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Published: Friday, Feb. 8 2013 12:40 p.m. MST

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anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


Why would Anae interview for a job he wasn't interested in?

Just Smiling

Wow byu fans... still finding hapiness in PAC-12 wins over Utah when you can't do it yourself. Classless to compare a teams win-loss record when they have a much harder schedule and keep ignoring the actual head to head game results. Wins over Idaho, Weber State, Hawaii, NewMexico State and Washington State (30-7- oh ya ...the U beat them 49-6)qualifying for a bowl game seems to be your proudest moment. Wait to see how well you do with a semi-challeging schedule next year (still rated a little less than a PAC-12 schedule)and beat Utah and then you can say you have a better team. Compare apples to apples



>We already saw that he couldn't make it as an OC in the PAC 12.

You're right. Arizona only put up 480 yards and 34 points on Utah this past season. An OC that can't get his offense to be more productive against a team as bad as Utah certainly has no place in the Pac-12.

Anyway, see you on October 19th. The weather will be nice in the Old Pueblo, and I'll be eating a couple of Sonoran hotdogs and drinking guava juice while I watch the Wildcats eliminate Utah from bowl eligibility. Again. (Although, there IS that Weber State game that Utah might be able to squeak a win out of, so we might have to wait until the USC game a week later for the elimination.)
At least you've got your rivalry game on November 30th to finish the season. Best of luck!

Salt Lake City, UT

The posts on this thread are a fun read. I find it interesting that the media seems to know everyone Whittingham has interviewed even to the point of finding obscure hints in local papers in the Mid-West but knew nothing of him speaking with Anae. That story comes from Mendenhall himself and it's the first time we hear of it.

Mendenahall has a history of this conduct. For example, Mendenhall told Jay Drew two years ago that he had a "very real" opportunity to coach someplace else. Then there's the stories Mendenhall brought back from the coaches conference. Coaches from all over the country told Mendenhall how great his team was in 2011 especially having recovered from the blow out in his own house by Utah (2011). Coaches all over the country tune into ESPN to watch BYU. In other words...Mendenhall makes claims that no one can (or will) verify and then lets the Utah County / BYU rumor mill give his stories a life of their own. There is nothing new here.

Springville, UT

naval lint

At the end of the season when Utah "fans" sit on the couch all emotional and frantic about being home for the holidays is when we really know that Utah's recruiting has failed once again against the likes of Oregon, USC, Stanford, and others in their glorious conference.

But we know that Utah "fans" rationalize their program's success by only one game a year these days and everything else doesn't matter. How pitifully pathetic and miserable is that. 6 losses 3 wins, and your boasting about Ute recruiting. Welcome to your new normal. I absolutely enjoy the irony and hypocrisy of it all.

Nothing inept about recruiting here in Cougarland as proven by continuing end of season success better than the local commuter school who went 0-1 against the WAC.

Deep down we know this continuing "implausible" chain of events torments you and it is so 'deliciously' entertaining.

BYU snags Anae and the kids on the hill are here commenting about it and the best you can do is talk recruiting smack.

Let the blubbering continue. LOL

Iowa City, IA

Erickson was definitely interviewed for his offense. Surprised no announcement has been made. I'm betting Utah trying to get Anae was known by the media and when U didn't get him, instead of running news stories how he was a hot commodity, they chose to run stories how weird it was that he was coming back to BYU. Just floating a conspiracy theory that's been substantiated again and again.

What do we know now...Utah has no faith in Johnson. With no immediate fix, next fall is already sinking. It is not a good offseason for Utah.

Iowa City, IA

re:max Seriously what do you mean? Or more important how in the world do you get there?

But by all means please keep posting, lots of people read these comments and are able to get a better picture about the two fan bases. And frankly, the red and white checkerd shirt, suspender wearing fan base isn't too attractive.

Iowa City, IA

U-fans...you realize you won your bowl game this year, went 5-7, didn't play in the post season and you are estactic and pounding our chest. Your denial and need to rip on the Y is classic depression or insecurity. Neither are very good at all.

Salt Lake City, UT

Very concerned about the "secret" info that Chris B is passing on.

"Just like Taysom Hill is secretly regretting leaving prestigious pac 12 program to be a mediocre WAC team, Anae will soon regret not staying at Arizona or coming to Utah as again he loses to Pac 12 teams and leads a mediocre WAC offense."

What WAC team he is talking about? Is Tayson leaving BYU? How does he know that Taysom is regretting anything? What WAC school is Coach Anae going to?

Is Chris onto something here. Where is he getting all this insider information. I didn't even think there was going to be a WAC football conference next year!

Wow! This could be big news being broken on the DNews comment board. Or it could be delusional dreaming? Stay tuned!

Salt Lake City, UT

Perhaps the "quote of the year"

From Vegas Ute:

"panamadesnews - you are right, I do not read (nor do I want to) byU articles."

I guess technically he is right because he is one of those who constantly misspells "BYU", perhaps intentionally.

