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Published: Friday, Feb. 8 2013 12:40 p.m. MST

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West Jordan, Utah

Okay, I watched half the video now (up until the claim of Ute push to get Anae). It was kind of odd Bronco mentioned this, but no big deal. It looks like Bronco was happy to have Van Noy, Hoffman, and Anae come back so to speak (different relativity comparison there).

Like I said, it was an odd mention. Since I had to watch like 6 minutes of video or so to get to the Anae information we are commenting on here, there was the information before to take in. I found the comments Bronco made about Doman somewhere around the three or four minute mark to be the most interesting. Those words were very respectful and complimentary about Doman. Well said I say.

West Jordan, Utah

So we Vegas Ute with the byU thing and PP countering with BYu. Should we talk about the red zone or the blue zone now? For me, I will take traditional red. Oh no, I used the word tradition. Here comes the 1984 and Heisman stuff. Traditional red zone, like you know, the scoring zone.

Salt Lake City, UT

oh my. The last significant coaching spot on the hill that isn't manned by a former BYU player, but almost was. This will be the last time I say anything in reference to Chris B. Continue on with those aspirations. BYU has a national title. And the only school with a national award winner in every category. More hall of famers, college and NFL. More all americans. In the last 10 years, BYU has finished in the top 25 5 times, your mighty men in red, twice. Head to head, utah has the lead, but when B YU was and is the most important game you played for years, results will follow. So cling real tight to that. And keep up the condescension towards BYU, who has done more in college football than your utes ever have. The irony is, anything you say about BYU just puts utah down even further.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Kyle lost his handle on recruiting poly's with Chow leaving... so it makes sense to try and get Anae. Even if he can't call plays he does have a good reporte with poly's and isn't bad on recruiting.


I find it curious that Bronco would have to bring up that point that the University of Utah made a push to hire Anae. So what? Coaches are courted as well as fired often in college and pro football. But it comes across as an attempt to somehow try to "one up" the U by saying that he got the offensive coordinator that the U had interest in.

The funny thing here is that two years ago BYU couldn't get rid of him fast enough. It sounds to me that Bronco is trying to appease his fan base after pulling in a recruiting class ranked 71 by Rivals.com, as opposed to Utah's ranking of 42.

Idaho Falls, ID

I love it! You know Whittingham is grinding his teeth with this little tidbit of news.

Cedar Hills, UT

Another win for BYU? When has BYU won over Utah lately. Certainly not on the field. BYU's recruits where, for the most part, not recruited by hardly any one else (except the one O-lineman) and that is fact. Not looking good TDS, no conference, no good recruits, no wins over the Utes, and a OC that you fired a couple of years ago. Did Anae suddenly find out how to save a program in Arizona? Oh wait, he didn't do it there either. I still think he would have made a nice line coach though.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Las Vegas, NV

You miss the point, or choose to ignore it. YES, there is a rabid, pitch fork and torch portion of the BYU fan base. There is a similar section in the U bleachers, but Y fans should know better.

The point is, they didn't fire Anae, nor run him out of town at the point of a sharp stick, much as they, and you, would like to believe so. Bronco structured the thing in a manner that puzzled the heck out of most of us, but was apparently decent and honorable, as evidenced by Anae's return.

Ogden, UT

Well played Bronco, well played.

Go Utes, CA

this was a classless move by mendenhall. He is clearly feeling the heat and feels he needs to justify his personnel decisions to the public.

Gilbert, AZ

Sounds to me like Bronco was just validating his re-hire of Anae by mentioning that Robert was also being pursued by at least one other school.

Nothing sinister was intended. If Whittingham was embarrassed because Anae chose to come to BYU instead of Utah, that's Kyle's problem.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Totally Stockton, Utah didn't get any polys this year and probably never will again. We will keep getting them all, as always.

Salt Lake City, Utah



Why, because Bronco was able to hire a coach that Whittingham desperately wanted?

If Whittingham is trying to replace Brian Johnson, why doesn't Kyle simply come out and say that, instead of sneaking around behind Brian's back and interviewing potential candidates without letting Brian know what his status is for next season?

Arlington, VA


I find it curious that Utah fans are throwing little tantrums because they're upset with Bronco for simply mentioning that Whittingham was also interested in Anae. Kyle drops little nuggets like this constantly. Any time he gets something that he knows another team covets - player, coach, facilities, whatever - Kyle always makes sure to "casually" mention it. Utah fans are simply upset that this time it's Bronco that got something that Kyle coveted.

Highland, UT

vegasute said:

"you are right, I do not read (nor do I want to) byU articles."

You're posting on a BYU article, you know one of the ones you supposedly "do not read (nor do I want to)".


East Salt Lake City, Utah

Was Anae interviewed like Erickson last week? Regardless, I hope Erickson joins the team.

West Jordan, UT

Bronco is still hurt that he wasn't the first choice for his own job and that the 1st choice is at Utah. Add to the fact that Utah has absolutely owned Bronco and BYU during his tenure and Bronco will look for ANY perceived victory vs. Utah.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"The sad truth is Utah is less than Washington State in the Pac-10 pecking order..."

What a frantic and emotional thing to say. When was the last time the Utes lost WSU? When was the last time WSU finished higher in the polls, or with a better conference record than the U? When was the last time WSU out-recruited the U? When was the last time WSU won a BCS bowl?

It seems to me that "the sad truth is" -- or at least to the frantic and emotional Indy-WACey fanbase anyway -- that Utah is NOT!

And I'm sure it brings many a tear to the eye of all the Y fans who noted how inept the Y's latest recruiting class looked compared to Washington State's. Oooh. That had to hurt.

But, on a more positive note, at least know that your tears are delicious.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


"Bronco is still hurt that he wasn't the first choice for his own job and that the 1st choice is at Utah."

I seriously doubt the thought has even crossed his in the 8 years since Bronco took the job.

Kyle is nothing but a one-hit wonder, who has been steadily fading since that perfect storm season.

Bronco has more Top 25 finishes, more Top 15 finishes, more conference championships, more 10+ win seasons, and more bowl appearances.

Kyle does lead in two dubious categories, more losses to bad teams and more losing seasons.

With the offense the Utes put on the field last year, it's no wonder Kyle desperately tried to coax Anae into helping Kyle save his failing program.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

navel vet

The truth is the Utes are decades away from matching what Washington State has already accomplished.

The Utes can only dream of playing in a Rose Bowl. The Cougars have already played in FOUR, including two in the last 15 years (1998 and 2003).

The Utes have only cracked the AP Top 25 FIVE times in their entire history. The Cougars have ELEVEN AP Top 25 finishes, including FOUR Top 10 finishes.

Utah is 0-1 in bowl games versus the Cougars.

The only ones with tears being brought to their eyes about recruiting are the Utes, who are finally starting to realize how hopelessly they're out matched in their new conference.

Next time, try doing a little research before spouting off.

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