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Published: Friday, Feb. 8 2013 2:35 p.m. MST

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Meadow Lark Mark

Great Story. Titus has an aunt who is my daughter in law. So this is fun for me.

West Jordan, Utah

Love it. There is that certain good feeling that only comes from watching a toddler take pride in accomplishment,

Chocolate lover

Incredible talent!!

Virginia Beach, VA

16 years from now were going to be wondering if he's signing up with BYU, Duke, or Univ of Kansas?

Phillip M Hotchkiss
Malta, Mt

I played basketball one year in school . I got fed up because every time i shot for the basket. Some one moved it on me..

Lyman, WY

The next Jimmer? Great video, but I heard he is leaning toward Duke, after the way Kansas and BYU have been playing lately. Ha. Ha.

el dorado hills, CA

He should be on the Ellen Show. He is so amazing and VERY Talented. Good job Titus!

Rigby, ID

Hey, Meadow Lark Mark....
Titus also has another Aunt who is married to my son! So this has also been a lot of fun for me! How 'bout that!!!

Eagle Mountain, ut

Not that I am Anti-Mormon, but who cares that he is Morman? He could be Catholic, Jewish or any religion and it would still be an awsome video showing his talent.

Rigby, ID

Jasper99999....The Deseret News is a Mormon publication which should explain why they stated that he was a Mormon. Your right, he is amazing no matter what faith his family belongs to. But for Mormons, it is just interesting to know that his family belongs to our church.

Provo, UT

While I am LDS, I would not be a bit offended or put off by the mention that such a kid was Catholic, Jew, Baptist, or Muslim! If his religion is irrelevant to the story, the mention of it should also be non-threatening. The writers made no effort to credit the LDS Church for his talent and the article was published in the "Mormon Times" section of the paper. That makes his religion relevant.

salt lake city, UT

Interesting to know that a 2 year old could be cognitive enough to recognize that he is being classified as "Mormon".

Then again, when you're 8, you have no clue the weight of the decision you're making either, so this headline doesn't surprise me.

Alexandria, VA

Magic happens when you live right on and off the court.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who understands that this kind cannot be a Mormon at the age of 2. I guess the news paper is assuming. This kid's religion would be as relevant as his sexual orientation...not relevant at all.


Magic happens when you're talented. If living "right" was the secret, then pro sports would be pretty boring.

Moorpark, CA

Of course the kid's religion is irrelevant, but it makes all of us Mormons--the primary readership of Deseret News--giddy out of our eyeballs that "one of our own" is receiving national attention.

salt lake, UT

Let's face it, someone's Mormoness is always mentioned, more so than other religions. Whether Romney, Jimmer, Danny Ainge, Osmonds, etc, doesn't matter, their religion gets mentioned by others, even if they themselves don't make a big deal of it.

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