So yes, he is right of course. He does not read an any "byU" articles, but I suspect he spends plenty of time reading "BYU" articles.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The real story, whether people want to believe it or not, is this:

Whittingham did indeed interview Anae, more than once I might add. When it came right down to it there was basically a job offer of sorts on the table for him if he wanted it. However, Anae came back with his desire to have 100% control over the offense and the offensive staff.

Read between the lines on that and you'll see that there was at least one person Whittingham did not want to let go and therefore would not give Anae that power. BYU caved to the 100% control request and the rest is history.

Take from that what you will, but that comes straight from the family tree.

So is Bronco correct? Absolutely. Is it apples to apples as to what Anae accepted vs what he turned down? Absolutely not. None of us know what Anae would have done had the offers been identical in responsibilities and salary.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

The real question is if Bronco is so please with getting Anae before Utah did, why did he make RA apply for his job two years ago only to give it to a kid with no experience?
Is he going to be begging Doman to come back in a few years?

Gilbert, AZ

My Perspective

"I find it interesting that the media seems to know everyone Whittingham has interviewed even to the point of finding obscure hints in local papers in the Mid-West but knew nothing of him speaking with Anae."

I find it interesting that Utah fans are in such denial than they're unwilling to accept the fact that Bronco reported and Anae confirmed that the Utes made a strong push to get Coach Anae.

What further "proof" do we need from the "media" to substantiate the story.

Just because Kyle was too embarrassed to report that he'd been spurned by Anae doesn't mean it didn't happen. I'm pretty sure the media hasn't wire-tapped Kyle's phone, so there's no way the media could possibly know how many phone calls Kyle made to Anae to try to convince him to interview for whatever position Kyle had in mind for Robert.

Pocatello, ID

It goes to show that Bronco can't leave Utah alone. Why does he even mention it his interview, or use very subjective terms? It's a classless move by Bronco. Did Kyle comment when Bronco let his staff reapply for their positions, or when the cougar faithful ran Anae out of town? No, because he isn't obsessed with BYU, like Bronco appears to be with Utah.

Orem, UT


It goes to show how hyper-sensitive Utah fans have become that they can't even handle any coach or player ever spurning their precious little program on the hill.

Bronco was commenting on a coach that Bronco had just hired. Why shouldn't he mention that Anae was also pursued by the Utes?

The Cougar faithful didn't run Anae out of town. He left on his own terms and returned in like manner.

It's laughable that the program that supposedly left BYU in the dust three years ago is still so totally obsessed with EVERYTHING that happens at BYU.


The best OC available that is ex/byu would be Jeff Grimes for the UTES. Was at (Colorado PAC 12 experience and Auburn sec and national champions) I'm ok with BJ but Grimes would be awesome!

Highland, UT


"classless"? Get serious. Bronco mentioned it in that he was happy to get Anae back depsite another school heavily pursuing him. I understand the utah "fan" betterness but it was hardly "classless" to say, other schools, specifically utah, tried to get him and he chose to come here. Good grief you guys are sensitive.

River Falls, WI

RE: Naval Vet

"What a frantic and emotional thing to say. When was the last time the Utes lost WSU? When was the last time WSU finished higher in the polls, or with a better conference record than the U? When was the last time WSU out-recruited the U? When was the last time WSU won a BCS bowl?"

What a frantic and emotional response to a reasonable post. To answer your questions...

When was the last time the Utes lost to WSU? I believe it was three games ago, the 1992 Copper Bowl. However, the Utes have won the only two meetings in the last decade or so, by a blowout last year and in overtime the year before.

When was the last time WSU finished higher in the polls? This one is more difficult to answer since neither team makes it into the polls very often. Utah finished the 2009 season ranked #18, you have to go back to 2003 for WSU last ranking (#9).

Better conference records? Even harder to answer since most Utah fans no longer acknowledge the MWC or WAC as actual conferences.


sports nonauthority

I find it even more curious that the only real validation byu fans feel these days is measured in how they feel they stack up against Utah. They know that since they can no longer compete on the football field and in recruiting, that they have to have have some sort of “victory”, however contrived it might be, in order to feel that they are as good as the Utes.

As far as Anae is concerned, he's average at best. He was run out of town two years ago, and now with Arizona going in a different direction, he needs a job. The fact that Bronco had to make such a big deal about him having interest shown to him by Utah, is mind-boggling. There are coaches and players who byu loses out to Utah all the time, but the leadership at Utah doesn't make a big deal out of it. The only ones who are trying to make a big deal out of this are Bronco and his “fans”.

P.S. sammy's reference to "naval lint"? Really? When I post something like that, it's not allowed by the D News editors.

River Falls, WI

RE: Naval Vet

Continued...When was the last time WSU out-recruited the U? This year according to scout (WSU #37/Utah #53)

When was the last time WSU won a BCS bowl?" They haven’t, but they’ve been twice just like the Utes.

So, there are your answers. I definitely give Utah the edge in recent production and WSU the edge over the long haul. Why does any of this matter? Because if trolls want to bash they should get their facts right. The fact that there is an argument as to whether Utah is better than Washington State speaks volumes as to the current state of Ute football.

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