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Published: Thursday, Feb. 7 2013 11:20 p.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

To go into yet another high school size gym with less than a sell out crowd and lose to a second tier team just hollers that the Cougs just don't have a competitive team. They play pretty well at home, but on the road, they just don't have it.

The only realistic chance they have for an NCAA berth is to win the WCC tournament.

South Jordan, UT

How is that anyone with a cell phone practically anywhere in the world can take a photo and send it almost anywhere within seconds and newspapers in Utah run photos of events that occurred weeks or months ago?


"Five reasons BYU will make the NCAA tournament

5. BYU avoids bad losses" Debunked.

"4. BYU will end St. Mary’s streak" According to what evidence? Regardless, how much would beating a bubble team help?

"3. BYU is excellent in February" Debunked.

"2. The Cougars have a week to prepare for Gonzaga" But not gain players that can match up with Gonzaga.

"1. Tyler Haws will lead the Cougars to the tournament" Again, according to what evidence? I'd need to see him lead them past a tournament-quality team before I'd entertain the thought of him leading them to the tournament.

Sorry, Mr. Vincent, your little piece this afternoon was a tad off.

In all seriousness, this definitely wasn't a game I expected the Cougars to lose, but I'm not really surprised by it, either. They've had too many close wins against bad teams to expect their fortunes to continue. I'm sure the fans will be happy to hopefully have at least one more home game after the conference tourney, though.

Lincoln City, OR

I like Brandon Davies... I think he is a super kid with good solid values and a pretty good basketball player when he's not shooting free throws...

I like Dave Rose... A good guy and a solid coach with a good record to prove it... But his teams often stink at shooting free throws...

Free Throws for BYU Basketball is like Place Kicking for BYU Football... It almost seems like little to no time is spent recruiting it, practicing it, or coaching it (The BYU bigs all have horrible technique... They don't bend their knees, they fall away while they are shooting it, they don't balance themselves, and they seem to almost invision a miss before they shoot)... Maybe BYU should hire a free throw specialist for Basketball and a Kicking Expert for Football and put them on their staffs... How many more games would we win if the team could routinely execute those skills? Answer: A great deal more...

Davies is going to get fouled alot just by virtue of being a "back to the basket" player... Probably an average of 10 shots a game... Wouldn't it be great if he could sink 7 or 8 of them?

Franklin, IN

Little Dance...

Or maybe...Mini Dance...

Not Big Dance...


Sorry to hear about your loss BYU. It must be really tough Competing in such a bad conference where pretty much the WCC is so poor that if you lose to anybody other that Saint Mary and Gonzaga your tournament hopes pretty much die. Very nice Work with the move from the Mountain West to the WCC.

Salt Lake City, UT

wer... "second tier team" really? Did you read the part where they almost beat Gonzaga?? What does the size of the gym have to do with anything??
Those gyms are at least full.
They are above .500. No whining, they admitted SD is a good team.
I'm learning to be patient. GO UTES!!!

Frisco, TX

I know there's nothing easier than playing armchair coach, but I don't understand Rose's decision to play Zylstra so much and sit Sharp so much. To call Zylsta a streaky shooter is a huge overstatement. I'm not sure he makes enough shots to be called a streaky shooter. I cringe every time he puts the ball up. Cusick doesn't look as good as he was last year. Winder's good on defense, but nothing on offense. And this is from our "shooting" guard. I'm really wishing DeMarcus Harrison could have stayed to fill the void. Hopefully it will be better next year with Collinsworth at the 3 spot and Haws at the 2.

Why don't we play Delgado a little more? He adds a spark. And I'm a huge Kaufusi fan, but I don't understand why we play him before Ambrosino when we need offense.

Cinci Man

I've lowered my sights to the NIT. I think the Cougars need to fight for slot there. The NCAA Tournament just disappeared to them.

