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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6 2013 9:45 p.m. MST

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Logan, UT

Stain, no player is dumb for picking a program that will give them significant playing time, a scholarship, and a good chance to win. As much as you might hate to admit it, USU football is on the rise. And the fact that nearly all of the recruits by Gary have stayed loyal to Coach Wells proves the program is bigger than just one coach.

Not to mention USU has upgraded facilities, a new conference, and substantially improved fundraising. Combined with a university president and athletic director who understand the importance of the sport to the university, this is a sustainable trajectory, too.

So how about that?

Stain logic = Utterly and appallingly abysmal

Cedar City, Utah

Keep arguing and and saying my logic is abysmal. Yours is worse. USU won't give these kids significant playing time. If the team is as good as you say they are why would they give these inexperienced rookies time? Not in a new conference they won't win. Yes they were. They were until Anderson skipped town. Now answer me this. Do you honestly think USU has a shot at Wisc in the future? Keep trying to convince yourself but the fact of the matter is when Anderson left USU went back to mediocrity.

Logan, UT

Stain logic = "I don't like your team. Therefore, they wont win." An 11-2 record and a lot of eaten humble pie later...

The stain hasn't used a single, verifiable fact to back up his argument, and most of it is poor speculation. Therefore, my logic couldn't possibly be worse than yours.

As for the rookies, we had several this past season make a substantial difference for the team, including Bruce Natson, Zach Vigil, and Kyler Fackrell. Research much at SUU?

I don't care if USU doesn't get another shot at Wisconsin. They aren't in the MWC.

Only time will tell if USU will go back to mediocrity or soar without Andersen. But historically speaking, the more eviscerating and banal the stain's predictions are, the better we do. So by all means: keep predicting.


I appreciate the effort to grade these recruits, but frankly the recruiting services don't have a clue. You could go out and do some actual research on these kids and give us an opinion we can't just look up on another website because there are hundreds of stories of 4-5 star kids who never contribute and as well hundreds more stories of 1-2 star kids who turn into studs at the next level.

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