...I'd say "go get 'em boys!" and "listen to the coach from within"...or if not me, how about Patty Edwards, she helped out Lavell when he needed help with the offense.

Orem, UT


Optimism? Did I miss something? We still have a head coach that likes to play his "buddies" and not look deep enough to play the real talent. So, this is not just a bad luck type of deal, this is a fundamental problem that runs deep into the program.

Are you telling me this has all been cured?

We have seen a head coach that bailed on good, wonderful, dependable hires--betraying their hard work, their trust, their dedication and their families. Now we are supposed to offer blind trust again?

How is it, that Bronco could pull the rug out from under his coaches (Doman, Dupaix and Cahoon), but he could not pull the rug out from under a poor performing, under-talented, injured, quarterback who was causing losses on the field? Just want answers that we still have not received.


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