Fruit Heights, Utah

The way this team is playing not only is the NCAA tournament clearly beyond their reach but they may not even get an NIT bid. Com'on guys get some intensity. Get a little mean.

South Jordan, UT

I think Zylstra is the Nelson of the basketball team. Winder needs more minutes and Carlino needs a head slap when he plays like he did last night. NIT is the best BYU can hope for and if they ply like last night even then its a one and done.

Hayden, ID

Such joy from Utes when BYU loses a game! Is it jealousy or second hand revenge knowing it has been almost a decade since the Utes beat BYU in basketball?

Richmond, VA

The first ten minutes was great, then they couldn't do diddly right from then on. Somehow it seemed they rushed things too much and often lost their way and couldn't find the basket, not even from the f/t line. Carlino was again inconsistent at best, and Zylstra and Sharpe were non existent for some reason. You can't expect to ride on the shoulders of only two players night in and night out, Davis and Haws. Heck, even they were not at their best either, especially from the f/t line. They still could've won if they hadn't left too many points on the floor. Seems like they really need to work hard on their free throws and 3 point shots. They missed way too many it was pitiful to watch. Here's hoping they'll work hard to improve on those. As for an NCAA bid, well, not sure if even a miracle can help us at this point. But, there's always the NIT.

Go Cougars!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Santa Clara is almost out of the top 100( they're currently 98).

One more loss from them and you won't have a single top 100 RPI win ALL YEAR.

Meanwhile, big brother Utah will have 3.


I love being good enough to be invited to a real conference!

Being a wanted school is so much better than being an unwanted school.

Orem, UT

First bad loss of the season for Dave Rose.

This BYU team has been playing with fire for weeks, falling behind lesser teams and then clawing their way back to win close games, and it finally caught up with them against a team playing with a lot of confidence at home.

As most fans have suspected since December, BYU has some good players - Davies, Haws and Carlino - but they're all very inconsistent, showing flashes of brilliance at times, but not being able to sustain it. A Top 100 RPI, 20 to 25 win, bubble team, with a chance to make the NCAA tournament, but little chance to do much after they got there.

Last night, that bubble burst, and BYU is now NIT bound unless they pull a semi-miracle and win the WCC tourney.

Likely scenario going forward,

22-9 regular season, with a win in the WCC tourney and 2 wins in the NIT to finish 25-11.

Next year BYU will be better with the return of Kyle Collinsworth, the addition of Eric Myca, and a more experienced and mature Haws, Carlino, and Sharp as BYU's starting five.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Gonzaga almost lost to the same team. The road games in the WCC are certainly no gimmies. Its almost looking like BYU is going to have to beat the Zags to get a NCAA berth. Thats a tall task, but certainly do-able in Provo.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@Blue Coug

Thats a tough loss for sure. Still a lot of game to go though. Like I said, a win against Gonzaga would be huge. A win against St. Marys is critical. Good luck the rest of the way and take care Guy!

Orem, UT

Spokane Ute

Thanks for the well wishes, but I don't see BYU making the NCAA tourney this season. BYU has enough talent to do so, if Haws, Carlino and Davies are hitting on all cylinders, but the rest of the team is spotty at best. Zylstra, Sharp and Winder were no shows last night.

Good luck to the Utes on rebuilding their program.

Layton, UT

lol. This is kind of like the football team loosing to San Jose State.



BYU fans better get ready for a potential loss at Loyola Marymount.

Surprising that the cougars missed so many free throws last night. Especially Haws.

Been to the San Diego arena, it is not a high school sized facility, about the same size as Suu's facility, very nice.

Ute "fans" on here - glad you can find a forum to try and make yourself feel better, but the points are getting old.

Checked ESPN conversations during Ute game yesterday-just out of curiosity. It was funny to see the acerbic, defensive comments by the Ute fans in that forum also, it is really rare to see comments like that on any other discussion board during games from other schools. It seems that the Utes are taking the role of the Wyoming of the Pac 12.

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